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Wisconsin’s UNINTIMIDATED Solidarity Sing Along forges on despite mass arrests


I heard that about 15 people go arrested for singing in Wisconsin’s Capitol today. This was the 14th day of mass arrests of singers at the Capitol since July 24th. Each day’s arrests are in teens or 20′s. (If you’re new to all of this, people have been singing about social justice and labor rights and more in protest at the WI capitol since March of 2011.)

This was the 2nd day of singers holding letters to spell UNINTIMIDATED and once again, those folks who held letters were targeted by police.


Here’s a 7 minute video from ScottWalkerWatch which starts out featuring the song “I don’t want your millions mister” At the 2:43 mark you can see an influx of cops arresting letter holders. At the 3:24 mark everybody launches a new song: “Which side are you on”. At 4:07 you’ll hear, “Will the circle be unbroken”.

The intent of the singers is no different now than it was a month ago: Sing joyously, leave, do it again the next day. Unfortunately, many singers are now being arrested, despite their desire to simply express themselves in a public forum. They are pleading not guilty in court. They are requesting jury trials. Their best defense will be to show the juries that they were there peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights, and nothing more.

Wisconsin Cuts Most People Off Of Medicaid (among States)

Walker's base is slathering over the red meat ...


Wisconsin would cut more people from Medicaid than any other state as part of a plan advanced by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, according to an independent analysis of data by Kaiser Health News.

About 92,000 Wisconsin citizens, including 87,000 parents and caretaker relatives, and 5,000 childless adults with incomes above the federal poverty level, would lose the Medicaid coverage they previously had as a result of a waiver. Those people would be sent to the online insurance marketplace.

At the same time, the state is planning to add 100,000 Wisconsin childless adults with incomes below the poverty level to Medicaid.

Wisconsin is one of only four states that will reduce their Medicaid eligibility, according to the report. The other three, and the number of people who will lose coverage, will include: Maine, 35,000; Vermont, 19,000 and Rhode Island, 6,700. Kaiser Health News collected enrollment data from the four states. The changes they plan still need federal approval, which is expected.

Day 13 of mass arrests for singing at the Wisconsin Capitol


Today was day number 13 of mass arrests of singers at the Wisconsin Capitol building putting the number of citations issued since July 24th somewhere around the 260 mark. I don’t have an exact number of arrests from today but I estimate 15 – 20 with around 300 people either singing or observing.

We experienced the usual requisite warning by ear-pounding LRAD that we were unlawfully assembled in the rotunda and must disperse immediately or risk arrest and we then saw officers coming into the rotunda in groups, tapping the shoulder of an unsuspecting singer, applying cuffs, and walking their targets back to elevators. We saw citizens hoisting cameras aloft – maybe 10 or 15 citizen photographers for each mainstream press camera.

And we saw some unusual things: No arrests of raging grannies. (Yes. I’ve been learning to expect this.) There were 3 arrests last Thursday and there have been arrests of grannies before then on the regular.

*Brian Austin of Cops For Labor was there. He told Wisconsin State Journal “New participants, many of them from local police and firefighter unions, said last Thursday’s arrest of a journalist, a Madison City Council member and a 14-year-old girl encouraged them to join the more than 2-year-old Solidarity Singalong. “That to me was the last straw,” said Brian Austin, a Madison Police officer. “It just seemed absolutely absurd to me that this is happening in Wisconsin.”

Smokey the Bear - Fighting Fires, and not just Forest Fires, since 1947

Scott Walker’s biennial budget includes “death tax” targeting Medicaid recipients

Walker continues to punish the poor. His base loves red meat.


Among the little-known provisions of the biennial state budget proposed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and rubber-stamped by Republicans in the Legislature is a provision buried in the budget that would drastically expand the state’s ability to claim dead couples’ joint property – even if the assets are protected in trusts.

The language is designed to help the state recover Medicaid money spent on a number of long-term care programs, most notably Family Care, which helps keep disabled and elderly people out of costly nursing homes.


Federal rules also prohibit people from divesting or giving away property to make themselves poor enough to qualify for a long-term Medicaid program. However, the regulations allow applicants to transfer some assets, such as interest in a business, at less than market value without penalty.

