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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 03:42 AM
Number of posts: 3,121

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Anyone see the cooking show Man Vs Child? Thoughts?

My wife started watching it and she loves it. I am having a hard time believing these kids are actually doing this without some help. My wife thinks I am wrong. It makes perfect sense with as many cooking shows it makes sense more kids are cooking at younger ages and cooking can be a completely level playing field.

Just saw an Advertisement talking about Congress screwing up 401K plans making it harder for people

to get info about their plans and harder to invest. Anyone know anything about this ad? My wife said it smelled Republican ad in nature.

Rachel Maddow Tale of the Tapes is now on.

Okay MSNBC is actually showing Hillay's speech now and earlier they showed Trump. Will Sanders next

event will they show some of his actual speech. Or only certain speeches Breaking News?

Rachel Maddow is doing a 2 night event talking about Dems to night and Rep tomorrow


One issue about the whole "election season" that really is an issue for my wife and bothering me...

The report that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump talked days before he announced.


Yes both camps have denied it since but it has been nagging both my wife and I.

I know I will be slammed by some and others will hate me bringing this up but if this report is slightly true it makes me uncomfortable.

What is more newsworthy Trump or Arsenic turning a river orange

Of course it is the Donald but in case this somehow effects the country.


The EPA on Monday expanded its response to the Animas River mining disaster, delivering bottled water in Colorado, New Mexico and Navajo Country and testing for contaminants as far as Lake Powell.

The acidic heavy metals that flooded into Cement Creek and the Animas in southwestern Colorado including arsenic, lead, copper and cadmium initially broke state water quality limits, based on data the Environmental Protection Agency has released.

Gov. John Hickenlooper declared a disaster. New Mexico is expected to declare a disaster. California officials have been calling the EPA about water supply implications. Residents along the Animas near Durango, pop. 17,000, swamped La Plata County with requests for well tests.

No wonder this country is messed up. We--as a country make Politics Reality TV. We--as a country boil important issues down to catch phrases OR don't even bother having a real conversation to resolve problem.

I am not trying to be a jerk I want to understand why BLM is targetting Bernie and Liberals.

Bernie especially has a long political career of fighting for ALL working class individuals. He was a participant in civil rights movement.

Also I've seen post where BLM state that white liberals are useless. It seems that White Liberals and other outraged whites, Latinos and Asians join their protest in Baltimore and Ferguson and other places.

maybe I am nave but I do try to support people of all races. My wife and I would like to think we are not racists but for BLM to say that we are useless to help them...

I don't know.

Could we see the true Black Lives Matter movement being hijacked?

If people remembered the Tea Party originally start out of people pissed off at the Bank Bailout THEN the GOP nuts,racists and birthers hijacked the movement.

A Packer Tradition.


Some cute pictures.
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