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Playinghardball's Journal
Playinghardball's Journal
March 31, 2016

You will like him!!


March 31, 2016

Bernie represents the common folks not a handful of billionaires..

Mrs. Wall Street represents the handful of billionaires...

Fuck the billionaires...

March 31, 2016

E mail from Bernie

Hitting our midnight goal will shock the establishment and help us win Wisconsin

Xxx -

Bernie doesn’t go around asking millionaires and billionaires for money. There are no oligarchs waiting in the wings to save us.

If we are going to win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, it’s going to be because millions of Americans have come together to say they have had ENOUGH of billionaires buying our candidates and elections.

It’s still a long shot, but it looks like we have a chance to reach our goal of raising more money from individual, small-dollar contributions in March than we did last month. And if you add another contribution before our critical midnight deadline, I think we’ll get there.

When we started this campaign, no one gave us a chance in the world. They said our ideas were "radical," that we were a "fringe" campaign not to be taken seriously. They said there was no way we’d be able to compete with the millionaires and billionaires lined up to fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But what we are doing on this campaign is proving the doubters wrong, and we are doing it time and time again.

We’ve won six of our last seven contests and have a chance to do very well in Wisconsin on Tuesday night. The political establishment and financial elite in this country are dead set on stopping our momentum. But if we continue to stand together, we are going to win.
Make another contribution to our campaign before our critical midnight FEC fundraising deadline and we are going to hit our goal and do very well in Wisconsin.

Reaching this goal would send a very powerful message to everyone paying attention (and there are A LOT of people paying attention) that not only are we not going anywhere, but we are going to win.

Contributed: $ 41, 214, 582

Goal: $43,948, 784

In solidarity,
Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

March 30, 2016

Excellent question...

March 30, 2016

New Bernie sticker...

A little birdie told Bernie we were going to do very, very well last weekend

The day before we swept three critical West Coast caucuses, Bernie’s rally in Portland was momentarily interrupted when a little bird landed on his podium. The crowd in attendance loved it, and word spread quickly among our supporters across the country. So we decided to make a sticker to commemorate the event.

Make a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to our campaign and we’ll get this Birdie Sanders sticker out to you in the mail.


March 29, 2016

Hillary’s Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics Are Sinking Her Ship

By SlickLion, Socialist Times

They say there are three types of lies in this world, lies, damned lies, and statistics. The mainstream media has deployed them all in hopes of killing off Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and on Saturday the people declared that they aren’t buying them anymore. One of the statements repeated over and over again on Time Warner (CNN); was that Washington State was a nail in the coffin for Obama in 2008. In a world without social media or alternative media like the Socialist Times, Hillary Clinton would be nailing that coffin down right now. But, we don’t live in that world anymore.

The world has changed for the better. Mainstream media has lost it’s ability to control the narrative of presidential elections. This loss of control, couldn’t have happened at a better time and for a better candidate than Bernie Sanders. If you’ve spent this entire election cycle watching Time Warner (CNN) or Comcast (MSNBC); who are major contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign; you might be asking yourself why hasn’t Hillary won this election yet. The answer is simple, she has never had this election in the bag. Normally mainstream media would do what it has been doing for months, which is to create narratives about how impossible it is for Bernie Sanders to win. After listening to the biased logic of paid pundits, the people would typically change their vote to that of the presumed winner.

This election however has alternative media and nearly all of those paid pundits have been called out for their connections to the Clinton Machine, and their logic has been deconstructed. The deconstruction has been so complete that the voters are becoming incredibly disturbed by what they’re hearing and seeing. Most of the people voting for Bernie Sanders aren’t #BernieOrBust, but they have real concerns about the amount of lies they’re seeing and hearing. And they’re finding it harder each day to declare that they will tow the party line come November.

Bernie’s supporters are fed up with the Democratic Party. They see little to no action being taken on climate change, and they know Hillary is for fracking and is being paid by big oil. They see endless wars, and know that Hillary is a neo-con and proud friend of Henry Kissinger. They see the working class spinning it’s wheels because of Clinton’s free trade deals, and it’s putting their children’s future in danger. Simply put; there is no good reason to vote for Hillary if you’re a progressive; and it’s getting harder to hide that fact online. The lies, damned lies, and statistics, have caught transactional politicians in an undertow, right when the rising tide of the truth is just beginning to roll in. Those standing near Clinton, should be advised that it’s time to start rethinking their commitment to her and start telling the truth.


March 29, 2016

Toon: Feel The Bern

March 29, 2016

Superdelegates in Blowout States Have No Choice But Bernie

The blowout victories in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii are having serious repercussions for Hillary’s supposed superdelegate lead. It has become a politically untenable position for a superdeleate from these blowout states to vote against the will of their constituents. With margins of victory of up to 60%, they will stand in stark contrast from the rest of the earn delegates from their state’s delegation. They will appear out of touch and a bought commodity on the convention floor.

If the party elites decide to manipulate the nomination process, many fear it will spark an all out civil war within the Democratic Party. While is hard to find a paid pundit who won’t paint a different picture for the Clinton Machine, the reality of manipulating a nomination is a death sentence.

Bernie Sanders’ team is well aware of the suicide nature of the superdelegates, and have begun to express how they really operate:

“I think what’s important to remember here is that superdelegates are kind of like football recruits. You know, they say they are coming but until they have signed on the dotted line and they’re in practice, you don’t know that they’re all the way with you and that they’re on your team. And so we think that we still have time to garner support from these superdelegates, especially when we’re winning.”

March 29, 2016

99% Too Big To Fail!!!

March 29, 2016

Don't buy it...

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