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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Are you Freaking Serious? Freddy Grey was trying to hurt himself?

Just heard this on the late playing of Rachel and I am just stunned.

What would you do?

Okay I have been working at this hotel since moving back to my home town. I have put up with crap everything to the assistant manager and me being the only front desk workers and me putting in 60+ hours of work a week to getting passed over as a front desk supervisor for someone who hadn't been there 90 days and who since getting the promotion has used the position as a way to get booty calls. Rumor is he got the promotion because he was doing the general manager. Rumors (and it is more true than rumor) that he has hit on underage girls while working and has left the desk to visit guest rooms.

Also he is messing up simple office task like posting money under a negative account.

I got another job and will be starting. It pays $2 more an hour. I had orientation with the new company and start in about 10 days. I wanted to do the honorable thing and give 2 weeks. Today I find out the assistant manager lost my resignation letter. The hotel will not be paying me my paid time off ( they claim it is because I haven't been there a full year.) She expects me to train my replacement ( since I wasn't qualify enough to get the front desk supervisor position shouldn't I be unqualified to train the new employee? Shouldn't that be the task of the Front Desk Supervisor?) and she is trying to get me longer than what I had plan.

My wife said I should just leave now. Call my new company and ask if I can start Monday. She said the hotel isn't going to give me a good reference if they don't want to. I was always taught to be honorable.

my wife is saying if it was a job that was truly respecting you she could see it BUT why be honorable when they have screwed me.

Which was thrown first the Tear gas or whatever it was thrown into police?

How the FREAK does Tom Cotton seem get all this attention an power?

This guy is in the Senate for 4 months and yet he seems to have this power of someone who has been in the Senate for years.

Seriously, I don't understand how this guy is gaining so much sway.


The article shows a tweet stating that Rep Jim Jordan is seeking Tom Cotton's insight on Coker's Iran Bill.

Is anyone else getting a little nervous about this guy? Or am I getting a little paranoid?

The problem is the Problem isn't getting resolved.

PLEASE, let me state two things

-- I am not condoning or even encouraging the Riots that have happened in Baltimore or anywhere else.

-- Second yes, I am a white guy and probably have no right saying this but I do understand the frustration and anger being display by the rioters.

Now when my wife and I watch the coverage of Baltimore last night one thing my wife said and I completely agree with her. Where is the President, Where are the Governors, Where are the Mayors? Why aren't they seeing past this violence and setting up some sort of REAL commission or panel that would have not only politicians and law enforcement BUT also have REAL citizens of diverse background and races to really sit down try and make changes.

We have law enforcement out of control. We have law enforcement acting more like a military.

We need Andy Taylor NOT a home military to keep us safe.

We need to address the fact that too many people of all different races are being treated wrongly by police.

Yes, African American Male seem to be the most harassed BUT there are reports of women getting arrested and raped. We have police raiding/ "breaking in" to elderly peoples even children home because of wrong information and killing them.

We can't call police to help calm a mentally disturbed or mentally challenged individual because those stories end with those people getting killed.

We need are politicians to stop telling us to respect the police and realize that JUST maybe police do have 50% of the blame as well. They need to stop treating cities like military zones.

I am sorry if I have overstep myself. It was just thoughts that came to my wife's and my mind watching last night.

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow? This is just leaving me speechless. MORE INFO

Side by side of live picture of Baltimore burning and as she is talking about all kind of police brutality.

Personally I have to ask how we can trust police to Protect and Serve when the police act like a bully squad

Can a notary license help my wife with a job?

My wife has been wanting to move away from the home health field. She is looking for a customer service/office job and really I would feel better if she was in an office like setting. Some of the places she went to and some clients she worked with truly scared me that she would be hurt.

My Step mom is a paralegal and has her notary. My wife has been wanting to get her notary for a while. She figure it would help her get her foot into the door of a AAA or insurance agency or even a car dealership. She is hoping her can average $12-$15 dollars an hour.

My step mom has helped my wife apply for the license and paid for the class that needed to get the license but will this help her truly get an entry level job somewhere or is this a pipe dream?

