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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Maybe I am being rude but there is something slightly distrubing about This Christley knows best

hosting It's a Wonderful Life on USA now...

My wife asked me and I ask this here: Instead of a provision that benefited the Big Banks WHAT IF

some member of congress had slipped wording in stating the Min wage would be raised to $10.00 an hour in 2 years time. Starting Jan 15th (Or some date) min wage would be $ 8.50 and it would increase every six months or so until it reached $10.

Would the house had pushed this threw? Would Obama call along with the VP and cabinet members "encouraging " Democrats to pass this bill?

Would they have heard the objections of the Republicans and quickly removed it?

Of course they would have. Of course those calls would have been. Take the provision out so that we can pass a budget.

Thank the Gods (which everyone you believe in)/stars ( if you don't believe in Gods) for Senators Sanders and Warren.

Please stand, place your hand on your hear and repeat the NEW pledge.

I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Corporations of America and to the "Two Party" system which stands against us. Crushing the 99% percent everyday and making citizens united stronger everyday.

Despite my best intent. My wife read and watch info about the torture memo that came out today...

Those of you may have seen where I wanted to take a break more for my wife's sanity...but right now I could use some help.

My wife's words... paraphrased for the most part:

Basically after everything she heard today she sees now why all these police are basically using such tactics and just doing what they are doing. Basically the federal government/CIA whatever however you want to view it a blueprint for state and local governments.

AND WHY?! WHY was this done? For info? for the "war on terror"? Or let's face it this all was because some freaking Frat boy who never really won either one of the elections that he ran it manage to gain control of the executive branch of this government and needed to basically take out the asshole who who made Bush the first look like an idiot. Or basically Junior needed to one up DAD!

AND yes, a lot of people are going to scream troll when I write this next part but my wife did make this point and it true fact. When Obama took office and liberals expected him to hold the previous administration for the torture we knew about (REPEAT WE KNEW ABOUT) Obama said that "He preferred to look forward and not back wards. NOW he wants to be appalled by this information?

We can't hid from this! THIS was done in the name of EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!

Now we are having protest about police who are doing basically --minor torture compare to what our federal government did--treating our own citizens the way we treated the rest of the world.

Part of me feels like it is Karma kicking us in the ass and well deserved.

People have screamed we can't fire all the police and start over.

We have a government that spends 680 BILLION on "Defense" for this country and we are paying the price for a "well, kept military... it is spilling over into our state and local governments. And before anyone screams look at the military vehicles and and weapons these local and state governments are getting there hands on.

We have basically taught anyone who is Dark skin or from a certain religion or certain region is the enemy... why are we now surprise when that teaching and training of 10 years is being used against our fellow selves.

Again everything is WAY TOO LITTLE being done WAY TOO LATE!!!

Again all this has to do with either an indirect or direct profit monetary and emotionally to certain peoples. Corporations, Uber rich and just in general those who can't even begin to see the gaps that is being caused worldly and domestically.

The two party system is a joke. Too many democrats act like republicans. Money speaks more to politicians on all three levels than humanity, and citizenship does.

Look at this past election and Koch brothers and koch like groups and people giving to local candidates in hopes that can ( and basically did) get foot holds into small local as well as state and federal.

We are extremely shit up a creek.

My wife basically said she doesn't believe or trust anything anymore.

She asked me to apologize to any non-Americans on this board for America's actions on the torture front.

She also says we as Americans must take responsibility for what has been done in our name as a country.

I think my wife and I will be taking a break for a week or two.

Except for The Laugh out Loud cat-toons which my wife looks forward too EVERY Sunday.

I think we need to put some distance from us and politics and well news in general. my wife is showing signs of depression though she may not realize it yet.

Some of you may feel we are running but have had a bad year.

Yes my wife's jury duty ended at the beginning of the year but that 18 month process really shook her belief in her fellow man to begin with.

