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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Aren't Boehner's words treason

“our closest and most important ally in the fight against President Obama.”

NEVERMIND: the link I got this from is broken. The news agency must have realized it was satire. MY BAD>

Breaking News on Lawrence O'Donnell show.

Turn it on... Commercial now

Hillary Clinton might have violated law as Sec of State

Update on my wife.

It has been a rough two weeks for my wife.

She made me make sure she was up when I got home because she couldn't find her appointment card for the doctor. She called and found out it was today at 10 am.

The doctor up her dose to 100 mg of Zoloft. What I didn't know until she told the doctor was that she doesn't want to think. She sits on the couch and the TV is on and she is surfing the laptop BUT she says anything that takes concentration is hard for her to do. She says she just doesn't want to think.

She did work a couple days this past week and she is looking for another job. She told me she is forcing herself to do that because she is afraid that if she doesn't go to work soon she is going to get worse.

Her mom and my Step mom in Law told her ( they both don't know how bad her depression is) that she can collect unemployment and she can take sometime to relax. I am sure they mean well and don't want her to be a bum of some sort ( not like my one brother who quit his job and hasn't worked in 3 months.) but they tell her if she wants to wait until the weather improves there is nothing wrong with that.

Because she lost employment she hasn't been able to see her counselor. We have to pay out of pocket and well we need to place money into paying bills.

My wife is also making the effort to write the weekly letter to our neighbors in the condo assoc. but no one has responded. This week is looking online to find info on the benefits of pet ownership. but the way she is feeling she ends up staring at the floor or wall. She is getting distracted easily.

The think is we don't know how to ask the Doctor about helping us with getting a script for an emotional support animal.

Some good news: My wife's blood pressure averages about 120/70.

Help me understand: How often in our history has another Head of State Addressed our Congress?

How big of a deal is it that Netenyau (SP?) is doing it tomorrow. AND if this is the first time what step bought this into being?

My wife's favorite remix of this speech.

Had too much bad happening this week. She finds this uplifting so I post here in case someone here needs some hope.

Disney Princesses Depicted As Acid Attack Survivors Reflect Global Fight Against Atrocity



Seriously, How does Zimmerman keep getting away?


In July 2005, when he was 21, Zimmerman was arrested after shoving an undercover alcohol-control agent while a friend of Zimmerman's was being arrested for underage drinking. The officer alleged that Zimmerman had said, "I don't care who you are," followed by a profanity, and had refused to leave the area after the officer had shown their badge.[25] The charges were subsequently dropped when Zimmerman entered a pre-trial diversion program that included anger-management classes.[3][26] Also in 2005, Zimmerman's ex-fiancée filed a restraining order against him, alleging domestic violence. Zimmerman requested a reciprocal restraining order. Both orders were granted.[3][27] These incidents were raised by prosecutors at Zimmerman's initial bond hearing. The judge described them as "run of the mill."[28][29]

On September 9, 2013, in Lake Mary, Florida, police responded to a 911 call by Zimmerman's estranged wife, who reported that Zimmerman had threatened her and her father with a gun and had punched her father in the face. Zimmerman was briefly detained and questioned by police.[30] No gun was found at the scene. Police took a broken iPad from the scene for examination of a video recording of the incident to determine whether to press charges against either Zimmerman or his wife.[31] His wife declined to press charges, later expressing regret about her decision.[32] After determining that the iPad video could not be recovered, the Lake Mary police department announced they would not be pressing charges against Zimmerman, his wife, or her father.[33]

On November 18, 2013, Zimmerman's girlfriend called the police alleging that after she had asked Zimmerman to leave her home, he had pointed a shotgun at her and begun breaking her belongings.[34] The police reported that Zimmerman had barricaded himself inside the apartment before they had made their way inside and arrested him.[35] He was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon – a felony – as well as domestic violence battery and criminal mischief.[36][37] On December 6, Zimmerman's girlfriend asked that the charges against Zimmerman be dropped and that the restraining order barring him from seeing her be lifted, after which prosecutors said that they would no longer be pursuing a case against him.[38][39]

On Tuesday September 9, 2014, George Zimmerman was named by police in a road rage incident where he reportedly threatened and followed another driver.[40] Zimmerman reportedly responded aggressively when he noticed another driver pointing at him. According to the other driver Zimmerman said "Do you know who I am?" before saying, "I'll (expletive) kill you." Zimmerman allegedly followed the other driver to a parking lot while the driver called 911, but he fled before the police arrived.[41] The other driver declined to press charges.

On January 9, 2015, Zimmerman was arrested by Lake Murray police and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon after allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his ex-girlfriend.[42] He was released on bond the following day.[43] The charges from the wine bottle incident were later dropped after the complainant recanted her story

Now he will not be charged Federal hate crime. This is scary.

Well my wife knew it was coming she got laid off in a sense today

She is with a staffing agency and working for a company on a temp bases but it was suppose to be a 6 month deal. The company wasn't doing the volume it had expected and wife was basically reading books a HUGE chunks during her hours at work. So she knew it would happen but she still has this look in her face. This isn't going to help with her depression and anxiety.

Any suggestions? She is of course looking and has been but I just am worried about her sinking deeper if that makes sense.

anyone having issues getting onto Facebook,yahooo or youtube?

It seems our computer is giving us issue. It tells us those sites have been compromised and gives us the do not enter symbol.

The sign that corporate America is feeling the pinch of the vise that has squeezed the middle class.


Walmart increased wages.
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