She hasn't been able to find a job since getting laid off from the last job--lack of work. Unemployment is dicking her around. She is getting nervous about finances.

Can I ask some help about the title of 2 songs. UPDATE

There are two songs my wife is looking for the titles of.

She remembers the videos from the 80s but can't think of the title of the songs.


The first video has the singer as a alien. he is wearing this white suite that shows what happens around him. She believe it is a one hit wonder.




She remembers seeing a video of this human head on this future type car so it is half human half machine. It was a love song and the end shows the male car driving side by side with the female car down a road together .

Also does anyone remember a video for Bruce Springsteen song Brilliant Disguise in which it is one shot of the boss sitting in a kitchen playing the guitar and singing Brilliant Disguise with just the guitar and the camera slowly gets closer to his face. My wife knows she has seen this video and she loves the acoustic version of the song. I say she is wrong.

Video contradicts police claims about black man who died in jail cell after arrest for sagging pants


A newly released video – which contradicts police reports – shows a black Louisiana man lying facedown and unresponsive in a jail cell where he died after officers shocked him with a stun gun.

Sheriff’s deputies were called Nov. 26, 2013, to a Port Allen gas station, where 38-year-old Ervin Leon Edwards and his girlfriend were arguing, reported The Advocate.

The couple had calmed down by the time deputies arrived, but they questioned Edwards about his “sagging” pants – which are banned in the city – and then arrested him.

Police said Edwards was combative after he was placed in handcuffs and threatened to kill officers, and an officer threatened to use a stun gun to subdue him.


Really?! I personally never understood the Sagging pants craze BUT to first of all it seems this "ban" is designed to effect a certain culture and just design to generate more money for the city ie fines court cost etc.

Second this is scary and wrong the way these police are getting away with murder.

Concerns and worries about TPP

My wife talked to me about this last night.

This is a list of countries involved in TPP in some way:


This is a broad range of countries with different cultural and economic beliefs and systems and her fear with EVERYTHING she has read. President Obama's side and Elizabeth Warren side. These are the questions that still remain unsettled in her head.

Here is a list of Multinational Corporations that have deep roots in America.


Some of these companies are Walmart, McDonalds, Pepsi Co, Coke Cola, Lockheed Martin etc. These are well known companies and let's face it have a huge impact on The US economy and workers.

Now here is another list of Countries Min wages:


Now here is where the concern comes in:

Australia has a Min wage of about $16.78 and Canada averages $10-$11 dollars and then you have countries like Brunei which has NO min wage. What is to stop McDonalds or Walmart going to this International Corporate court to say Our average profits for this month or this quarter is this much money However because Australia and Canada have this Min wage law which is cutting into our average profits.

These is the concern of a lot of us on this board. We have seen President Obama do A LOT of good but then there are things that just make us scream in frustration.

People says The worse fears isn't going to happen that Elizabeth Warren and Sharrod Brown are wrong lying and trying to score political points but we have seen where things aren't always in the best interest of the American People.

I will give an example that right now even though Millions of Americans are getting health care through the ACA BUT how many are in the same position as my wife. She got health insurance through her staffing agency and pays about $100.00 a month. As some of you know she has had issues with depression right now and went to see her PCP. She has seen the PCP twice and has done some blood labs and the total medical bill has been $500.00 right now. The insurance company is fighting my wife. THEY are refusing to pay for any of the doctor's visits. They are refusing to pay for the lab work. The first bill was $200 + and they first rejected it stating that she wasn't covered at the time. She had made her first payment in January so that in fact she would be covered in Feb when she went to the first appointment. Again they "put it through" a few weeks later they had rejected both visits and the blood labs and my wife asked my step mother for help who is a paralegal and looked at my wife's policy and talked to the company on the phone for an hour proving that the policy my wife had should be covering. She has in fact stop going to see her doctor until it is resolved. They again sent rejection notes again stating regular PCP visits aren't covered anymore.

My wife and I BOTH fear that TPP is going to make things worse. We honestly have been reading everything we can trying to understand it all. Right now we believe Sanders, Warren and Brown. Harry Reid has come out against fast track. Reid is retiring. What does he need "political capital" for?
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