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The problem is min wage isn't going to get increase UNTIL Corporations and uber rich feel it in

their pockets.

Look at the way and how min wage is always been raised it is when profits suffer and the rich aren't getting that rich.

Our economy is growing at a crawl but it is growing.

When corporations and uber rich start feeling it in the pocket book that is when you are going to see a jump to raise the min wage.

This is what a my cousin who is going for a masters degree in economics explained to me.

Don't know if his theory is right but I thought I put it out here.

I expect to get flamed.

Why isn't Justice Sotamayor at the SOTU?


DiabeticMan's Wife: rant/vent/Frustration about Welfare

I just do not get it how Welfare is given and why it is so unequal.

As some of you may be aware, I am a Home Health Aide and a lot of my clients do get welfare and food stamp help. It is just a boggle to my mind how I have two disable clients who get completely different rates of help. There problems are different BUT both have problems yet one gets at least $200.00 on food stamps and the other gets a lousy $17 dollars a month.

The one getting $200.00 lives in a home that is in the Half million dollar range she was once a celebrity in her own right and seems to have money yet gets LI HEAP help and food stamps and other help.

The one getting $17 had an average life as I would say. she also gets LI HEAP and other help as well YET she has to beg and struggle for what little she gets. She went to the senior center and manage to get a 13 hour job a week. She is thrilled yet she is worried how this job will not only drain her and be difficult to her she is also worried that this little sum of money will affect her food stamps and possibly the aide she gets from people like me.

And I am also torn and frustrated by how this help is given out. and before I write this next section LET ME explain My mother was a single mother she basically only had her pay check to raise 2 girls and everything else. Now when she was first newly divorced she did go back to work but my sister and I where very young and her parents who would babysit up so she could work could not deal with 2 younger children ( my mother had us late in life). My grandfather insisted my mother quit and go on Welfare until we where older. When we where old enough my grandfather help my mother get a job. It was a job paying $25,000 a year ( by the time she retired in 2000). We struggled our all our life growing up. She made too much to qualify for any help for us yet there was my mother working a 40 hour work week and sometimes we only had bread and lunch meat to eat for the week.

Yet I see girls --my fellow co-workers who are also single mothers getting welfare help. They work a certain amount of hours a week and refuse to work any more because it would affect there welfare.

Not only that there are people in our new apartment complex who are on welfare they get help paying their rent in fact DiabeticMan and I pay the highest in the apartment complex BUT what really burns me up is the person in the apartment about ours she is on welfare has no desire to get a job gloats she is on welfare gets drunk every night and if she and her "Old Man"--who does work--aren't arguing and slamming doors they are fucking each other and we can hear it through the ceiling.

Here are DiabeticMan and I both with 40 hour jobs and we could use a little help and we can't get it but what really burns me because DiabeticMan and I can deal with the struggling but what is really REALLY pissing me off is the fact that some of my clients are really struggling for help and other can get the help without struggling and dare I say it MILKING the system.

And I know some of you are ready to slam me for saying this and will call me a troll but this is the thing really bugging.

Any Racheal Ray Fans? Question my wife has. Did something happen To Rachael's voice?

I will stay at the start of this thread that thanks to the kindness of a friend and a deal for our apartment building My wife and I got cable for the first time in 4 years. Our friend is paying the bill for the first 6 months.

So my wife is watching the food network and saw a new show with Rachael Ray. She turned to me and asked What is wrong with her voice? I did the usual thing and said I don't know

I don't pay attention to stuff like that.

She said it sounded lower and gravel like.

Should we postpone our cat's surgery?

As some of you may know our cat has a lump in his neck that needs to be remove. We scheduled it the first date the vet had but my wife completely forgot she has jury duty that same week.

yeah we should have thought about it but it was the last thing on our mind. My wife believe that we should move the surgery for later this month so that one of us can be with the cat at all times.

P.S. do we have a pet forum?

Breaking News: Huge accident at the Rolex 24 at Daytona: Race Red Flag due to serious accident

I happen to be watching this race and unfortunately missed the accident but 2 drivers in a huge crash both had to be cut out of the cars. First one taken directly to hospital second one just got cut out.

When does a job becomes less important than a life? Mostly a vent but don't mind a jump in.

