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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 53,475

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Scott Walker provides proof that he's an idiot


"President Obama is again disregarding the constitutional principles of separation of powers and exceeding his authority as chief executive. The Obama administration issued guidance creating uncertainty and fear of prosecution for law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their right to sell firearms lawfully. Forthcoming federal rules could also deprive millions of Americans of their Second Amendment rights without any indication of imminent danger," Walker said in a statement.

"I have asked the attorney general to review this proposed rule language as soon as it is made available and, if issued as reported, to take any and all legal measures available to challenge this illegal act."

BTW, the 1200+ comments are enlightening ...

The original gun control program in this country, oddly enough, was the KKK. Did a great job keeping guns out of the hands of blacks. Maybe Walker should consider funding a KKK chapter in Wisconsin. It would show progress.

Thank you Governor Walker for defending law abiding citizens against this lawless, tyrannical regime. Dictators have no place in a democracy.

Govenor Scott Walker is fighting for you.
Just as he took on special interest unions that deprived you of hard earned tax money, now he takes on Washington Special Interest. Make no mistake about this Executive Order.
It is only the first and the next will have storm troopers busting down your door to get your guns.
But Govenor Walker will stand up to Obama and keep your guns save under you pillow.

In her 2013 book "The Body Language Of Liars," behavioral analyst Lillian Glass wrote that psychopaths are really bad at crying:

"When psychopaths cry, they will often wipe underneath each eye, one at a time. When people cry genuine tears they cry with both eyes, and so they will tend to wipe both eyes at once."

Oh, and re: "the tyranny" ...

Dilbert addresses Paul Ryan's budget

Wisconsin GOP playbook works to perfection

The author is not a politician and is not personally involved in politics; he's a professional historian. The strategies he describes are what allowed the Republicans to dismantle democracy in Wisconsin.

Is this also happening in your state?


1) Make sure your opponent can never field a full team. In the 2012 Wisconsin Assembly elections, which covered the entire state, Democrats took 52% of the total votes but only 39% of the seats. The gap was less glaring in 2014, but Democrats still captured a greater share of votes (43%) than seats (36%). Elections for the Wisconsin Senate are staggered, but the results are comparable. Why the obvious discrepancy? Because the Legislature gets to redraw district lines after every federal census, and the Republicans seized the opportunity to give themselves a structural advantage after the 2010 count. They boxed Democrats into "supermajority" districts and shifted the remaining lines to give themselves an edge in head-to-head contests. It was gerrymandering at its most blatant. As a result, the Democrats will always start at least a man down. If the GOP fields 11 players, their opponents will have only 10.

2) Keep the other team's fans out of the stadium. Despite the pious Republican rhetoric about the "sanctity of the vote," the fact is that voter fraud in Wisconsin is rare. That hasn't stopped the GOP from enacting "reforms" including mandatory voter IDs and limitations on polling hours that have a disproportionate impact on low-income urban voters, i.e., people who tend to vote Democratic. The effect is even more nefarious than it might seem because the fans in the stands don't just make noise: They choose the players on the field.

3) Slash your opponent's payroll. Act 10, which gutted public employee unions, was sold as another "reform" to protect the state's "hardworking taxpayers" from those maligned public servants who teach our children, but one of the law's side effects produced a touchdown for the Republicans. Dues-paying union members tend to vote Democratic, and crippling unions inevitably crippled their ability to support Democratic campaigns. The Republicans doubled down on the strategy with last year's right-to-work law, an attempt to weaken private-sector unions and shrink their campaign coffers in the process.


6) Fire the referees. If you don't like their rulings, get rid of the officials. In 2012, the Government Accountability Board, a nonpartisan group of retired judges, began to look into collusion between Republican candidates and outside funders, sparking a John Doe probe that went on for more than two years. The GOP cried foul and took the GAB's whistles away, replacing the board with two partisan bodies.

Print a zillion of these. Stick them up everywhere!!!

The Oligarchy

Goldman Sachs only earned $2.3 billion last year, grabbed $10 billion in TARP, then paid out $4.8 billion in bonuses in 2008 more than double its net income.

Morgan Stanley (Stock Quote: MS) only earned $1.7 billion last year, received $10 billion in bailout funds, then paid $4.475 billion in bonuses, nearly three times their net income.

JPMorgan Chase (Stock Quote: JPM) only earned $5.6 billion in 2008 and received $25 billion from the government, but it paid out $8.69 billion in bonus money.

Citigroup (Stock Quote: C) and Merrill Lynch suffered a combined $54 billion in losses in 2008. The banks received a total of $55 billion in bailouts and paid out $9 billion in combined bonuses.


Martin Luther King weighs in on the 2016 Democratic Party primary

"Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but he's a molder of consensus.

And on some positions, cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?'

Expedience asks the question, 'Is it politic?'

Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?'

But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?'

~ Martin Luther King"

"If folks like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh make their careers ...

"If folks like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh make their careers off of using the word socialism as a slur, how bad could it be?" ~ Shane Johnson of Corryville, Ohio.

Planning a trip to the Badlands of South Dakota. Looking for advice.

We'll have one full day to hike and explore in mid-January. Any suggestions on parts of the Park to visit, specific areas to hike?

Any advice on where to stay? Eat?

Thanks in advance!
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