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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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How the HELL does a city in the North East run out of Salt in January?!

In the town my wife and I live in we have a rumor flying around and even confirmed by the wife of Penn Dot employee that verifies this town has ran out of salt for the roads.

We had about 5 inches of snow come through yesterday which made life even worse due to the fact that all the salt trucks could do was basically plow the streets which didn't do much for driving or getting around in this town.

My wife canceled part of her say for fear of driving. The client she cancel just needed someone to clean there home not getting important service like getting a meal or into a wheelchair to be functional.

This morning a five minute trip took 15 minutes. The roads are terrible. The main roads have been plow clear for the most part but some areas are terrible. side roads are bad.

Some side roads and low traffic my wife didn't know side of the road ditch area and the road. She was late to get to a client's house and the daughter of the client flip-out on my wife even though in the same breath she saying the roads are bad.

Now we could have another storm come through Sunday into Monday and it is really getting me pissed that I know these roads aren't going to be ready.

WTF!!! South Carolina Democrats back bill calling for mandatory daily prayers in public schools


State lawmakers in South Carolina are pushing for legislation that would mandate prayer sessions in schools.

The bill, H. 3526, would require teachers to lead a moment of silence at the beginning of each school day, during which the teacher would be allowed to deliver a prayer. Students who didnít not want to participate would be allowed to leave the classroom.

Most of the legislationís sponsors are Democrats. It was introduced by Reps. Wendell Gilliard (D), Robert Williams (D), Joseph Jefferson (D), Carl Anderson (D), Liston Barfield (R), Bill Clyburn (D), Heather Ammons Crawford (R), Lonnie Hosey (D), Robert Ridgeway III (D), and Don Wells (R).


What the F*&$ In the past 3 years we have seen women's reproductive rights attacked more than the past 2 decades NOW we are going to Mess with the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE?

What should have been the "REAL" controversy about the whole Harris-Perry thing.

First off this whole Melissa Harris-Perry offensive comment is B.S. It was a funny comment my wife couldn't find anything wrong with the comment.

SECOND of all the more important question that should be ask is IF Romney's new Grandchild is a BOY why wasn't he dressed like all the other boys in the photo op? The boys wore Blue and White It was all the girls wearing Pink and dresses.

The little boy was wearing a pink dress.



I'm not trying to be racists in-sensitive to the LGBT community Drag Queens role models to my wife but if you have children in the step-ford like family wearing blue and white shouldn't ALL the boy regardless of age and color be dress the way as the other boys?

Those of you on in this Storm on the East coast--I hope you are all safe. My wife made a

choice of calling the office stating that after her second client she would be going home and cancelling her 3rd client. not because she is being rude but the roads are bad. Leaving her second client the car fishtailed. She also told me that a co-worker called and told her she watched as a car went sideways down one of the main roads (It is on a steep hill.) The road was closed and traffic diverted.

Rumor is that somehow our city ran out of salt and it is borrowing from Penndot. The use of salt is spare.

They are just clearing main roads and around the schools and can't keep up with that.

Stay safe.

A rant from DiabeticMan's Wife: We shouldn't be so eager to replace people with technology.

I will say for and foremost that I will admit to be a Hypocrite in that I use computers and cell phones, I will use the self-checkout at times and yes sometimes the self automated system with banking sometimes is more convenient than waiting for a human being to answer a simple question BUT something really upset me today while listening to NPR all things consider.

I guess in California the BART system has been having issues with salary with workers going on strike and some CEO of a Tech company earlier this year said something very rude like pay them what they want and work on replacing them with machines.

The interview went on to say how this guy sees how people with "menial" jobs can be replace by self serving machines and it just outrage me. Let's face it his genuine desire to free people from doing a repetitive job leave them to what? Not only that sometimes a human being can be better directions than a map and sometimes and simple hello does make a huge difference in the day.

In a world where we are so connected with Twitter, facebook, cell phones with face time etc we still need actual physical contact with one another. A simple hug or a touch of a hand does do a lot for a person. Sometimes technology is the last thing a person needs when it is a person who can't see well needs help finding the correct change.

We have a society that forgets how to be kind and take time for one another.

We don't connect like we use to and it is ashame.
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