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My wife and I don't want to sound rude or anything but we want to be respectful to my grandmother's

memory and my father's mourning BUT the idea of getting the chance to move back to my home town is exciting me and my wife is really excited of getting out of the town she has been feeling trapped in for the past 6 years.

My father said the money I will inherit will give us a chance to get a house but we will have to wait a few months for the money.

Is it insensitive for us to want to start job hunting immediately?

A friend of my wife's has sent her suggestion of houses for us to consider and I think my wife found one she might have fallen in love with ( yes it will need to be fix up.)

Granted this is all new territory and I'm sure my dad and Step mom will walk us through this ( at least I am thinking)

BUT should we wait until the money clears look for the house and jobs at the same time Or is it okay to start looking now? Ideally I would like to be back in my home town and settled by the end of summer.

Is that a realistic goal or do I need to get my dead out of the clouds?

Yes, my wife and I would be property virgins. Yes, to some these might seem stupid questions but these are real and somewhat nervous steps for us.

Well, we lost a "friend" today. Not because of politics but because my wife wouldn't leave work to

take her to drop something off that she could of asked us two days earlier or even this morning. No this person waits until 1 in the afternoon while my wife is working text her and calls her twice saying she needs a ride. My wife apologized saying she was working but maybe it was wrong of my wife but did remind the friend she would drop the keys off after she was done working so she could feed the cats.

This "friend" said that meaning no disrespect she isn't going to bothered to walk down to our apartment to feed our cats since my wife can't be bothered to take her to the office to dropped off papers.

My wife said she wasn't going to risk being fired and that her job came first. The "friend" went on to insult my wife's weight and tried to guilt her into doing it by reminding my wife of all the things she helped her with.

My wife quickly counter with all the rides we gave this "friend" who really hasn't been a friend for months...unless we are wrong and calling someone only when you need a ride is a friend.

My wife is pissed off and I told her it isn't worth the effort. I do feel bad for my wife. It seems because of her generous caring heart and her wiliness to help people at all cost she seems to attract moochers than honest friends.

My wife was watching Cosmos last night and NdT was talking about comets in the Oort cloud.

She asked me to pose this question:

If the items in the Oort cloud can be pulled free and Pluto is in the Oort cloud could it be possible that Pluto might become a comet one day?

Do I try and repair my wife's relationship with her mother or just leave it.

As some of you may have read in the past my MIL and wife have had a very crazy relationship. my MIL is basically egomaniac who loves LOVES to control my wife as well as demean and disrespect her.

So as you know my Grandmother's funeral was this past week and this is what we had to deal with:

My MIL has always been on my wife's back. She has tried to control my wife since a child. If it wasn't for my wife I'd tell the Bit--Witch where to go. Well, this week we had to borrow money from my MIL to get gas in the car to get down to my family. (we had a couple unexpected bills from Brody the cat.) Anyways my MIL also needed to borrow money from us for this weekend. So Wednesday we get the money and told her on Friday we would replace the gas money and give her the loan she needed. So my wife took a half of day off Wednesday so she can pack find someone to feed our three cats ( Brody right now can only eat soft food at the moment.) and well take over for me on all things that didn't need me. I went to work Wednesday night ( I needed to keep my mind busy so I didn't lose it) I came back home loaded up the car and my wife and we went down to Washington. On our way there my MIL called not to see how we where doing but calling to make sure we would be putting the money in the account. My wife was pissed and said yes she would and than MIL yelled at my wife not to say it so that my family could hear. We had been in the car still traveling.

My wife was my support and we came back home for that night after the viewing got up got the money out of the accounts and paid a couple bills as well as put the money in MIL account.

