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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Can we be on the verge of somehow repeating a dark spot in our history.

I recently heard George Takei talking about the interment camps here in America.

Granted it may not get that far... BUT if you look at DU pages today you see a muslim being punished for doing a prayer bow in the end zone

and then this thread about a narrow minded gun range owner :


How bad is it going to get.


What is unique about Oct of this year?

My dad was telling me that something unique was happening in Oct of this year. something that won't happen for like another hundred years or something.

Anyone know what that might be?

If you had to be a natural disaster which one would you be and why?

My cousin was asked this during a job interview. She was shocked by the question but she answered a forest fire because after the destruction comes the growth.

The interviews seemed impressed with the answer saying they never heard that one as an answer and nodded.

What is the weirdest question you where asked in an interview?

I know this situation is series but I just cannot believe what my brother said to an emergency nurse

My brother does NOT take care of himself. He is a 36 year old man who has already had a mild heart attack, a diabetic -like myself, who has already had a cataract surgery and looks like a 80 year old man. He smokes and refuses to eat anything other than burgers chicken nuggets and fries. It may sound harsh but I wouldn't be surprise if he passes away in the next 5 to 15 years. I do love my brother and have tried talking to him but it does no good.

anyways He yesterday not feeling well and my mom went with him. He had low blood pressure 94/59. So she was in the emergency room when the nurse was asking the normal questions.

Nurse: " Do you Smoke.

brother: "a little..." (he smokes a lot more than he admits)

Nurse: Do you drink coffee?

brother: No, ...maybe once in a rare while... ( then he says in all sincere positive like he is doing something good for his body.) But I do try and drink 2 20 ounce Red Bull a day.

I am sure your reaction was that of the nurse and I am sure your eyes got as big as a the nurse's eyes did.

A thought my wife had: What will happen when our own version of the Taliban--Christian fundies see

a female President. If it is Hillary or some other woman becomes President. How do you think they will react seeing a woman in a "man's role" For the duggar style quiver movement who think it is a sin for a woman to wear pants how will they react to see a woman wearing jeans or shorts let alone a pant suit.

Yeah, we don't have man but it won't take much to have one of them snap.

Has anyone worked for or dealt with a company called Align Networks?

A friend of ours has an interview with the company tomorrow. She is already in a bad company and I don't want to see her go to something worse.

Issue with the Cobalt recall fix...it isn't fixed

Well, we had one of the recalled Cobalts and it finally got fixed last month but I need to take it back. My wife drives the car the most and after the replacement of the ignition switch ( and putting in a new battery because when we first took the call to deal with the issue the first dealer claimed our issue is a battery one and not a recall problem.) My wife is noticing issues.

When my wife got in the car one day about a week after the switch was replaced; she found the engine didn't turn over quickly. She didn't think that much about it she just thought it was getting use to the new key and ignition shaft. However when she got out of the car after driving a faint smell of gas in the car and when she got out it was a little more insistent but she had just gotten gas and just figure ir was the smell from that.

But the issue is getting worse. Yesterday my wife took my mom to the mall after they had been in the mall they came out and my wife had to turn the key 3 times before the engine came on and after driving my mom home who notice the gas smell in and out of the car and when she drove it back to our place my wife said the smell in and out of the car overwhelmed her.

Today she had not driven the car at all BUT when I did open the car to get a bag for her I was overwhelmed by the scent of gas.

My wife is taking it back up to the Chevy dealer tomorrow.

any suggestions other than we should have done this sooner...

ALS Ice bucket challenge--Cele edition

For a nice relaxing saturday. Amazed at some of the celebrities who took the challenge.

So how many of us would get fired if we just blew off 7 weeks of work and expected to get paid?

MSNBC said congress just recessed early.

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