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Member since: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 11:14 AM
Number of posts: 2,188

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so what do you think?

is this epiphenoma going to make for fewer, or more, believers? Will the "good God" have his reputation besmirched? Will the unanswered prayers create more doubts? Or will the flattened curve testify to Providence? What are you seeing or hearing and how do you think the global virus outbreak will alter global religiosity?

We just finished Netflix.

It was OK, I guess.

I'm trying very hard to self-isolate but

my husband says he has no where else to go. Our home schooling isnít going so well either. He says my tests are too hard and I never let him be the teacher.

Georgia shutting down

In the last hour metro and county public school systems have announced closures and the entire University System of Georgia is closing all campuses. How goes it in your states?

A payroll tax cut?

Help me with this. The pResident is considering a payroll tax cut to (somehow) address the Coronovirus outbreak. But aren't payroll taxes used to fund Social Security and Medicare? And won't depleting these funds give the Republicans more ammunition to overhaul these programs which they're dying to cut anyway. Privatizing Social Security, for example. And wouldn't lifting the cap on SS, so the richer pay more and the fund is preserved, bring in more money that could be targeted for specific CoVid19 relief? Maybe I'm just stupid.

Online shopping and mental health

My son, who is a psychologist, has told me that he's seeing what appears to be a rise in Agorophobic patients. He believes that, as he put it, "staying in breeds staying in." He thinks that once people become accustomed to not venturing out they become more resistant to not venturing out and that the ease of online shopping, food delivering, etc., is contributing. My husband, who shops and delivers groceries for Instacart, seconds this (and also sees lots of apparent "hoarders" and folks who seem to live in a chaos of accumulated "stuff." Sadly, I'm seeing it in my own life. There's certainly no reason to go to the grocery anymore since the husband does all our shopping, but I'm also starting to need much more imperative reasons to get myself out there. Wonder if others are observing this.

Germs and Jesus

I was mildly amused at all the folks wearing masks in St Peter's square this morning. Obviously these Christians aren't sold on Jesus's contention that only what comes out of your mouth can defile you, not anything that goes in. He thought hand-washing unnecessary, too. I'm betting that these verses won't be taught much in Sunday school. At least until the Coronavirus outbreak passes.

Trump will never participate in the debates

I've said all along that Trump would weasel out of any televised debate among presidential candidates. Here's the first indication from The Hill that the weaseling has begun.


Is anything being accomplished by impeachment process?

all procedural votes have been exactly along party lines. A party line vote will happen for impeachment but it will end in the Senate. Few if any pro-Trump voters will change their minds. A principle will have been upheld, but nothing really will have changed in the current political environment. Please convince me that somehow this matters.

Biden's "record player" remark in the debates

s being roundly mocked. The last laugh, however, may belong to the former VP. Vinyl sales are outstripping CDs.

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