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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 03:42 AM
Number of posts: 3,121

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On Rachel Maddow right now--KOCH BROS WANT TO MURDER VA

Republicans was to try and Privatize the VA (Veterans Affairs.)

Question on the TPP.

My wife has been explaining this too me and we just watch the youtube clip of Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor and it made me wonder could this be worse than what people are saying is the worse?

My question and from what I am understanding-- Say a corporation doesn't like the 15 dollar Min Wage Seattle, Washington passed and takes the steps to sue that city. Could that panel than order such a high fine that a city gets bankrupt or even basically make a town/city into a company town in which the city is owned by the Corporation or am I not fully understanding?

Harris Lawyer already start the smear campaign.

So if I pose in a superman outfit and placed it on my facebook page I am What?

So what if the gentleman had picture of a double middle finger salute does that mean he deserve to get shot?

Do you think this is a test? A friend is going for an interview and the person's name

or the person he is to ask for (example) Joe Camden (Legal name is ____) The legal name is a strange name. My wife believe it is a Scandinavian maybe Russian name. The gentleman is going for a job in which it is almost like customer service and My wife thinks they are testing the gentleman to see if he can be respectful or how well he handles a hard name.

Are we reading too much into this?

my wife has another job interview on Tuesday. My Step mother-in-law told my wife

to wear jewelry that she should dress like she has money and doesn't need the job.

My wife has never heard of that expression.

Does that work?

Any tips anyone want to give my wife?

Wife found some grumpy cat pics






My wife showed this to me. You got to watch it.

New Netflix series has Fonda, Tomlin, Sheen and Waterson in it.

The Condo association is full of Hyprocrits.

They won't allow pets INSIDE our condo BUT they all are hanging bird feeders on their decks. the bird feeds encourage animals to come around the buildings. especially at night. my wife nearly hit a deer one night coming home in the parking lot.
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