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packing for the move: My wife is obsessing about the way we pack this time... Last 2 apartments

we basically had to throw things in boxes and going. This time my wife wants to repack most of the stuff that was pack so she can catalog and organize boxes.

We have packed 22 boxes and we still feel like we are behind the 8 ball of packing.

so my wife text her sister and a friend tonight:

Anyone know of some sort of spell I can say to make all this stuff pack itself? Anyone know Sam's magic twitch or Jeannie's head bob to make this easy? Friday night fun...packing...(sigh) have to get back to work

So far she has gotten an LOL back.

My wife's sister also told her she is causing too much work for herself by cataloging. My wife feels safer because it will allow her to know where everything is since half of our stuff will be stored at my Grandmother's -now-Brother's house.

Would you do what my wife is doing or is my sister in law right...

anyone got a funny story about moving or just any type of story?

Quick Update: Wife and mine strange Odyssey.

First off my wife wanted me to thank all of you for the moral support after my grandmother die. THANK YOU!

Second of all my wife and I found a place that will allow us to keep our "babies" -- the cats with us. We actually found a one bedroom apartment that is bigger than we thought and we are staying in the apartment until we buy a house.

NOW here is the thing... to keep expenses down and all we aren't going to have internet access until we buy and move into a house. so we are now in the process of packing up the apartment we are in now and by Tuesday I will be off the board for the most part until we get a house. We can get the inheritance anytime between the end of June and winter.

I wanted to thank everyone with this thread and if anyone has advice, want to ask a question or anything use this thread to do so.

Do you think in hind sight George Washington would have never added the words "So help me God" if he

knew that SOME future generations would use this one example to "prove" we are a "christian nation"?

I over heard my wife talking to a "friend" of hers. Generally my wife and her get along but about 4 years ago she became a born again christian and every three months now she gets into it with my wife about becoming a "TRUE CHRISTIAN" and how this country needs to see "THE LIGHT" and all this junk. earlier --well last night before going to work I over heard my wife's phone conversation with her and well the friend had the never to say that we are a christian nation and it is proven because George Washington said "So help me God" at the end of the oath of office for President.

My wife insisted that Washington added those words because that was what HE PERSONALLY felt that in his heart and those words where NEVER part of the actual oath.

So after my wife got done with this call she looked at me and asked if I thought IF the founding fathers knew how religious crazy this country would become IF they would in fact have made the case stronger for separation of church and state?

Question of estate taxes/ inheritance tax

okay I had a interesting talk with 2 friends this past weekend Two friends inherited money from family members who had passed about a year ago. One said she got her money in about 3 months after the family member passed and she said the estate tax and inheritance taxes was taken from the WHOLE of the estate than the money and possessions went to the individuals. The second friend said it took a year for him to get what he was inheriting AND each family member was taxed for the value of the item.

Is it depended on the state or each estate?

Can anyone give me more insight.

Here is a thought on the whole Min wage issue.

Yes--IT came from the wife.

She and a friend had been talking about Min wage being wage and all and her friend said the whole min wage talk seems to become the political third rail of the 21st century.

My wife said at one point: we are hearing so many CEO claiming that the min wage should be raised so my wife said. "IF these CEOs are so gun ho about the min wage getting raised why don't they just raised it automatically raised the min wage in ALL their stores it would cause desire for their jobs and as a result other companies who want to keep employees would need to raise their wages.

We won't need congress to do it IF the CEOs are serious about a raise in the min wage

Mitt Romney Backs A Minimum Wage Hike


Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Friday that he believes the Republican Party ought to get on board with raising the minimum wage.

"I part company with many of the conservatives in my party on the issue of the minimum wage. I think we ought to raise it," Romney said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "Because frankly our party is all about more jobs and better pay, and I think communicating that is important to us."


What is it with the NO PET in Washington PA.

A lot has been happening since my grandmother died and after her death I had a strong desire to move back to Washington. My wife got a job lined up I go for an interview tomorrow morning BUT we are trying to find an apartment and we are running into an issue of trying to find an apartment that will accept our cats and moving in 2 to 3 weeks.

I have been getting lots of advice lots of people saying we are going this or that wrong.

My dad and step mom insisted we get a job down there first. get a temp apartment until my share of the inheritance is released than buy a house.

We have had people said why didn't they have you wait until the money was release. We have steady okay paying jobs now where we live and a semi-nice apartment ( if the neighbors didn't do some weird things.) So once the money was release we could have looked for a house we want ( I WANT TO BUY OUT RIGHT. I don't want to have a mortgage.) buy it move in get and look for jobs down there.

So needed to vent and I know it would break my wife's heart to give up the cats. I don't want to get rid of the cats.

Help anyone?
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