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World Bank: Fighting Climate Change Would Boost Global Economy Up To $2.6 Trillion A Year

Or we can make the Koch brother richer. Wonder which path our elected officials will choose.


World Bank: Fighting Climate Change Would Boost Global Economy Up To $2.6 Trillion A Year

An important new World Bank report concludes that just a few key policies aimed at cutting carbon pollution would boost the global economy. The study “Climate-Smart Development: Adding Up the Benefits of Actions that Help Build Prosperity, End Poverty and Combat Climate Change,” looks at the European Union plus Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and the U.S.

The Bank finds that if all six embrace three sets of policies for clean transportation plus energy efficiency in industry in buildings, “the annual benefits of just these policies in 2030 include an estimated GDP growth of between $1.8 trillion and $2.6 trillion.” Furthermore, the report found that “these policies alone would account for 30 percent of the total reduction needed in 2030 to limit global warming to 2°C [3.6°F].”

The overall benefits are staggering, as these policies avoid 94,000 premature pollution-related deaths and 8.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. They save nearly 16 billion kilowatt-hours of energy — roughly equivalent to taking 2 billion cars off the road.

This finding matches that of the recent International Energy Agency (IEA) report, “Energy Technology Perspectives.” The IEA found that an aggressive effort to deploy renewable energy and energy efficiency (and energy storage) to keep global warming below the dangerous threshold of 2°C would be astoundingly cost-effective, “resulting in net savings of $71 trillion” by 2050.

Obama is sending 275 troops to Iraq. There are 278 Republicans in Congress.

So which three get to stay home?

Top Conservative Cat's tweets are a hoot!


Bobby Jindal signed law requiring doctors keep women on life support until menopause in case they are pregnant or might become pregnant.

Everyone is happy about the ceasefire in Ukraine, even Putin. Except John McCain, who called it a “waste of a good war.”

When confronted by his wife, Dick Cheney blames Obama for the toilet seat being up, saying it was perfect when he left it, just like Iraq.

Lindsey Graham: “The only way to settle a tie is with war. So why hasn’t President Obama bombed Portugal yet? He’s showing weakness!”

New Report Suggests Walmart Heirs’ Foundation Is A Massive Tax Dodge


A revealing new report suggests that the foundation operated by the children of Walmart founder Sam Walton is actually being used as a vehicle for the nation’s richest family to skirt billions of dollars in estate taxes.

Walmart 1 Percent, a project of Making Change At Walmart, examined 23 years of tax returns from the Walton Family Foundation, which holds itself out as being interested in improving K-12 education, conservation and improving the quality of life in northwest Arkansas. An analysis of 23 years of foundation tax returns revealed that Sam Walton’s heirs only gave only 0.04 percent of their combined net worth to their own foundation–not even a fraction of what other wealthy Americans give to charity.

Read the full report here or the executive summary here.


But wait a minute! The Walton Family Foundation has over $2 billion in the bank, and has spent $3.5 billion on the causes it supports. So where does that money come from? According to the report, over 60 percent of the contributions come from 21 trusts set up by Helen Walton, her estate and John Walton’s estate. These trusts, called charitable lead annuity trusts, take advantage of a loophole in the tax code. A portion of the income earned by these trusts, which were worth $8.8 billion in 2012, must go to the Walton Family Foundation for the life of the trusts. When the trusts expire, their beneficiaries–usually the donors’ heirs–receive any underlying assets plus leftover income from the trusts tax-free. By at least one estimate, this will allow Sam’s children and grandchildren to save $3 billion in estate taxes.

To be fair, this tax dodge has been used by several billionaires, which led former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers to cite it as proof that “our estate tax system is broken.” However, given that the Waltons sit on a family fortune worth over $139.9 billion–more than either they or their kids will ever spend–their use of this tactic is particularly obscene.

5 Things Red State Liberals Want Blue State Liberals To Know


2) We do fight back! Just because you see a Republican controlled state running amok doesn’t mean that liberals on the ground are not fighting back. We are! Mississippi is a great example for every horrible bill you see signed by our Governor there are 30-40 more that people fought to get rid of. Just because you don’t see it in the news doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

3) Those really bad laws the GOP tries out in red states? Your states aren’t immune. I often hear from blue state liberals that they are so grateful they don’t “live in a state like Mississippi.” On the surface, I understand what they mean. I also think they are naive to think the Koch brothers, ALEC, Americans United for Life, the Tea Party, and other groups with far right agendas plan to confine their activities to red states. They do not. For proof, look no further than the U.S. House of Representatives, where the same extreme abortion laws we have seen at the state level are being presented at the federal level.

4) We need your support, not your pity or your scorn. Here’s the thing: we red state liberals get that red states statistically receive more federal tax money than we kick in. We get it. What is not productive is every time there is an article or discussion about something happening in one of our states that the people on our side fight to remind us. We aren’t the other side. We are on the team. It isn’t helpful in conversations about red states to default to “I feel so sorry for you.” Don’t. It’s not helpful to tell us how our states are so <fill in the blank>. Blue states aren’t without problems of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and oppression. Red states don’t own these areas. What is helpful is that we all support each other in making strides in politics and liberal causes.

