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Playinghardball's Journal
Playinghardball's Journal
July 24, 2015

Register to vote now!

July 24, 2015

Super Bernie..

July 24, 2015

Tweets per day BERNIE and Hillary...

People For Bernie
July 24, 2015

Bernie is the Dude...

Some historic wins happened in the FightFor15 but we want the minimum wage nationwide to be $15 per hour...


July 24, 2015

Bernie Sanders Explains Why Elites Don't Want You To Vote (video)

In an excerpt from the 2006 documentary "American Blackout" Senator Bernie Sanders Explains Why Elites Don't Want You To Vote.
July 24, 2015

I'm a Latina and was very touched to hear Senator Sanders at the La Raza convention..

Latinos, why are you voting for Bernie?
Submitted 4 days ago * by Hambrienta

It has been over 17 years since I came to the United States. I'm what people call an anchor baby, except my mother would not remain in the US. She was a teacher and went back to Mexico after I was born in Houston, TX. She was penalized by getting her visa taken away and was not allowed into the US for a number of years.

I was raised on the border and spoke nothing but Spanish until my parents realized I could get an American education if they sent me across the river. The day I left my father told me "mija, you can be anything you want if you work hard and you go to school. You're going to the United States and you don't have to bribe people or know people to make it over there" In my heart, I believed him. I went to live with my aunt and uncle and was introduced to the American school system in 8th grade (I was amazed there was AC everywhere and you people got pizza at lunch. I also learned what a tater tot was). I was already liking being in America and I joined the Navy after high school. I would fight for the country that gave me a chance and what better way to show it. I served my country honorably until 2007.

I'm 31 now and slowly but surely I came to realize this country is not what my father thought it was. I was very disenchanted to see that if you got an education you would be in a lot of debt (thank you G I Bill) in fact, the more educated you became, the further you would go into debt. That "We are, in America today, the wealthiest country in the history of the world. But most people don’t know that because almost all of the wealth rests in the hands of the few".

I have children of my own and I'd like for them to grow up with the chance of a free college tuition, I have worked with illegal immigrants who, as Bernie said, " are doing the extremely difficult work of harvesting our crops, building our homes, cooking our meals and caring for our children" and I think there needs to be a better path for immigration.

Bernie gives me hope that this country can become great again, that if he gets elected he can put policies in place that not only make a positive change during his presidency, but for years to come. When he speaks, my family thinks of "a nation where every person in this country—no matter their race, no matter their country of origin, no matter their religion, no matter their disability, no matter their sexual orientation—that all come together, to create the greatest country that anyone has even seen; a country that works for all of our people, and we do it when we stand together, and we do not allow people to divide us, divide us, divide us". Bernie and his ideas give us hope.

If you are Latino, are you voting for Bernie?

Edit: Holy Guacamole this blew up! I was hoping for a few responses from the Latino community but the response has been completely unexpected, thank you so much for your messages and responding to this post. Some of you guys have actually encouraged me to do some research on certain points that Bernie stands for in order to better inform my family. Thank you Reddit!

Read the responses at: https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/3df3eo/im_a_latina_and_was_very_touched_to_hear_senator/

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