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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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UPDATE Brody the Cat.

I wish I can say it is all good news. My wife and I are concerned. Brody is only eating soft food. He has tried eating hard cat food but it makes him throw up. We give him a full can of cat food 3 times a day. (3 cans of soft food daily) He is eating 90% of each can we are giving him but his looks like he is losing more weight. We have a few of the antibiotic pills left to give him and each time we give it to him he is choking on the pill.

We have been trying to reach the vet but due to her office being remodel we have not reached her. We have left messages.

Now Brody is more active than he was when he first got back from the surgery (even before). He is play with our other two cats more than before all of this began. He is running around and being active.

We didn't have the money to get the tumor biopsied. We figured if another tumor appeared we would worry about cancer but we are concerned about his lack of mass despite the increase in feeding.

Okay here is another question. What was the REAL motive behind ALEC pushing Stand Your Ground laws

in so many states.

Is it a way to make murder legal?

Has anyone bother to look at the economic background? How many of the "victims"/shooters who use this defense of upper middle class or come from money?

The real victims/the "aggressors" come from not only a different race but perhaps a poor or lesser means?

Is that what Alec had in mind? Or is it wrong of me to ask?

I don't mean to cause trouble I just want to wrap my head around/understand all of this.

A question my wife keeps muttering under her breath. (about the Dunn/loud music case)

Why the Hell isn't this DA using Race as a motive for this case and the Zimmerman case when it is obvious that race was a motive in both cases.

My wife says we can no longer ignore the elephant in the glass store. we can't go along pretending that we fixed our "race problem".

a needed rant... Some people are just rude!

Yes, my wife is fat She will be the first to tell you. She does need to loose weight. She has been fat all her life and some of it has to be her body reaction to food, her upbringing and well the foods at hand. Given a choice my wife will pick the healthy choice 90% of the time (Let's face it we all crave and desire foods that are not that good for us.) and if we had the chance for better food our house would have the perfect foods in here.

BUT Last week was our cat Brody's surgery and that took more money than we thought. (no problem, a small hump and we will be back on our feet again.) Plus my wife had more time off from work than normal. This would have been a week my wife would have had Grand Jury so her workplace automatically schedule her off for the three days the panel may convene. BUT with the cat surgery and her mother falling and probably cracked a rib or two ( They can't find the crack on x-rays but thankfully no damage to the lungs.) She has been needing our help. So my wife asked and got excused do 3 days of work gone as well as a 4th day because it was her mother's birthday and well her sister came in and they spent some time with their mother who turned 75.

So my wife gets paid weekly and this week was the pay for that short week. Between paying our cell phone bill, getting litter for the cats and soft food especially for brody who is having issues eating the hard food at the moment BUT CAT forbid we give Brody soft food and not the other two MOJOs-Smokey and Snowy-soft food, not going to happen. So we get food for the cats I put gas in my car we are basically down to $30 dollars. We get day old bread from the bread shop jar of peanut butter and a couple other food stuff what is left is $10 for my wife's car for gas.

NOW here is the issue and the rant. Her "friend" text her Saying how she needs a ride here and there and can she please borrow $20 because her latest boyfriend stole her money and she needs something and cigs.

PLEASE understand we may not have much but we always try to help people out when we can. We aren't looking for a pat on the back but know that my wife has given her last 5 dollars to people who may need it more because we are in a "comfortable" place. We don't mind helping people out.

My wife said no for the first time in a long time and this "friend" goes off saying how fat and lazy my wife is and how she should drop dead of a heart attack. My wife would normally just let that go. Her feelings would be hurt but she wouldn't get too upset BUT "friend" now is blowing up her phone with texts saying how she is lazy and always eating fast food. Now here I will admit my wife and I had nothing to eat in the apartment this morning so we did go through a Mc D's for two breakfast sandwiches which were on sale 2 for $3 and allow us to get something to eat while we ran around to do what we needed to.

Yes, my wife -especially before this new place she was working at- my wife would have a budget of $5 for the week for lunch which meant $1 burger for lunch between clients. so this "friend" uses that knowledge as well as her sister seeing us going through drive Thur today and telling her, The "Friend" and she thinks we are holding out on her.

My people think we own them something I don't know.

But my wife who is a home health aid worked 48 hours this past week and this upcoming week she has been schedule 55 hours because the place she works at is short staffed and two workers are injured and can't work. NOW add to this some of her co-workers will call off last minute leaving the office to scramble to find workers not to mention her office claim people call off BUT in reality will not schedule someone for a shift and call my wife begging her to "fill-in". She does.

BUT I am sick and tired of people calling my wife fat or saying how she is lazy or that she just want to eat junk foods. It is rare but a couple clients will not allow her to eat food in their homes and sometimes the visits are just to help people shower for the day so there she is eating in her car.

