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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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A question my wife just asked me and I am posing it here: How much is TV affecting our politics?

In the 1990s we had shows like Xena and Buffy and charmed with strong women leads and our country seemed to have very progressive laws and laws that help keep women independent.

Last 10 years we see shows that have women in a submissive role or secondary roles We see how women where treated in the 50s and 60s with mad men. You have shows like 19 kids and counting showing a woman who believes in the concept of being "submissive to her husband". In one of the books she has written--though one has to wonder if the "Big Man--Jim Bob--really ALLOWS her to write the books. Anyways she says a woman should be silent and look at her husband with love and adoration as he talks Make him believe that what he is saying is the most important thing.

Likewise we are now seeing laws that are basically destroying abortion rights.

Is it really life imitating art or art imitating life?

House Republicans Are Pushing A Bill That Would Force The IRS To Audit Rape Victims


House Republicans are currently advancing the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act,” or HR 7, a measure that would impose sweeping restrictions on abortion coverage that could make the procedure less affordable for Americans across the country. In addition to preventing low-income women from using their Medicaid coverage to access abortion, HR 7 could also have dramatic implications for the tax code and the private insurance market. One of its most controversial provisions could actually require the Internal Revenue Service to conduct audits of rape victims.

Why? Because HR 7 eliminates medical-expense deductions for abortion care, essentially raising taxes on the women who opt to have an abortion. Like many abortion restrictions, this provision includes an exemption for victims of rape and incest, as well as women who encounter life-threatening complications from their pregnancies. But in order to enforce those exceptions, the IRS would have to verify that the women who are claiming a medical-expense deduction for an abortion fall into one of those three categories, to ensure they’re not committing tax fraud.

My wife is livid.

Fort Lee Question: How many people lost their jobs for not getting to work on time?

Could they somehow hold the Christie administration responsible AND if they lost their jobs and where denied unemployment could they possible gain unemployment now?

Let's tie Congress' salaries to unemployment. When it is cut for people on unemployment it

gets cut for them as well.

"No good" -- wife said. "They will just have to tighten their belt straps and just just live off the millions they already have.

anyone caught this article from talking point memo.

GOP Senator: We May Block Jobless Benefits Even If We Get Amendments


A Republican senator suggested to reporters on Tuesday that the GOP may not allow an up-or-down vote on a revival of jobless benefits even if his party is able to offer amendments to the bill, as they've been pushing for.

"They're saying we have to agree -- we guarantee we pass the bill when we don't even know what's in it yet?" said Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND). "How does that work?"

Hoeven is essentially saying that Republicans reserve the right to filibuster the unemployment benefits bill in the end if their amendments fail. His remark came as he was asked about Democratic leaders' concern that even if they allow GOP amendments that pose problems for vulnerable Democratic senators, Republicans may still block a final vote on extending unemployment benefits.

My wife is pissed her new smart phone won't allow her to create ringtones for each individual

My wife got her very first smart phone this weekend. She has always used a flip phone and with the last 2 flip phones she had she has been able to assign a ring to each individual on her call list. SO by hearing the ring she had an idea if not KNEW who was calling.

My wife got a Concord T Mobile phone and to get my wife more interested in the phone our 12 year old cousin put on a Doctor Who live wallpaper which is the TARDIS spinning around and moving as you move the phone.

She also put on a bunch of ringtones Doctor Who related for my wife to pick from.

So naturally my wife is exploring the phone now BUT to give people ring tones she can't and she looked at me and said "For a 'Smartphone' it really isn't smart"

Wife bumpped into a doctor who fan who got the last copy of Day of the Doctor and he asked her

Which is your doctor. She said 10 will always be her 4 and he nodded and said " Personally 5 is my 4".

Now I like doctor who but what the heck? and do any of you have numbers like that?

I will be honest IF Christie is still held up as a seriously candidate for anything after the whole

bridge issue and with the 91 year old woman and 9 year old girl I will no longer fight my wife who is so close to giving up on the "Political/democratic Illusion" as she is now calling it.

How cold is it?

I was suppose to be at work tonight But the car wouldn't start. Left my insulated bag that holds my insulin in the car by accident went down to get it an hour later and it is frozen solid.

Never had that happen before. I have left my kit in the car on cold night BUT never had it freeze like that.

Stay warm. Please, take care of your pets.

Remember to protect yourself in this fridges temp today.

My wife was bundle in a scarf gloves hat and a heavy coat and from the time she got out of the car which finally fully heated up as she pulled into a parking lot she got out of the car and walk to the building door her fingers got frostbite through the gloves. I left her fingers and they where freezing that was AFTER I took the gloves off. They hurt her for a while but seem better.

Tomorrow is going to be worse. Just remember:


stay in doors when you can and check in.

And this is why the U.S. Government thinks it is OK for the NSA to take our fundamental rights

out to the wood-shed.

This is DiabeticMan's wife and while on Ancestry.com I saw this little advertisement.


This is how internet and social media is helping to destroy what the Founding Fathers tried to protect with the 4th amendment!

Think about it. Face book linking all your likes and dislike all your talks and friends into ONE big pile that is sold to the highest corporate bid so that they can ADVERTISE to you and your friends.

Play a game ONE time on freaking face book and the next thing all your family friends and so-call friends--those you know only through the net but yet meet--are being told you like this game they should play it with you.

We allow "harmless" companies to track how many times we buy Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel so we can get a 50 cent discount and for that 50 cents you allow your whole life to be used by data miners so that you can't go to your favorite website without seeing an advertisement for Bath and body's new sale!

Didn't a court rule a few days ago that if people allow corporations to collect data on them it's okay for the NSA to collect every phone call we make after all we have given up our privacy to group A so we might as well stuff our righteous indignation down our throats and let Government B have there way as well!

We already have corporations using local police to help them gather "Volunteer" DNA samples. Now this with Ancestry.com! So in 3 years from now when DNA is required or you go to jail will we suddenly be screaming?! Those of you who laughed at me and said I was dumb for wanting to protect my personal information when I FIRST tried to sign up for the ACA think about that when it is required that you give your DNA!

All my life (At least the last 20+ years) I was always taught Don't give out your Social Security Number to anyone -Even a person saying they are with federal government. Social Media becomes overnight rage and must do than 9/11 hit and all of a sudden people gives up privacy to show how plug in they are and how much they believe the fear mongering!

Take a step back people and really think about what we are doing to ourselves and future generations.

(I expect to be hung for this but remember these are my thoughts and not my husband's.)
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