The Wisconsin budget eliminates that exemption, which means a Wisconsin resident seeking Medicaid coverage for long-term care would have to sell his or her assets, such as a share of a family business or farmland, for full market value even if it was going to a child.

Wisconsin: Budget Myths Abound


Myth number one says the state spending is less and implies the size of government is smaller. But, according to numbers released by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, the 2013-15 budget spends $4 billion more than the previous. In fact, state spending is greater than it has ever been in Wisconsin’s history.

The new spending goes to a number of expensive new programs. Half of the $4 billion goes to health spending. But for first time in many years there are fewer people covered by state health programs. Nearly 100,000 people are expected to lose state health coverage by January. Not taking federal money for Medicaid expansion left the state budget and citizenry in worse shape.


Myth number two says this budget took a deficit and turned it into a surplus. The opposite is true. A recent Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) report tells the story. The 2013-15 budget began with a small surplus. Tax collections are improved. Wisconsin is emerging from the recession. The state had a bit more money to spend.


The third myth says the state eliminated the debt. This is false. In fact, state debt reaches record levels in the 2013-15 budget. Why? The budget increases borrowing by more than $2 billion. Almost half of this borrowing goes to transportation spending. In addition, debt payments not made in the last legislative session catch up to lawmakers.


from my email ...

This is huge – and it couldn't come at a more important time. Thousands of fast food and other low-wage workers are going on, and calling for, a national strike on August 29.

See why, and help us spread the word about the strike right now:

Workers are on strike!

The more of us who go on strike, the louder our message will be that it's not right for companies making billions of dollars to pay us pennies. The most effective thing you can do right now is help us be LOUD – check out our video and share it far and wide after you have.

We'll be in touch with what's next,

Nancy Salgado
Low Pay is Not OK

Wisconsin: "License to Dream" Tour for Humane Immigration Reform Event in Fondy August 20

from my email ....

WHAT: State-wide tour throughout August highlighting the economic benefits to Wisconsin that immigration reform will bring

WHEN: Tuesday Aug 20-12:00pm

WHERE: - Fond du Lac DMV 833 S. Rolling Meadows Drive Fond du Lac

Featuring: DREAMers, faith leaders, and others

DETAILS: While Congress is in recess and the President is on vacation, 44,000 immigrant families will be torn apart through deportation. Immigration reform advocates will not wait in the shadows for elected officials to act. Our families need relief now.

In addition to the human toll that Congressional inaction is costing, the "License to Dream" tour will visit cities and towns across Wisconsin to highlight how legalization would contribute significantly to the economy of our state, and call for:

• An end to ineffective and costly enforcement and the devastating deportations that continue to separate Wisconsin families

• A broad and inclusive path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people currently in the US

• Keeping children out of foster care system by keeping families together

"Four Years of College" by Ben Grosscup

Great parody of "16 Tons"

New York job opportunity working for Labor Notes


Labor Notes is accepting applications for two positions as we expand staff in our New York office. We are looking for people with experience in the labor movement and demonstrated capacities as organizational leaders. Start date is in October. A commitment to rank-and-file unionism is a must.


Initial duties will focus on organizing Labor Notes’ biennial Conference April 4-6, 2014. Possible assignments include recruiting individuals and groups to attend, coordinating workshop speakers, dealing with venue and vendors, organizing volunteers, soliciting program book ads, giving scholarships, coordinating interpretation, entertainment and culture, childcare, fundraising before and during, and AV needs onsite.


Assistant Director

Work with Director Mark Brenner to oversee strategic planning, budgeting, project management, staff coordination, and general administration. Lead fundraising, including development of new foundation grants and major donors. Plan and execute promotional campaigns for Labor Notes publications and events, and maintain connections between staff and Labor Notes off-staff leaders. Coordinate with website and database vendors. Coordinate and sometimes facilitate stand-alone trainings and workshops for local unions and caucuses. Build and maintain connections with rank-and-file activists across the country and key Labor Notes supporters. Travel for organizing and Labor Notes events.

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