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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 53,475

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I might not be able to define "journalist" to the satisfaction of a Constitutional lawyer ...

... but I damn well know what suppression of dissent is.

I'm kinda shy, but finally found a group I felt comfortable joining.

Huge News for Mother Earth

The GOP: The Party of Accountability

Obamacare: Explain it like I'm five

Tell me again ...

Wisconsin: The new war on the poor


The New War on the Poor

Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators are launching a brand-new war on the poor in Wisconsin under an absurd belief the poor may have too much money. The inequality of wealth in America right now is a growing political issue threatening our democracy, but no intelligent person seriously believes the problem is way too much money in the hands of poor people. Just last week, a major economic study concluded the income gap between the richest 1% and all the rest of us in this country is now larger than it has been since 1928, the year before the stock market crash led to the Great Depression.


Politicians like Walker created this new platinum-plated plutocracy with millions in tax giveaways to self-proclaimed job creators who donít bother to create any jobs and across-the-board percentage tax cuts that throw bulging bags of large-denomination bills to the wealthy and shiny coins at working people.


You know the problem. Public assistance programs benefit poor people. Republicans donít like poor people. Poor people just arenít as honest as rich people. Before receiving any help, poor people need to be investigated within an inch of their lives.


So did the newspaper find much real evidence of fraud? Well, no. Last year, it said, only about 400 applications for benefits out of 300,000 in Milwaukee County were referred for intensive fraud investigation. The blockbuster revelation: About half were ineligible for assistance. What that reporting leaves out, of course, is that the other half of those whose eligibility was questioned, in fact, did qualify for assistance. And 200 ineligible applications out of 300,000 is infinitesimalósix hundredths of a percent.

A letter from the 4th Century

St. John Chrysostom writes to those who made drastic cuts to food stamps today:

"What madness is this, to fill your wardrobes with apparel, and overlook him that is made in God's image, who is hungry and sick and homeless?

But you say he pretends this hunger and weakness. And do you not fear lest a thunderbolt from heaven should strike you? (I am furious: bear with me.) You pamper and fatten yourself and comfort yourself under soft coverlets, but do not think you should be subject to judgment. But from the poor and wretched you demand strict accounts. If he does act hypocritically, he does it from necessity because of your cruelty and inhumanity. For who is so wretched and miserable who would, for one loaf of bread, submit to such humiliation? Any hypocrisy of his announces to everyone your inhumanity. Any disgrace and blame falls not on him but on you: for he indeed is to be pitied because he has fallen into such great need; but we are worthy of innumerable punishments because we compel the poor to suffer such things."

Ray Bradbury: "You don't have to burn books ..."

The New Republican Style of Governing

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