Maybe if her job is given a little more respect and just maybe if some of her co-workers didn't live up to the stereotype of just sitting around "babysitting" to get a pay check MAYBE she might have a employer who actually will actually get the dignity of having a half hour for lunch.

So when we are in a tight spot and need to care for ourselves we shouldn't have to feel guilty.

Yes, I know I should tell "friend" this but "Friend" still works with a client my wife use to with an old company. My wife doesn't want to turn that old client against her and she knows "friend" can do just that.

Keep in mind this client has cats as well and on a fix income. My wife explained to me that the cats for the client are therapy. Anyways she helped the woman with the money to get one of these young cats fixed.

My wife on the few days off she gets a month and spend one day with that ex-client having a "movie" day and the client looks forward to it.

She isn't fat and lazy and I'm tired of people calling her that or telling her Just eat healthy...Listen my wife may only have $5 for the week to feed herself lunch and 9 times out of ten she comes home late at night makes a sandwich spends time with our cats and goes asleep just to do all over again the next day.

So before you snap to judge a fat person walk a 1/4th of a mile in their shoes. You might find there body is storing food.

Her body has always been in that mode--Her mother was a single mother trying to raise 2 girls on $20,000 and not being able to make ends meet and made too much to get food stamp help.

given a choice between a piece of fruit and a cookie guess what my wife will take that fruit. but when you have little choices you do what you have.

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

Netflix's House of Cards is out today... *SPOILERS* thread to talk about it?

Yeah, I know kind of sad but this is how the wife and I are spending Valentine's day.
Anyone want to talk about it... Check in.


We have seen the British version and figure it would stay true but wow

Thank you for the hearts. Very kind of ya.

Any word on that Fla Trial? Jury come back yet? Wife and I have been out most of the day

Ralph Waite, Dad of 'The Waltons,' Dead at 86

Source: Yahoo! TV

Ralph Waite, who played patriarch John Walton Sr. on "The Waltons," has died. He was 86 years old.

Waite spent nine seasons in Walton's Mountain as the dad of a rural Depression-era family on CBS's beloved family drama. "The Waltons" was a Top 20 hit in the mid-1970s, and is fondly remembered for the family's heartfelt good-night routine: "Good night, John-Boy."

Read more: http://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/ralph-waite--dad-of--the-waltons---dead-at-86-014947713.html

I never watched the show but it is ashame he passed. I am sorry for his family.

I did like his work as Gibbs Dad on NCIS.

The 4 worst people of the day. you decide the ranking

My wife and I really miss Keith Olbermann and his "political". So in his honor I decided on this thread.

Fox guest on classroom fairness: Exclude kids who don’t deserve a ‘pity Valentine’


A Fox News guest on Thursday asserted that some children should be excluded when Valentine’s Day cards are given out at school so that they can learn that the world isn’t fair while the “stakes are low.”

For years, many teachers have asked grade-school students to bring Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in the class if they bring them to school. But when one New Jersey teacher sent a note home this year explaining the policy, Fox News hosted a segment suggesting that political correctness was running amuck.


Colorado State Senator: It Was A ‘Good Thing’ That Movie Theater Gunman Had 100-Round Magazine


Quote from Colorado state Sen. Bernie Herpin (R)

“As it turned out, that was maybe a good thing that he had a 100-round magazine, because it jammed. If he had four, five, six 15-round magazines, there’s no telling how much damage he could have done until a good guy with a gun showed up.”

CEO who sells $800 sequined dresses tells 99 percenters: Stop whining, you’d be rich in India


A fashion mogul offered some advice to Americans who aren’t among the top 1 percent of wealth holders: Stop whining.

“We’ve got a country that the poverty level is wealth in 99 percent of the rest of the world,” said Bud Konheim, CEO and co-founder of the luxury fashion company Nicole Miller. “We’re talking about woe is me, woe is us, woe is this.”

Konheim, whose company sells $800 sequined dresses and $250 purses, disagreed with another panelist Wednesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that America’s bottom 99 percent were among the top 1 percent elsewhere.


Kentucky trooper wants job back because raping that girl was just a ‘moral mistake’


A Kentucky state trooper told a trial board last month that he would like to have his job back after he was fired for having sex with a 15-year-old girl, calling the relationship a “moral mistake.”

In a transcript obtained by WDRB, former Kentucky State Trooper Jerry Clanton asserted to the Kentucky State Police Trial Board that he was under the false impression that the 15-year-old girl was 18 years old when he started having sex with her.

Was there a tie for a gold medal at the Olympics today?

My wife and I are Boycotting watching the Olympics because of Russia cruel treatment of the LGBT community BUT a friend of mine who thinks our boycott is stupid told us there was a tie for Olympic gold.

Is that true?

Does anyone know how often that happens?

What does the medal ceremony look like? (just curious)
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