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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Mark Fiore Blame the Flag


I can't post the video but Mark was basically saying we can't stop now that the flag has been taken down.

Maybe a tinfoil hat theory. BUT if that TPP part about privitized sections being stuck privatitzed.

Remember a few years back some counties privatized their fire department?

Some counties and towns have talked about privatizing police departments/sheriff departments because taxes aren't able to pay for these services.

IF this part of the TPP is true and says once you privatize a public service you can't change it back to a public service you would basically have a legal thug gang that could be worse than the police abuse issues now.

Imagine your city privatizing your police department and now instead of Taxes you have to pay a monthly service charge. Imagine if that service charge is broken into our regular service, our gold service ( for a little more money) and Platium service (more money) now imagine you have regular service and your neighbor who has a grudge against you has the best service and decides you are making too much noise or doesn't like you are having a birthday party in your back yard and they basically call this privatize police department. ....

Stupid question What exactly did Taylor Swift do that people are praising her.

I have heard some people talking about it but I don't know what she did that some liberal talk show host are talking about her.

Is it true that the TPP has a passage stating that once something goes private like a prison or

utility it can't be un-privatized.

I saw it from a wikileak leak of what the TPP entailed. I can't find the info.

Adopted Woman Raised as Black Finds Out at Age 70 That Her Birth Parents Were White


Verda Byrd spent the past seven decades of her life as a black woman, but at age 70, she discovered a shocking family secret her parents took to their grave that she's recently made peace with -- she was born white.

Byrd, now 72, was adopted as a baby in 1943 by her black parents, who never told her that her biological parents were actually white, she said, explaining that she only uncovered the truth in 2013 about her birth after she went on a search for her biological parents' history.

"It was overwhelming," she told ABC News today. "You cannot erase 70 years of your life and just accept what the papers say instantly. It's like 70 years pass by, and in a blink of an eye, youíre a different race."

President Obama just proved my point.

A few days ago I posted this:


All anyone is talking about is that he used the n-word BUT no one is talking about the content behind it.

I stated in the post that political correctness is harming our ability to get at the root of racism, sexism and so on. We need to get past these kneejerk reactions and whining it was used but not the history and content on the words

We will never overcome this issue.

Yes it is fiction but when we look at the facts of our history ...

And yet Wayne Le Pierre wants to blame the victim mentality.

It isn't about what made racism acceptable again- It is the fact that WE NEVER handle racism


We placed several band-aides on the issue. The worse being Political Correctness. Now this issue is basically killing our country much like a gangrene finger has caused the patient his/her life. Even now IF I don't put His/Her I am considered sexist! This country needs to have a an adult conversation and face the facts BUT that is NEVER going to happen given the fact that some of our political leaders can't grow up enough to actual say. YES this is a racial terroristic attack. You had politicians yapping that it was an attack on Christianity because it happen in a church THIS being said despite the Attacker TOLD his victims it was because of race.

Political correctness rules will never allow us to have the true talk we need to have because this country is so afraid of words. Case in point: we still can't say Fuck on TV. LOOK at England. Heck watch BBC. Look how often words are bleeped out yet in England it is not bleeped out at all.

Just last month my post about the figure skaters with the title some of the girls on DU might like this got alerted. Even when I referred to the two major pains in my neck who is making my wife's life hell because they won't allow the rules to be change to let pets in the condo we own. I referred to them by a name George Carlin used often in his stand-up comedy and people where up in arms.

IF we can't use words because it hurts people feelings YOU are NEVER really going to see us defeat racism in this country. The true conversation is going to get ugly and no one wants to be ugly they want happiness and rainbow and sunshine. We just put those bad feelings words and whatnot in a box. WAKE UP THE BOX IS BREAKING!!!!

Our racism problem shows how far from great America is. You want America to be Great you defeat racism and screw political correctness.

Now I expect this post to be locked because peoples feelings are hurt.

Update: Just wanted those to are interested. My wife found a job. She found work that will allow

her to learn and advance. She got her Notary and I am hoping this will help her.

The two that live down from us tried to make me convince my wife to "play by the rules" whatever that means since my wife won't clean the house or do anything unless I am home. I told them I support my wife desire for a pet. I told them I look forward to bring up request for another vote on the issue when the condo association finally has a meeting. I reminded them that PA title 68 and their own by-laws requires at least ONE meeting a year and in fact my wife and I are coming up on a year of ownership.

That seemed to make the two down below us quiet. I have not seen nor heard from them. My Step mother seems to believe that if --once I am able to get my wife on my insurance in July and am able to talk to her doctor about a payment plan I will seek the Doctor's help in getting that paper allowing her to have a pet for therapeutic reasoning.

IF the two down stairs do make a fuss and fight the note from the doctor my step-mother will get an attorney to help us. She also said to us. These people in the two condo buildings are all old. They can't live forever and we are at least 30 to 40 years younger. it is only a matter of time.

In other words my father and step mother want us to stay and fight.

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