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Reputation.com...Just when you thought the quest for the ALMIGHTY American dollar couldn't go any


So basically someone has a bad experience with a business or with service and rights a review giving honest comments about it someone has given owner of business/service giver a chance to "improve" (Lie)about the review.

I've seen everything.

Check in if you or spouse/partner or family member have benefited from free lunch at school. Tell us

how "unloved" you felt.

My wife had the benefit of the the sister program to the free lunch the reduce lunch so she paid maybe $1.00 instead of the full price.

She was deeply offend by Paul Ryan's statement and she asked me to put up this thread.

By the way she didn't feel less loved.

My wife's friend said to her today:The problem with America is that it does NOT value it's citizens

She is from a European country and she went on to explain--

Your country does not value it's citizens nor does it work for you. If you where valued you would have universal health care and Universal education like we have. We do not need to worry about having the money to see a doctor for a simple antibiotic because we have a cold. Any child who wants to have a chance for a college level ( she used the term university level) education which may come to about $50 out pocket for minor fees but the actual education is paid for by our taxes. We pay about the same amount of taxes as you but our taxes work for us.

Once your fellow citizens realize and demand this than you will see your country turn around.

I only put this out here to get a discussion going on the issue because my wife remarked yesterday how much we have basically allowed workers rights to be destroyed by corporate america.

That right now we are basically seeing our own metaphoric Triangle Waist coat fire happening with the way the poor and working poor are being treated how workers in some jobs don't have paid sick days or vacation days. A person she knows who drives for Swanee ( that food delivery system) said that there vacation pay wouldn't be determined by how much they sold 3 weeks before their vacation but their vacation pay would be determined by what the Fill-in sales the week of the vacation.

SO if my wife and her friend are correct how do make ourselves valuable to our country. How do we get corporate and uber rich voices down to a low rumble and our voices be heard more.

Or do we just accept the fact we are now the puppets to those 1% to use abuse and discard.

How the hell aren't more people outrage by Paul Ryan's bullshit comment that poor people don't care for their kids because their kids get a free lunch.

My wife wants to write a letter to the office coordinator about issues she is having but she is

scared too. I just told her to find a new job.

She loves the clients she has she likes a lot of the way she can set up the days and hours but the person who schedules the days and times that are crazy. She gives them 12 hours to use within a day. She figures by saying 9am to 9pm that in fact she will hopefully get 8 hours a day.

This person who does the schedule doesn't have any quips scheduling my wife 12 hours in a day. and my wife is getting a lot of overtime which is nice considering she's paid $9.00 an hour but than if requests a day off OR wants to get an early end time this person scheduling often times ignores request or purposely schedules her for two clients at the same time OR if my wife says she wants to end at 5pm the person in charge of scheduling will schedule her end time at 5:15 and this past weekend she schedule my wife to 6pm when she wanted a 5pm end time AND my wife didn't want to start work until 1pm on Sunday and she was willing to work until 9pm. She was told earlier this past week that there was no only to work with in those hours that she would need to work 7am - 1pm.

Now if this only happened once in a while my wife would just roll with it BUT my wife has been working those long hours. and she is either given 12 hour day one day and a 2 hour day the next day OR 3 11 hour days in a row. She gets pissed that they would just give her only 2 hours or 4 hours just so they can have her working 6 or 7 days. She understands home health does require hours BUT today they first called her and basically said they are going to schedule her an hour to work at the end of the day 8pm - 9pm during her jury duty days ( forget the fact we don't know how many days she will have that) not only that we don't know how long she will have jury duty it may be til noon or as late as 4 or 5. She did have a time that it went til about 7 in the evening. But they basically want her to rush back to town to take care of a client. We have to be up and leave our house by 5 am to get my wife to the place in pittsburgh by 9am. (and part of the reason we get out of the house that early is because of rush hour traffic.)

Not to mention this scheduler isn't from the county and has never bother to drive around the area or bothers to look at the map. My wife is driving from one end of the county to the other and back. In stead of keeping workers in a general area with seeing 3 or clients they have them going back and forth than they complain about people getting too big of a mileage check. OR they schedule some workers with big spans of dead time so they go to a client for an hour than have a 3 hour break before the next client JUST so the worker can't claim the mileage for client 1 to client 2.

My wife is tired of apologizing for the way client's are schedule. They are told when they come into the program that they will have the hours requested. Some are told they would only have 2 or 3 people in there homes- That isn't what happens. Client get frustrated. and my wife spends half the time making excuses for the office and trying to keep the client happy. They know it isn't my wife's fault but they are frustrated as well.

She tired of this place hiring people who half the time don't show up or tell clients no I don't do floors or stuff they are suppose to do. YET this place bends over back wards to those workers happy YET workers like my wife and 3 others- my wife believe to be much better at the job than she could ever possibly be- get crapped on.

She wants to bring these frustrations to the attention of the scheduler/supervisors attention but some people say don't they don't want to lose her ( for fear she would be fired or just kept from clients that enjoy her.) It seems a client request a worker or a worker says they like working with a client they never see one another again.

What would you do take the risk to help not only herself and others or just look for another company.

What is the difference between Russia's incurrsion into the Ukraine This weekend and 6 years ago

when Russia went into Georgia?

I will be honest my wife and I didn't hear about this whole thing that happened this weekend until today. And we are honestly are trying to get caught up and get our heads wrapped around this.

But my wife asked and I seriously don't fully remember what exactly happened 6 years ago. I remember ( after wife reminded me and this is as she remembers) Russia went into Georgia claiming the pipeline needed protected there was a few days of media showing missiles flying and than nothing.

This needs to get out! THIS explains EVERYTHING to your repug Friends and family so they understand

Who is going to watch the new Cosmos? Anyone know about the new host?

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