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Member since: Thu Nov 4, 2010, 10:31 AM
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Governor O'Malley isn't your anti-Clinton attack dog.

Some of you seem to have some serious misconceptions about O'Malley. He's not simply in this to take shots at Clinton and subsequently validate Sanders. O'Malley supporters aren't just little Sanders supporters.

O'Malley took on the NRA and won. He ended the blight on Maryland that was the state's death penalty. He introduced bureaucratic reforms that helped take care of Maryland's veterans.

He's led the 2016 Democratic field on issues nobody else even talks about. He's personally worked with national veterans groups to develop the most comprehensive plan to address the needs of current and former servicemembers and their families--the suicide epidemic, homelessness, PTSD, and protecting our education benefits. He's led the way on addiction treatment and viewing the alcohol and drug dependent as humans who need help and not incarceration.

I'm deeply sorry Governor O'Malley said some things that upset Sanders supporters, but he's not your pet to unleash on Clinton when you want. He's a progressive, a leader, and the future of our party--and if you don't already, you need to start taking him seriously.
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