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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
Number of posts: 3,121

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Thank you for your well wishes/prayers and everything: Brody the Cat came through the surgery

we have him home. The poor thing is still groggy from the Anstice but the vet said keep him in his cage for a few hours. We are close by.

It was a HUGE tumor. It was near his Cardiac artie but he is home with us.

GM's first woman CEO--Mary Barra is getting less pay Dan Akerson


In December, General Motors (GM) made headlines for picking Mary Barra to replace Dan Akerson as its new CEO. That meant she would not only be the first woman at the helm of the carmaker, but any global carmaker.

But while she may have shattered that glass ceiling, her pay is another story. Looking at the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Elizabeth MacDonald notes that Barra will be paid $4.4 million in total compensation, which includes a base salary of $1.6 million. Akerson, on the other hand, made an estimated $9 million, with a $1.7 million base salary and $7.3 million in stock. That means Barra will make less than half of what he made. In fact, Akerson will continue to make more as her, as GM will pay him $4.68 million as an outside senior adviser.


Yeah I know some will say it is CEO making millions more than the average what's the big deal BUT it just shows how far we need to go for equally in pay.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death connected to Pittsburgh

I have been trying to find an article to link this too and I can't but on the local news last night I caught the ending of a segment talking about how a lot of Heroin deaths have a common trace of Fentalyn (sp?) in the Pittsburgh area and there was question if this could be the same batch.

Has anyone else heard this or did I misinterpret the news segment.

Mark Fiore: Goodbye Net Neutrality

In light of Elway's comments and Manning teaming with PAPA "scrooge" John perhaps

this game the way it is setting up to be a bit of Karma OR a lesson to these two Republicans?

Elway should keep in my that his wealth came for this "socialist" type safety net set up.

Puppy bowl vs kitten bowl

which do you like.

Tomorrow is the big day for our cat Brody. He will have surgery to remove the Tumor from his


The problem is min wage isn't going to get increase UNTIL Corporations and uber rich feel it in

their pockets.

Look at the way and how min wage is always been raised it is when profits suffer and the rich aren't getting that rich.

Our economy is growing at a crawl but it is growing.

When corporations and uber rich start feeling it in the pocket book that is when you are going to see a jump to raise the min wage.

This is what a my cousin who is going for a masters degree in economics explained to me.

Don't know if his theory is right but I thought I put it out here.

I expect to get flamed.

Why isn't Justice Sotamayor at the SOTU?


DiabeticMan's Wife: rant/vent/Frustration about Welfare

I just do not get it how Welfare is given and why it is so unequal.

As some of you may be aware, I am a Home Health Aide and a lot of my clients do get welfare and food stamp help. It is just a boggle to my mind how I have two disable clients who get completely different rates of help. There problems are different BUT both have problems yet one gets at least $200.00 on food stamps and the other gets a lousy $17 dollars a month.

The one getting $200.00 lives in a home that is in the Half million dollar range she was once a celebrity in her own right and seems to have money yet gets LI HEAP help and food stamps and other help.

The one getting $17 had an average life as I would say. she also gets LI HEAP and other help as well YET she has to beg and struggle for what little she gets. She went to the senior center and manage to get a 13 hour job a week. She is thrilled yet she is worried how this job will not only drain her and be difficult to her she is also worried that this little sum of money will affect her food stamps and possibly the aide she gets from people like me.

And I am also torn and frustrated by how this help is given out. and before I write this next section LET ME explain My mother was a single mother she basically only had her pay check to raise 2 girls and everything else. Now when she was first newly divorced she did go back to work but my sister and I where very young and her parents who would babysit up so she could work could not deal with 2 younger children ( my mother had us late in life). My grandfather insisted my mother quit and go on Welfare until we where older. When we where old enough my grandfather help my mother get a job. It was a job paying $25,000 a year ( by the time she retired in 2000). We struggled our all our life growing up. She made too much to qualify for any help for us yet there was my mother working a 40 hour work week and sometimes we only had bread and lunch meat to eat for the week.

Yet I see girls --my fellow co-workers who are also single mothers getting welfare help. They work a certain amount of hours a week and refuse to work any more because it would affect there welfare.

Not only that there are people in our new apartment complex who are on welfare they get help paying their rent in fact DiabeticMan and I pay the highest in the apartment complex BUT what really burns me up is the person in the apartment about ours she is on welfare has no desire to get a job gloats she is on welfare gets drunk every night and if she and her "Old Man"--who does work--aren't arguing and slamming doors they are fucking each other and we can hear it through the ceiling.

Here are DiabeticMan and I both with 40 hour jobs and we could use a little help and we can't get it but what really burns me because DiabeticMan and I can deal with the struggling but what is really REALLY pissing me off is the fact that some of my clients are really struggling for help and other can get the help without struggling and dare I say it MILKING the system.

And I know some of you are ready to slam me for saying this and will call me a troll but this is the thing really bugging.
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