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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 53,475

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Quote of the Day

“The essence of the Progressive movement, as I see it, lies in its purpose to uphold the fundamental principles of representative government. It expresses the hopes and desires of millions of common men and women who are willing to fight for their ideals, to take defeat if necessary, and still go on fighting.”

— Robert M. LaFollette

Kshama Sawant Gives Socialist Response to Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address

How many times will President Obama mention the Progressive Caucus Budget tonight?

And if the answer is 'zero' will those DUers who claim he is a progressive try to justify it?


But, but, but raising people's pay will kill jobs!

We can't afford to take care of all the poor people.

If "trickle down" really worked, we'd be awash in good jobs.

I don't understand why some DU members show support for the FACTS that ...

... when Dems controlled the federal government with a super-majority in the Senate, all we got was a Heritage Foundation health insurance give-away, and when we lost the House and that super-majority slipped but we still had a majority in the Senate and the White House we got unregulated derivatives and more dark money in elections?

Isn't the Democratic Party supposed to do us better than that? How can one be a Democrat and say that this is OK?

Shouldn't Democrats be disgusted with these FACTS?

Mission Accomplished

I'm not saying that Republican Presidential hopeful Squat Wanker is a Nazi, but ...

Wisconsin: So much for checks and balances in the state Capitol


Gov. Scott Walker is kicking off his second term in office with a three-pronged attack on accountability, oversight and economic sense.

Step one: Solidify the conservative majority on the Supreme Court through arbitrary new rules.

Step two: Dismantle the Government Accountability Board either completely or by inserting partisan appointees into positions of power.

Step three: Further merge and cripple important state agencies and replace any minority party oversight by removing elected board members entirely and replacing them with yet more political appointees.


I can think of no other reason than a reckless attempt to further weaken the very government that cuts their paychecks (and paves their roads, and secures their communities, and cares for their elderly, and puts out their fires), in the hopes that they'll do so much damage it will take generations to undo and set things right again.

Interesting that the far right-wing Urinal/Sentinel would allow this editorial to be published. The Urinal still holds to their endorsement of Squatty Wanker.
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