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NYT: Wisconsin’s Legacy for Unions


Three years ago, a labor leader named Marty Beil was one of the loudest opponents of Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget repair bill,” a proposal that brought tens of thousands of protesters out to the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison in frigid February weather. A gruff-voiced grizzly of a man, Mr. Beil warned that the bill was rigged with booby traps that would cripple the state’s public-sector unions. He gets no satisfaction from being right. Since the law was passed, membership in his union, which represents state employees, has fallen 60 percent; its annual budget has plunged to $2 million from $6 million.

Mr. Walker’s landmark law — called Act 10 — severely restricted the power of public-employee unions to bargain collectively, and that provision, among others, has given social workers, prison guards, nurses and other public employees little reason to pay dues to a union that can no longer do much for them. Members of Mr. Beil’s group, the Wisconsin State Employees’ Union, complain that their take-home pay has fallen more than 10 percent in recent years, a sign of the union’s greatly diminished power.


Wisconsin was the first state to grant public-sector unions the right to negotiate contracts. Before Gov. Gaylord Nelson signed that law in 1959, only unionized workers in private companies had a government-protected right to bargain collectively. But the Wisconsin idea soon spread around the country. Act 10 is an about-face, and Mr. Walker and his Republican supporters see it as a tough-minded strategy that other states can follow. History repeating itself, if in reverse.


Demoralization is the flip side of Act 10. In Oneida County in northern Wisconsin, the county supervisors jettisoned language requiring “just cause” when firing employees. Now, said Julie Allen, a computer programmer and head of the main local for Oneida County’s civil servants, morale is “pretty bad” and workers are afraid to speak out about anything, even safety issues or a revised pay scale. “We don’t have just cause,” she said. “We don’t have seniority protections. So people are pretty scared.”

If you read the whole article you'll find it slanted towards Walker's anti-union stance. The city of West Bend is cited as one where the school system has benefitted from gutting worker rights. Not mentioned is the fact this is a Republican stronghold, home of Glenn Grothman who thinks that being a single parent is evidence of child abuse, that women should earn less than men because "money is not important to women" and that municipalities should be barred from increasing the minimum wage within their boundaries. This last issue, if passed, will require a lot of employees in the State to take a pay cut. That's what you get from West Bend, Wisconsin.

Chief Investigator: Walker Used Illegal Communication System


The chief investigator of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, David Budde, testified on November 1, 2010, that Walker himself, as Milwaukee county executive, was illegally using the private communication system that his staff had set up.

Budde was asked under oath: “Did you find any e-mails written by the County Executive himself” on “personal laptops in the County Executive’s Office?”

Budde answered with one word: “Yes.”

Two examples are cited. Both are non-consequential in terms of content, but damning in terms of Walker's use of the secret email system, illustrating that he was campaigning on the County taxpayers dime and knew that his staff members were too.

I have some confidence that the John Doe I investigation would have resulted in charges against Walker if there was a good case to be made, so these probably don't constitute strong enough evidence against Walker to get a conviction. But is that the bar we have set for our Governor? Does he have to be convicted, or indicted, to be judged unfit? Note that the Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel still has not withdrawn their endorsement of the little slime bucket, I mean, er, the Governer (sic).

I hate to think he will win re-election in November, but in my humble opinion, he will if John Doe II doesn't nail his ass to the wall.

How often have you heard the phrase "it's in the interest of national security"?

Fun quiz: Which puppet has David Koch's hand up its ass?

Scott Walker won't say whether he knew of or used secret email system

He was sure denying it until the emails were released.


Washington — Speaking to reporters Friday for the first time since the release of thousands of previously sealed documents, Gov. Scott Walker declined to say whether he knew of or personally used a secret email system in his office when he was Milwaukee County executive.

"The only comment I am going to say about all of this, on all of this, because I am not going through 27,000 pages of stuff, is that a Democratic district attorney looked at all that information and interviews ... and ultimately issued charges against the people that they did and concluded that legal process as of March last year," Walker said. "They didn't find any other action to bring that forward and so that's the end of it. So I am not going to go back and relive all these things."


Walker was asked if he would agree to hold a news conference to address the document disclosures, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did when controversy erupted over the closure of lanes heading into the George Washington Bridge.

"No, because I am done," Walker said. "The difference is he (Christie) was just at the beginning of his process. This has been done. Your paper and others have reported on it. You are basically getting a splash because political opponents of mine want to draw attention to something that has already been resolved as of last March."

