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A question about Emancipated minors.

A friend's step Daughter is Brilliant. She will be graduating High School next May at the age of 15 and has already been accepted into college.

Here is the debate:

She will turn 16 4 days before the start of the fall 2015 semester. She thankfully does NOT have to worry about loans or scholarships. Her late mother made sure her college was all taken care of. (if fact the girl will be able to buy a car and not have to work a job if she doesn't want to.)

The college she is going to is in a different state. BUT with luck her aunt on her father's side is in the town of the college. There is talk of her living above the garage so she would have "the College Experience" under watchful eyes.

But the debate is raging. Should they allow her to become Emancipated for reasons of being able to sign papers and being able to just be able to move away from home to have this experience. Please keep in mind this girl does have a sensible head on her shoulders.

Some in the family think it is wrong. That the family should have her go to local community college until she turn 18 and some are saying if she is emancipated she can't have anymore contact with her father.

My wife believes that is a wrong fact.

So if you had a child would you make them wait until they are 18?

Can she emancipated for certain legal reasons but still see and visit her father on holidays etc?

Conflicting stories about Nurse Hicks case?


And then this on DU:


Anyone who works for Maddow, Hayes, Stewart, Corbert Even Thomm Hartmann or anyone...PLEASE

Do a show segment Reach out to Doctors without Borders/ Past health care workers who have gone to treat ebola returned and picked up with their normal lives. Give dates and show these people have been among us and look no ebola outbreak.


Sorry Mr Stewart...sometimes I twist letters around.

I cannot believe some of these Ebola threads on this board.

I expect better from a progressive thinking forum.

We have had health care workers go to Ebola stricten countries FOR MONTHS and have come back and continued with their lives WITHOUT an Ebola Outbreak.

What happen to Mr. Duncan was gross stupidity on the part of the Dallas Hospital to cause 2 nurses to get the disease.

The CDC, WHO and other others have said this.


We are treating heroes like evil villains and let's face it without our health care workers Ebola would be WORSE and not getting as it is in those effected countries.

DAMN IT! we use to be smarter as a country. Now we see something stupid written on facebook and we take it as scientific fact.

I am done shouting. If America want to once again become the joke of the world again go for it.

I am right now in mourning for what once was this countries: Logic, knowledge and search for knowledge as well as our compassion.

Sorry edit: correct spelling.

My Sister-in-Law posted on her face book page that her daughter and her friend where told by a

police officer that they could not ride their skateboard in their development. The girls had been in front of SIL's house.

My SIL is livid.

Has anyone heard of anything like that anywhere?

Mad Men Fans Has anyone seen the DVD set to Season 7 part 1? Does it have commentary?

My wife is debating about getting it or waiting until both parts are out.

My wife was pissed that season 6 had none and she felt Weiner's commentary gave so much more "richness" to watching as she says.

so does it or doesn't it?

Ottawa shootings: No Islamic State link found


There is no evidence so far that a gunman who attacked Canada's parliament had links to Middle Eastern Islamist extremists, the government has said.

Foreign Minister John Baird told the BBC gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was "certainly radicalised", but was not on a list of high-risk individuals.


To the dismay of fear mongers, Republicans in America--who wanted to use that attack and racist haters

I wish Doctors without borders or WHO would give a total number of health care workers who have

worked in the Ebola areas. YES, I know the talking point is that 400 healthcare workers in the effected areas have gotten Ebola and 200 has unfortunately died.

BUT THOSE NUMBERS DO NOT TELL THE WHOLE STORY! It does not tell about ALL the healthcare workers who have worker there and never got ebola.

If all these facts are given I bet we would see a more detail understanding of how ebola is spread.

My wife's past employer is basically threating my wife's job with a future employer.

My wife is going through the background check for the one employer that would be a temp job however the company hit a snag with verify her employment with the one company. They have e-mailed my wife asking for documentation.

We are in the middle right now of trying to find her W-2 from the company in some of the boxes we have not had the chance to unpack yet ...(no success)

So my wife called the past employer and they where snippy with her saying they never received her hand written signature to release that information.

She told them the company never had her sign anything that all they had to do was verify the dates like they would verify with any other company.

No they won't

This is the same company who gave her all that trouble because of jury duty and basically would not give her a client to work with.

She told them that if she loses this job because of their actions she would sue them.

EDIT: this is the only issue this company is having in documenting her. There seems to be no other hiccups.

Dear DU: My wife and I DO NOT have Children yet every halloween we HAVE to hand out candy to

little people and are not compensated in return.

Do we still have to hand out candy?


(just in case some people need a laugh today,)
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