I had two grandmother's pass away as well as a step grandmother.

we lost 2 cats

My mother had a bad issue--thought it was a stroke but she hit her head on the faust of the tub and was on blood thinners... ended up having bleeding on the brain and well ended up staying in ICU (fully alerted) for a week.

Than my brother almost died. He is home now and making a slow recovery but it will be a full one.

I think all of this has overwhelmed my wife who look at the constitution as her bible and the bill of rights as her 10 commandments.

Yes, she knows the founding fathers where flawed but they did aspire to something noble when creating this country that she sees being destroyed with Corporate greed, destruction of the middle class, the fear-mongering patriot act and just the whole events since Zimmerman, Ferguson, NY...

She needs time to heal... she is my liberal thought process. I grew up in a republican home and she has shown me a lot. I am not nearly as liberal as she but I learned from her.

Feeling overwhelmed by everything that is happening.

Well, you know what has been happening. Cops getting away with murder. Politicians being their normal selves pretending to care for the average person when in reality they listen the corporations and uber rich.

My wife is feeling this a whole of a hell lot more than I am BUT I am just about to cross the line and joining her.

She is to the point where she has given up. She is tired of the "fight" she is calling it quit and saying police state, corporations and uber rich have won.

She knew three different police officers growing up and all three where arrogant ego manics who there badges to get what they wanted and treated people like crap.

Not to mention she had finished her federal Grand jury duty and became even more disillusioned with justice and her fellow man kind. Her fellow jurors just let the ADAs or whatever they called themselves sway them. There was no "REAL" discussion it was like a freaking rubber stamp. She tried but her voice got drowned out by the 20 others.

We have police departments being run like they are private armies.

We have politicians making pretty speeches and doing very little things that is far too late.

We haven't seen a min wage hike in about 13 years.

and that is the tip of my wife's frustration as well as mine.

Brick roads. What is the history and areas they are found.

Here at least- in Western PA you come across a road that is made of bricks or had been brick at one time and they paved over them. My questions:

Did bricks roads exsist where you live?

Anyone know why Brick was used?

Does anyone know if a brick road is still maintained?

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

My wife watched it. She liked it.

She liked the way it poked fun of itself, the whole Grumpy success and lifetime itself.

She enjoy looking at grumpy for most of the movie (had Jim Henson made double at times.)

THanks everyone for letting me vent the last few posts. Sorry I haven't been around enough to answer or thank everyone in person...we are grateful for the support.

Anyone dare to say they watched it... or found it more enjoyable than some of the other season movie offerings?

Could I ask for good vibes more for my wife.

It has been wild year for my wife and I.

My grandmother (94 and in failing health ) passed away and that same week. My Step-mom's mother passed away (she was 90 I believe). My wife was trying to be a rock for me and as helpful as she could be to my family.

My grandmother left us money and we got our condo. (we own it outright --THanks Grandma)

My wife took a brave step moving away from her mother's home town (we are only an hour away from her mother--who didn't want us to go).

We lost one cat Brody after moving down and before moving to our home.
This cat was my wife's shadow. Constantly following my wife or laying next to her.

My mother thought she might have had a stroke and my wife stayed with her in Pittsburgh since my boss wouldn't let me off. She ended up having a minor injury but because she was on aspirin routine because of past strokes she basically had bleeding on the head. ( she had hit her head on the tub as she was rinsing her hair.)

My brother ended up having emergency surgery and again my wife was there to help my brother who eventually just didn't want anyone because he was so bad (He is making a full recovery... he is home and getting better.)

Then my mother's mom passed away.

Now this morning we had to rush another cat to the vet just to put him down.

I just want this year to end. I am afraid my wife is going to come to me one day and say she wants to move back because all this place has been is a bunch of sadness.

We had to put Snowy the Cat down today.

He seemed okay. Last night it was like he was trying to cough up a fur ball with that noise he makes but this morning he wasn't breathing right. He was gasping for breath. so we rushed him up and vet took an x-ray.

He was filled with fluid. in his lungs and between his ribs an body wall.
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