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Gender: Male
Hometown: OK
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Jun 16, 2010, 03:02 PM
Number of posts: 706

Journal Archives

I am a socially awkward young asperger's man. Should I forfiet my right to bear arms?

Seriously because that is what some sound like they are saying. For clarification I do not own a gun nor do I have that much interest in owning one. I just think this demonization of those of of us who are socially weird or awkward isn't right. I am one of the sweetest most understanding people you'll probably have the pleasure of meeting despite the fact that I am generally quiet if I do not know you too well. That doesn't mean I am plotting anything or that I am going to go shoot up innocent people at a school or mall, I am not a psychopath I do have emotions even if I don't express them too outwardly due to being a introvert.

Game Mods,game modding,and cut content

Game mods are fan made modifications to a PC game or ROM/ISO of a console game that alter your game that can range from different textures,new weapons or items or entirely new areas.

Modding is the act of modifying a PC game or ROM/ISO of a console game.

How does DU feel about mods? I love mods personally.

Know what my favorite type of mod is?

That's right! Restoration of cut content which at times can be toughest sort of mod to create.

I ZM90 am what you call a "beta restorer",to put it plainly I modify games to restore beta/cut content.

I strongly believe in the preservation of gaming history and one crucial way to preserve gaming history I believe that can be used other than the leaking of prototypes on the internet is to mod games restoring cut content.

I am currently working on a project to restore the cut content within Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The project is on hiatus until Jan. 2 though due to college and spending time with my family for the holidays.

I love all beta content,and I believe it is a important part of gaming history.

How does DU feel about beta content and the restoration of it?
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