5) We do exist! Since I live in the very red state of Mississippi, I get this all the time: “Where are the liberals in your state?” We are here. We are on the ground doing work; we are raising money for candidates, fighting back against horrid legislation and ballot initiatives, working for environmental causes and a host of other things. Just because you see big gains by the republicans doesn’t even mean it’s a true representation of the states electorate. Look no further than the effect gerrymandering has had on Pennsylvania where, despite a slight majority of democrats, the voting lines are skewed in favor of the GOP.

These are not left or right issues.

Oshkosh Waterfest Concert Series books Ted Nugent. Please sign the petition ....


Oshkosh, Wisconsin! Don't Tarnish Your Reputation Over a Concert!

The Waterfest Concert Series in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a self-proclaimed “quality of life” event that raises money for charitable organizations, has booked a performer for July 26, 2014, whose questionable reputation is not consistent with these values, and who is not inhibited from making obscene, violent and offensive comments while performing on stage.

Ted Nugent is perhaps the single most controversial act in rock music today, given his outlandish behavior and threatening statements that border on the obscene and the bizarre. He has time and again expressed these views while performing on stage. One only needs to perform a simple internet search to find a plethora of crude and offensive remarks he has made publicly.

He has called for the chopping off of Democrats’ heads and has threatened a sitting U.S. president. The list of his outrageous comments and threats is lengthy and reveals that he is simply a cold, heartless and ruthless coward and a fear-mongering profiteer.

Fan of Nugent’s music or not, we all can agree in a nonpartisan voice that his use of anger, intimidation and calls for violence will damage Waterfest’s reputation should he be allowed to perform. This has nothing to do with the First Amendment; it has everything to do with extremist views and comments that apparently Waterfest and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce either endorse or are unwilling to acknowledge.

Petition at the link.

The Atlantic: Comparing Hillary Clinton to Russ Feingold, Whose Record Is Better?


Imagine for a moment that it's October 2016. If you're a liberal or progressive, what would you say, during the last days of the campaign, if the Republican nominee for president was a big Iraq War supporter; voted for the Patriot Act; opposed gay marriage for years, reversing course only in 2013; and took hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs? Meanwhile, your candidate opposed the Iraq War, just like Barack Obama; voted against the Patriot Act; was an early supporter of gay marriage; and credibly decried the insidious influence that Big Finance has on politics?


Without reading a key intelligence report, Clinton favored the invasion of Iraq, and trusted George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Don Rumsfeld to wage that war. As a result, 5,000 American soldiers lost their lives. Many thousands more were (and remain) seriously wounded. The war will ultimately cost $6 trillion. Feingold opposed the Iraq War, arguing that Bush must "do better than the shoddy piecing together of flimsy evidence that contradicts the very briefings we've received by various agencies ..." He also worried about an occupation:

Mr. President, we need an honest assessment of the commitment required of America. If the right way to address this threat is through internationally-supported military action in Iraq ... we will need to take action to ensure stability in Iraq. This could be very costly and time consuming, could involve the occupation—the occupation, Mr. President, of a Middle Eastern country .... Consider the regional implications of that scenario, the unrest in moderate states, calls for action against American interests, the difficulty of bringing stability to Iraq so we can extricate ourselves in the midst of regional turmoil. Mr. President, we need much more information about how we propose to proceed so that we can weigh the costs and benefits to our national security.


The Death Penalty. Hillary Clinton favors it. In fact, when she ran for Senate in 2000, "She went out of her way to note her support for the death penalty, welfare restrictions and a balanced budget." That same year, Feingold was calling for a national moratorium on the death penalty as part of his longtime crusade to abolish the practice. Texas most likely executed an innocent man in 2004.

Veteran Victims of Ron Johnson


Ron Johnson spends most of his time trying to find "victims of Government", to prove that the Government does not work. RoJo can take the rest of the day off, because I found some victims of Government - our military. The problem though is they are victims of Ron Johnson especially.

We all know what a mess that the VA health care has been in our country. With things finally coming to a head, Congress stepped up in a rare bit of bipartisanship to try and fix the problem. Senator McCain and Senator Sanders worked together(talk about two sides of the aisle) and came up with a compromise that appealed to 97 Senators, which is almost unheard of these days.

WASHINGTON — Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson was one of only three senators who voted against a bill that would make it easier for veterans to receive government-subsidized medical care outside the Veterans Affairs medical system if the VA cannot provide timely service.

We finally found some voter fraud! Republican caught voting multiple times in multiple states.


Most of the alleged illegal voting occurred during the recall elections in 2011 involving Gov. Scott Walker and GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills, but Monroe is also accused of voting multiple times in the 2012 presidential election. While Monroe claimed to be so disinterested in politics that he had not voted twice in the past 20 years, investigators obtained records using search warrants for his cell phone and computer that paint another picture.

A text message sent from Monroe’s phone on Aug. 4, 2011, urged a woman: “Election is next Tuesday! U better show up. If out of town go to city hall and vote early. Alberta Darling is name to check.” On May 21 another text read: “Are u and your family ready to vote June 5? I am driving my kids to make sure they cast their votes. Every vote counts.”


During the 2012 recall election of Walker, Monroe voted at least six times: once from a Shorewood home he shares with his girlfriend; once from a home in Milwaukee that is part of a family trust; once from each of those addresses using absentee ballots, and voting absentee using the name of his son and his girlfriend’s son.

Monroe also allegedly voted multiple times in the 2012 election from Milwaukee and Shorewood then driving to Indiana, where he voted using a home he owns there as his residence.
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