MIL called not to see how I was holding up or anything but to make sure we where putting the money in the account and to possible ask us to go get a few things for her at the store ( her back is giving her issues) BUT we are trying to get out of the town to be with my dad and family and she thinks we have all this time. We do get her the items she wanted while we pay a couple bills that was preying on my mind than my MIL has the never to call my wife as we are leaving town to see if she could borrow $25 more. My wife was in tears all that day. She was pissed because she couldn't "get in the right mind-frame to support me and my family" she also said she wanted to be my "rock".

We don't here from MIL the WHOLE time we are down there.. No calls asking how we are holding up or anything like that BUT sat after the funeral and as we are are driving back home MIL calls asking are we in town yet? Again no question how we are doing but can we get her a loaf of bread, pack of cigs and a sandwich and a small milk shake.

We had just started out from Washington County to drive back to Lawrence county. that was basically going to be an hour and a half drive.

So we get her stuff and take it to her and she isn't happy my wife is pissed off. She like Don't get mad.

I think my wife had a right to be pissed off.

Thank you all for your kindness and sympathies last week when my grandmother past. I apologies for

not answering each and everyone but my wife and I where out of town and away from the computers to deal with my Grandmother's death. She lived in Washington County and we are in Lawrence county (both in PA) at the moment.

To make matters worse the day of my grandmother's funeral we got the news that my Step-mother's mom passed away. She and my wife worried it was going to happen.

But these past few days have changed my wife and I mind on some things and have made changes in our minds.

First off I we are seriously thinking of moving down to be near my parents and brother. Washington County seems to have more of an economic growth and better paying jobs. Also not to be cruel or bragging but I will inherit some money from my grandmother and my dad seems to think he can help us (my wife and I) to buy a home and still have enough in the bank.

So I just wanted to thank everyone again and any suggestions on the move.

My Grandmother passed at around 7:20 this evening.

I thank everyone who have put up with my posts and perhaps ramblings--as my wife calls them.

We live in Western PA. My wife wants to get her CNA since she is basically doing the job of a

CNA. She has been doing it for years working in Home health Aide and even working with Mentally challenged individuals in group homes.

She tried the RED Cross, our local hospital and community colleges and none offer the classes. Red Cross offers them in Philadelphia area only.

Someone told her just pay to take the test that she probably knows everything already and what she doesn't know she can study up online for.

My wife thinks that would be accepted by those giving the test.

No the place she works at doesn't offer courses or a way to advance --if they could keep her at $9.00 and hour they are happy--she also isn't keen on the idea of going to a nursing home because they require working for them for 6 months which if she didn't have her current job she would do BUT she thinks her current job should be considered hands on training as any nursing home.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Name the movie

Too many things in my life are spinning out and i can't control any of it. ( my grandmother is dying) so I need keep my mind busy.

Let's play a game. name movie quotes or characters and see who can name the movie.


Sebastian Haff , Jack, Nurse, Elvis

Name the movie.

Seriously: When will we see a vote passing a raise in the min wage?

In the next 3 months

In the next 6 months

Next Year?

My Grandmother is nearing the end of her journey.

My grandmother is 94 years old. She has lived a long life but she is coming to the end and I just need to talk/type ( for the Grammar minded)

She was very healthy and active until the summer of 2013 while walking in the mall for exercise with her friend she had a stroke which started a series of them. By Nov 2013 she had a serve one that we where told may cause her not to see Christmas. Well she saw the New Year but is basically blind and was slowly declining.

I went to see her earlier this past week and they had the air boots on her ( wife explained they are used to help with bed sores and keeping her in better condition) but her body is basically breaking down. She was on Oxicontin and screaming she was in pain. The doctors and social workers are meeting with my Dad Tuesday and my Grandmother has already been placed on Anti anxiety drugs and will be placed on Morphine soon.

The way I was explained though it might be in the next 2 days but after gathering info My wife said it may be a little longer probably not more than a week.

So if anyone has ever dealt with this and can give me an idea of what will happen next let me know. I am about 90 minutes away and I may sound cruel but after seeing her earlier this week I just don't want to see her like this. I don't want to remember her like this.

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