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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Are military personnel being charged for ammo when they are on tour?

My wife said the place she work she overheard one of the workers telling another worker that when he was overseas doing his tour that he was charged $7.50 per day for his ammo even if it wasn't fired.

Does anyone else know of that practice?

How much does it really cost to plug in Christmas lights on a 4 ft tree for a couple hours for 30

days and all day christmas eve and christmas day?

My high school friend is frustrated by her husband. He has not help her put up the tree because he doesn't wants lights on the tree because they will cost a few extra cents a week.

They are in a very good place this year. Both are finally working and making a decent wage. the average electric bill now is $60 a month.

Can 3 strands of Christmas lights cause the electric bill to jump that high?

Baby it's cold outside--Kid version

My wife thought it was cute and suggested I post.

She liked how some of the lines got re-written.

One has to wonder if the actors from the Interview are in some sort of protective custody and that

is why appearances have been cancelled.

The starts of the Interview--James Franco and Seth Rogan have cancelled all interviews about the

movie as well as all appearances. Saw on E! news TV crawl

Why a European/Belgium style strike will not happen in the U.S.

My wife and I had been talking about how Belgium stage a complete one day shut down of the country to get a message across to their government.

My wife said: The reason why this will never work here isn't so much that our two party system is so "polarized" BUT that "polarization has basically taught us to hate one another and not completely trust one another. We are taught stereotypes of each party supporters --and if they live who up to that stereotype in our collective minds or because it was ingrained into us by two party system; the truth is we no longer see each other as fellow citizen who in general wants to do go for all. We see each other as ruining our country and the other side must stop it.

The true enemy of our country is the 1% and Corporations. But you hear your republican relatives complaining about how 5th street needs to be re-paved by the city. You hear your Liberal relatives saying that this "pork spending" is out of control and the government needs to stop outrageous spending.

The problem is we-our fellow citizens need to stop seeing each other as evil and say to one another. "You know that bridge that spans between Ohio and West Virginia needs repair before it collapses and kills whoever is on it at the time."

We need to go back to 5th grade civics class and remember why taxes are collected and what our government was suppose to do for the citizens.

The problem is I don't think we can do that. We right now do not possess the skills ( and some of us ) the knowledge, or the ability to look past the divide.

When we have Omnibuses bills being slammed through that give so much to so few people/corporations and the average citizen is back to the days when you could be fired for basically thinking differently from your employer OR had a bad day and speak in a manor that would "Disrespect" the store/company we we have our fellow citizens having to work 2 or 3 jobs just to get a enough to have the bare min to support themselves we will never see ourselves as U.S. citizens we will always see ourselves as Democrats and republicans and well those of us who do not view ourselves as either one of those parts as nuts, this will never happen.

About the 12 year old who got shot by the police.

I am sorry I have forgotten his name. (So many names isn't a good excuse but I am a little confused with names.)

The one in Cleveland.

I have seen what looks like a video of boy in a park the police drive up on the grass and just shot. There looks like no talking nothing.

Am I seeing that right?

Does anyone know if AL Franken voted for the budget with the Holiday gift to the BIG BANKS?

Can anyone tell me if the budget passed with that christmas gift to the big banks?

What is your one wish for the New Year?

If by wishing for it or protesting it the most this up coming year. What is the one thing you want to see Congress give to the 99%?

Is it universal health care? (I know some people who make too much to get government help for paying and make too little to have it without sacrificing something else.)

Congress passing reform of some sort for the out of control police bullies we have now at days.

My personal desire. A raise in the min wage.

What is it you hope congress gives to us in 2015?
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