As may know my wife is a home health aide. She loves her job for the most part I personally don't know how she puts up with half the stuff she does. She works long hours some day and other days very short days. it is amazing how the scheduler can't give her 40 hours for a work week in a 5 day period. 9 times out of 10 it is 6 days a week AND one day may be AN 11 hour day than a 4 hour day. I think it is bullshit but she said this is a way a lot of companies work.

HERE is my big deal: We are going to get hit again with 3 to 7 inches tomorrow. Wife got saddled with another 11 hour day and 4 clients one of which she will see 2 times during the day and it isn't just in town travel she as to go 12 miles out of town twice tomorrow to a VERY rural area.

She trying to explain to me she has to go to help these people BUT when does her life become important. Not just her life but her fellow workers.

And what pisses my wife off and has me upset as well is the person who makes the schedule doesn't live in this county NOR when she did have to travel to work in the area she NEVER bothered to get a feel for the town or if she did doesn't care. She will schedule people all over the town instead of saying I will have worker A work with these 5 people in the north section of town and worker B work with these 3 people on east side. This scheduler who may have two employees work the same amount of hours work crazy hours. Worker A may get 10 hours going back and forth from one end of town to another so with travel time that person is dealing with a 14 hour day while worker B is dealing with 1 hour in the middle of the day.

Makes no sense. But my worry is that the roads may not be the best since the town ran out of salt not to mention with snow fall and blowing snow she may be dealing bad driving condition add to this the person who use to run the office now does does marketing and the people now in charge don't seem to care and they are in a different county than we live and have argued with other workers that they are watching radar they don't see snow BUT a worker has sent them pictures of her snow cover car.

I told her to find another place to work but it seems this attitude is par per course.

How many people look their age? and does looking one's age has anything to do with kids?

My wife is going to be the big 40 this year. No she doesn't mind me saying this because she doesn't feel like it. She feels like she is in her mid 20s. Both my wife and I look younger than the ages we really are. We never really thought about it that much expect the last couple of months. Well my wife has in the last couple of months. One of her clients had a brother in town and well he assumed my wife was in her early 20s. She has had a couple clients also can't believe she is going to turn 40. One thought she was in her 20s while the other thought early 30s.

My wife was shooked at that idea. She never really thought about her looks not that she looks at herself in the mirror much.

Well, today my wife met up with a girl she went to school with and she looked at my wife and asked her who did her work?

My wife was shocked by her question and well not sure what she ment and said "I'm a home health aid"

Woman said "no, who did your lift."

My wife explained she never had work done. My wife also found out the woman had 4 kids and of course the woman bragged about having them. My wife explained that we didn't have kids.

We have tried but unfortunately we haven't had them.

Anyways the woman shrugged. Must be nice to have no stress in your life. Maybe if I was selfish enough not to have kids I'd look like I did in high school. She also did remind my wife that she has gain a lot of weight since high school.

My wife wasn't that hurt by that comment. She has been fat all her life and been on every diet. She doesn't want that band thing doesn't feel it is safe. She tries to eat healthy when we can and just goes about her life.

BUt that run in has her really irked about looking so young. I don't know why it is so important to her to look her age when most women would kill her her luck but she almost views it as a curse.

any suggestions?

Please can anyone explain to me what google glass is?

Well the hits just keep on coming for us!

Not only do we have a vet bill with Brody and his up coming surgery BUT finally my wife's payment stub for Healthcare came in. Now she finally was able to sign up by beginning of Dec. the and the plan that would best help her ended up in the $200.00 range. Ever since that fungal pneumonia that nearly killed her her lungs have not always been the best. She is goin to need an inhaler and breathing treatments once in a while. She has a box of Albutoral from her last time with pneumonia that she has been using sparingly but once in a while like in the summer when the humidity really gets bad she needs that help of a breathing treatment.

Anyways long vent short she has been waiting for the statement to come to pay the bill. Waiting to get her book and cards and all that. nothing shows up. Call the company a couple times they state she should be getting it in today's mail. It is a double bill for Jan and Feb. $410 by jan 28.

Why does it seem like when we think things are going our way and we see the light at the end of the tunnel we get slammed with a pile of Shit.

Her sister is still planning the surprise party ( which is now lunch at a resteraunt) for their mother's 75th birthday.

Brody the cat and the lump

Now insurance...

Wife is crying at the moment but I'm sure she'll figure something out.

I just needed to vent. Thank you for that.

Something has got to give
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