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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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This needs to get out! THIS explains EVERYTHING to your repug Friends and family so they understand

Who is going to watch the new Cosmos? Anyone know about the new host?

With the Min Wage bill being discharged how soon will we see a vote on the bill?


My wife has been working A LOT of 45 to 55 hour work week and I think she is getting frustrated with

me and the whole situation. Granted all this extra money is coming in handy for Brody and his situation BUT I think I need to do something that will make my wife realize I understand all she is doing.

I'm terrible at cleaning the house.

I can't cook to save my life.

So what do you suggest I might do as a thank you for my wife for what she has been doing.

Seoul: North Korea Fired Missiles Into Our Waters

Source: Talking Points Memo

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) South Korea says North Korea has fired four suspected short-range missiles into its eastern waters.

Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/south-korea-claims-missiles-launched-from-north

Article very short. But I thought I post.

Brody has appointment with the vet today....

He has lost a pound. Before he had the surgery he was 8.6 today he is 7.3. The vet took more blood wondering if it was a thyroid condition. His thyroid and cholesterol are both in the normal range. She suggested the high cal stuff and my wife is just going to use the syringe to get it in him. She did feel to see if any other tumors and felt none. She did say his stomach felt empty which really upset my wife since we fed him 3 hours before the appointment.

The vet also thought maybe that he might have lost the pound after the surgery because for a couple days he barely ate and a couple days he didn't eat at all. Which is understandable with the surgery he had Neck/throat.

So she wants us to give him the high cal stuff 3 times a day. My wife is insisting on keeping him on the feeding schedule.

3 cans of Fancy Feast a day. Vet said Fancy Feast is a good brand and with 3 cans he should be gaining.

So don't know how to end this post. He is active playing with the other cats and in fact he is more active than the other two Mojos we have.

We did some of the suggestions with the high cal stuff like the baby food but this little thing won't touch it.

Brody is still my wife's kitty. When she is at home he is never too far away from her. In fact last night she and I where watching TV in the bed room and Brody is in the littler "recovery bed" wife made for the surgery. She got out of bed and Brody's head lifted his eyes closed and his head followed her out the door. She goes into the bathroom and he forces his eyes open and follows her but he is so tired He just lays by the door and waits until she comes out follows her into the bedroom sits in the doorway for a few minutes making sure she isn't leaving than goes back to bed.

So any suggestions you can give to help him gain weight or what to do next let us know.

My wife is worried and she will be taking him back up for a weight check in two weeks.

SPOILER-- House of Cards /real life question:Anyone who hasn't seen the show or the 4th episode




Now those who have seen it or bothered to stay--This question was brought up by my wife. Before I begin this question or anything. I should explain--with my wife's permission. She was sexually assaulted so when we watched chapter 17/S02E04 she did find it a bit disturbing the way Clair used her assault as a way to divert from the whole abortion question.

Yes, it is fiction but with the whole Rape culture talk and just the way the abortion issue has been treated by Republicans lately. It just seem to make her uncomfortable on a little BUT hey there was a side of her that was glue to the TV and can't wait to see the undoing of the General.

Did anyone find it a little uncomfortable with it or is it just a work a fiction and get over it?

Mgybe the increase in the Min wage needs to be put in a way Repugs love the idea. If the min

wage is increase that means more money for the government to tax and collect and that gives them MORE MONEY for Pork Barrel spending so they can pretend to be against BIG Government and taxes but in reality they are at the money feeding getting the money for there pet projects.

Check in if you think Min Wage will be raised this year OR if we will see this issue disappear in 6


Now granted my wife and I are lucky to make above Min Wage. I make about $3.00 more an hour while my wife makes about $1.75 more. But even with that a raise would make things a little easier for us.

I don't want to get my hopes up. My wife is so frustrated with politics she thinks in 6 months no one will be talking about it AND it is a whole lot of noise for nothing.

Yeah, I will say my wife and I aren't going to even hope for this to happen. Are we too pessimistic? Can it actually happen? Not so much for us but those who actually are making Min wage. Yes, my wife and I would benefit but all in all it would be nice to see the right thing actually be done without the rich or politicians or lobbyists getting this done so they get something.

Terms of endearment? Are they regional cultural or habit forming?

When I was a child my uncles and my Dad would refer to my brothers and I as Big Guy. which to me isn't that strange. I wasn't big but I always looked at it as a way of saying I was growing up.

Now what I find strange is the fact that My wife's family refer to the children by titles of the people addressing them. Like her sister or cousins (the female ones) will call there children Mom, mommy, Mum. Like "What's wrong, Mom" or "aren't you feeling good, Mommy?" During our recent visit to the cousin's house her cousin's husband was feeding the young six month old daughter and he was talking to the child saying "hmmm, you like that Daddy, don't you."

It was very strange to me. But than I heard my wife refer to the kids or address the kids as Aunt.

Now I'm not sure if this is basically an Arab-christian thing but I have heard my mother-in-law tell stories about her father--who was Italian decent and he would refer to her as Dad.

Has anyone else seen or heard this type of endearment being used or is it just something in this culture thing?

I'm not trying to make fun or anything but since it is a weekend I thought I'd ask.
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