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Member since: Thu Nov 4, 2010, 10:31 AM
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PSA: First results will be coming in at 6pm tonight.

The 7pm closing accounts for the counties on Central Time. Most of the state is on Eastern.

Where to watch the county-by-county results tonight:



Caucuses are run by parties. Primaries are run by states.

National parties, especially ones that aren't in power in a state, have no control over how many polling places are open or closed in a primary election. That's determined by the Secretary of State and county elections boards.

Posted just because there seems to still be some confusion as to how primaries work nearly half a year after the contests have started.

Ted Cruz is doing a fantastic job of losing the Indiana primary.

It was a great start not only fucking up a basketball reference in the place where the sport took off, but also doing it in reference to one of the best-known popular culture references to the state. I also love the follow-up of nominating, in a state that just saw a lot of people laid off by Carrier, a running mate who's best known for laying people off.

Taking bets on whether he'll insult breaded tenderloin or call it the Indianapolis 400 next.

Good God, is this man's foreign policy reckless.

Military buildup, confrontation with just about everyone in the world and undermining NATO, all while simultaneously somehow arguing for isolationism.

This man is a lunatic.

And there's CT.

It's over.

Trump is already using Bernie's own words to attack Clinton.

That Bernie lead in CT is shrinking...

1.1% ahead with 60% in.

Lots of precincts in New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, and the NY suburbs are still out.

Virtually all of the precincts from the lower population areas are in.


I believe the technical term for what's happening in Maryland...

is "total ass-kicking."

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