Sorry, Squatty, it ain't over 'til it's over.

Oh, we don't want to miss the comments section ....

These last few days have been so inspiring! JSOnline rolls out one story after another after another, desperately trying to turn a dead issue into Pearl Harbor just like they did two years ago. Hundreds upon hundreds of lefty posts announce their joy, clutching at straws, clinging to the hope that they can get their power back with junior high level finger-pointing, continuing to reach back four years to an administration that no longer exists. This is inspiring because it shows how effective conservative governance is when it's finally given a chance! The lefties have no policies to criticize, they have no leaders, they have no principles or ideas of their own anymore because it's now been proven that they fail and that big government isn't the answer. Control of the state belongs again to the hard-working taxpayers, not to the public employee union extortionists, not to the big government, big spending debt accumulators, not to the nose-in-the-air Madison academia. Another two years have passed and they still are grasping at the same futile anger, sniveling, and demagoguery. God bless Wisconsin!

If only the media would have had the same voracity over all of the Obama scandals, actual scandals, not ginned up ones like this.

Great answers to reporters acting like wh*res

To paraphrase Democrat paragon of virtue Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make now?"

Here's a porn site you might enjoy ...


Many more of these beautiful models at the link.

Walker Encouraged Anti-Immigrant Rant: 'Don't Hold Back'

The Republican base eats that shit up ....


Documents released this week show that Gov. Scott Walker told one of his closest advisers "Don't hold back" after she forwarded an anti-immigrant screed to top members of his political inner circle in July of 2010.

Dorothy Moore, Walker's scheduler in his Milwaukee County executive's office who came to Madison with his gubernatorial staff, forwarded a supposed description of Mexican immigration policies, mocking the use of the term "undocumented." The email can be found on page 10,236 of WalkerDocs 1. The forwarded message outlines Mexican immigration laws that human rights activists call immoral, such as felony charges and years of imprisonment for undocumented immigration into the country. Here's a screenshot.

"What is wrong with this picture???" Walker's aide asks. "The new word for supervisors today 'undocumented'!!! I would really love to send this to them. Read what they do in Mexico if it was reversed."

"Don't hold back," Walker replies.

Criticizing one of the President's policy positons does not make one a "POTUS hater" ....

... nor does it imply that the critic will not be voting this fall.

I'm not sure why it's necessary to mention this, but apparently it is.

More reader comments from the Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel Walker email coverage

The State of Wisconsin is home to a large army of crazy people...


It should come as no surprise that the Liberals are going to 'any means to justify the end'! This state is setting a precedent for good economic management! Conservative management, of the states economy, is a direct threat to the tax and spend proponents of unlimited spending. I would expect the Leftists to throw everything they have to support a candidate for governor who has no 'portfolio'! This state is going to be a focal point in November, as it reflects on national political direction. So Mr. Walker will be facing Hollywood and Soros and the rest of the gang of Socialists Gangsters!!

Folks, read about Soros, both the right and left have tried and failed to define his views. The reason is he is the definition of amoral. His agenda is his own, not belonging to any party. Mainstream dems run from the guy.

His billions acquired thru activities that have been subject to numerous criminal investigations and convictions have been used as his own personal hammer to feed his ego and visions of grandeur.

Add in his past history with the nazis and his involvement in WI politics becomes disturbing.

Note: George Soros was born into a Jewish family in 1930. He was 14 years old when World War II ended.

Soros laughs as he watches America destroy itself from within. He can take pride in the fact that he is helping to bring down a great nation. (Where do you think Obama came from? How did he become our president so quickly and easily? What is Obama doing to this nation? He is a puppet.) Wake up people! Be informed!!

The left in WI is looking to a man who worked alongside the nazis to send jews to camps to fund their movement now.

All the while feigning outrage over a few sill emails from years ago,.

You choose folks, death camps vs silly emails.

Things I learned during the Alabama Legislature's Ten Commandments debate today


- School shootings, patricide and matricide are due to the Ten Commandments not being displayed in schools and other government buildings. – Rep. Bridges.


- People who believe in Mohammed practice "Muslimism." – Rep. James Buskey, D-Mobile.


- Before they bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church, "Bull Connor and them" had a prayer. – Rep. Holmes.


- Voting for the Ten Commandments puts souls in peril because "we are voting against what can save the soul of a believer." – Rep. Bandy.

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