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Playinghardball's Journal
Playinghardball's Journal
June 26, 2014

BP says the Gulf is back to normal....

BP is full of BS......Their destruction of the environment is back to normal....
June 26, 2014

Republican BS

June 26, 2014

Why the fuck....

June 26, 2014

South Dakota teen claims manager forced him to wear ‘Gaytard’ name tag at fast food job

A South Dakota teen said his manager forced him to wear a demeaning nametag while working at his fast food job.

Tyler Brandt said his boss had been verbally abusive to him since the 16-year-old began working at a Mexican restaurant in Yankton, reported KELO-TV.

“I’ve been very vulnerable, and I’ve been allowing him to say things to me that shouldn’t be said, and after a while I was just worried about being terminated from my position at Taco John’s,” the teen said.

The verbal abuse escalated, the teen said, and the manager pulled him into his office and gave Brandt a nametag that read “Gaytard.”

“I put it on because I didn’t want to upset him, and I felt that if I did do anything to upset him, it would cause me to lose my job because he’d be looking for ways to fire me,” Brandt said.

The teen said he tried taking off the nametag several times, but the manager forced him to wear it all day in front of customers.

“I would always stay behind the till so they couldn’t see the name tag,” Brandt said. “I didn’t want them to see it, but even though they couldn’t see it, he would still call me by the name across the store and customers would notice.”

He decided to quit the following day, after talking with some friends, and he said the manager asked for the nametag back.

A friend described the situation in a post on Taco John’s Facebook page, and that post was shared across social media.

More here and watch the video at: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/06/26/south-dakota-teen-claims-manager-forced-him-to-wear-gaytard-name-tag-at-fast-food-job/

June 26, 2014

MA mom let white supremacist husband torture and humiliate her half-Latina daughters

A woman in North Andover, Massachusetts was arrested and charged with allowing her white supremacist husband to sexually abuse, torture and humiliate her two daughters because their father was Hispanic.

According to the Salem News, Anne Ladd, 32, reportedly directed her husband Justin Ladd, 33, to torture the girls and participated in the abuse. She was arraigned in Salem Superior Court on two counts of permitting assault and battery on a child, permitting assault and battery on a child causing serious bodily injury, and two counts of child endangerment.

Justin Ladd — who was arraigned in Lawrence District Court — was indicted on 41 criminal counts associated with violence against his two step-daughters, now ages 14 and 16.

Over a five-year period, from 2008 to 2013, Justin Ladd reportedly hit the two girls with a hammer, belts and lengths of lumber. He touched them inappropriately, yanked their tongues with pliers and threatened to have them raped by a motorcycle gang.

Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall said in court that Justin Ladd made the two girls “dance around like monkeys,” exposed his genitals to them, called them vicious racial slurs and told them that he was going to “beat the black out of them.”

Justin Ladd is a white supremacist, said prosecutors, who scrawled the words “White Power” across multiple walls in the family home. The Ladds pulled the girls out of public school in order to put them to work cleaning the house and doing other domestic chores.

More here and watch the video at: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/06/26/ma-mom-let-white-supremacist-husband-torture-and-humiliate-her-half-latina-daughters/

June 26, 2014

This should scare Karl Rove

From an email...

xxx --

I like really simple facts and figures.

Here's one for the interest groups on the other side wondering what they're up against:

We're about to reach our 500,000th grassroots donor.

That fact should scare people like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers -- it's why we never shy away from a tough fight.

We're facing a huge fundraising deadline on June 30th, and I'm asking anyone who believes in what we're building to step up and chip in.

Make a donation, no matter the size, and invest in our grassroots movement.

According to our records associated with this exact email address:

-- 2014 Membership Status: Not yet
-- Suggested Action: Donate $5 or more today.

What I love about this next big grassroots milestone is that it's not just a symbol -- the half million people who have invested in growing this grassroots organization are real people, fighting for change in their own communities.

That's something the other side just doesn't have -- and it's why I like to say that we are the single greatest threat to the way those special interests do business.

Time and again, grassroots organizing has proven it can go toe-to-toe with anyone -- climate change deniers and big polluters, Obamacare repealers, the anti-marriage equality groups stuck in the past, and extreme anti-woman campaigns.

Just ask anyone where the $400 million spent trying to tear down Obamacare went -- because of grassroots organizing, that horrible, cynical funding was largely wasted.

The reason this all works is because people like you are willing to step up and actually put your money into what you believe in.

Will you chip in $5 or more today?




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