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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Is it true that there is a bill being introduce to increase the min Wage in PA?

If this is true what is the wage they are suggesting?

Why can't America have this type of respect when getting ready for war Or even humanitarian aid

Or just understanding there are other lives and cultures in this world worthy of respect.

Why is it this speech was laughed at by a couple 18 year olds and the general called weak for this speech.

Is anyone having trouble using there tablets or smart phones. Would net neutrality being struck down

About month ago we added my mother in law to our cell phone plan. To kind of help her out anyways before we added her my wife and I had unlimited talk, text and data for one price. AFTER adding my Mother in law we notice we still have unlimited Text and talk but we can't get on the net. at first my wife and I thought they messed up our plan and we just need to talk to someone BUT we are also noticing that my wife's tablet (an anniversary gift I got for her and yes I got it on sale it is a older model as well) isn't working right for the past week and a half. She can no longer connect to Amazon and the games she bought from amazon are giving her trouble or she can't access them at all. She keeps getting messages that internet connection not working YET she had just played a game she got 2 days ago from an app on the tablet she never used before until she started having issues with connecting to amazon. She wanted to use the rest of a gift card to buy a game. cannot connect.

Anyways is anyone else having this issue. My wife mentioned to me that a court struck down net neutrality but would that have anything to do with our phones and tablet?

My wife just called me. Brody the cat finally ate something today.

She was so worried. She said he took a couple sips of water and he is gingerly eating.

Will Brody ever forgive us? Mainly an update on Brody.

Because the late hour of the surgery on Brody and the storm that was coming in Yesterday they basically released Brody to us as he was waking up. So that explained his actions yesterday evening and last night.

Now this morning Brody came out of the cage perfect balance and able to walk straight. we tried to give him some water but he wouldn't drink. My wife though wanted to get some pain meds into him because he was shaking a little and moving his head slowly. So wife got a can a soft food and his small plate she placed a teaspoon of food in the plate and and slipped the pain pills into the food. He took the pills and took about 10 mins to eat all the teaspoon worth of food. We didn't give him anymore worried about him throwing up. He didn't.

he than went to the litter box that we went into the bedroom for him and laid down in a bed we made for a while.

My goal was to leave my wife alone with him as much as possible but she called me in to ask me to get her something. Brody went out into the hallway than into the spare room and basically stayed in the spear room close laying there most of the day. He did eat again when my wife gave him more food laced with his anti-biotic. basically 1/2 of food. but Brody kept staying in the closet.

I didn't know if I should close the closet door and force him to be out or let him come out on his own. My wife was concern that the back bedroom isn't as warm as our room and ask me to get him. I placed Brody on the bed and he basically ran under the bed.

He has eaten but we have not seen him drink anything today.

Will he eventually forgive us or will his relationship especially with my wife be changed forever and how do we start mending the trust we have destroyed in a sense?

A serious question. Did ALEC create and push through so many Stand Your Ground Laws in so many

states, was it a way to get rid of the "socialists" police system?

Not that I'm really a fan of Police. I think too many of them are ego-manics who make enough headlines on this board alone daily.

BUT if we have these "Stand Your Ground" laws on the records and being so widely used was it ALEC's hope that they would cut down on police force since people can now kill if they feel threaten?

wonder how the Tea party/Conservative nuts would have reacted IF the coke-cola commercial

with the multi-national rendition of America the Beautiful first verse was done using Native Americans singing in their Native languages.

A friend of ours posed the question last night stating that LONG before the Europeans came over they lived in harmony with the spacious sky, the purple mountain majesties etc.

At Least 26 Children Or Teens Died In Florida Stand Your Ground Cases


Michael Dunn stands trial this week for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis after Dunn complained that Davis was playing loud music. Dunn is expected to raise the defense that gained notoriety after the death of Trayvon Martin, Stand Your Ground. (If Martin were still alive, he would turn 19 today.)

Martin and Dunn are two of at least 26 children and teens who have died in Florida Stand Your Ground cases. Stand Your Ground laws that have proliferated in at least 20 states are associated with vigilantism, authorizing violence by individuals who perceive a “reasonable” imminent threat to their life, without any duty to attempt retreat. But they have also taken the lives of a dramatic number of young victims. Out of 134 fatal Florida cases analyzed by the Tampa Bay Times in which the Stand Your Ground defense was raised or played a role, 19 percent saw the deaths of children or teens. Another 14 involved victims were 20 or 21. And another 8 teens were injured in nonfatal cases. The Tampa Bay Times last updated its database last year, and there have likely been more such deaths since.


So when is a state of emergency is declared?

Right now in Western PA we are getting that snow storm with a possible .25 inches of ice.

Now on the Pittsburgh stations (TV) the big story was how there is a HUGE shortage of salt. basically it is stuck on river barges that are frozen on rivers.

Home depot is out of Salt and any salt available is going to the state to clear interstates.

When can a governor (not that our idiot Corbett will) declare a state of emergency and prevent people from traveling the roads.

Advice if this doesn't get locked. Cat owners whose cats have had surgery.

Right now we are keeping Brody in his cage because he has no control of his mobility. He can't stand up and he keeps trying to craw. In the cage he is flopping like crazy and he needs to keep my wife --his favorite-- in sight at all times. He lays still and stares at her. She might adjust herself on the bed or turn to get a drink and Brody starts moving around until she is in full view again.

Is this normal.

also his tongue is slightly sticking out. We aren't allowed to give him any water until tomorrow because of the pain meds they injected him with and the sedative.

I don't mean to be a pest but I think we are just nervous.
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