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Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington
Current location: Tacoma
Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 14,353

Journal Archives

My ballot just arrived in the mail today

and I am looking forward to voting for Jeff Merkley - our awesome progressive senator from Oregon. Sadly, our representative to the house is the odious Greg Walden, but our part of Southern Oregon is lumped with the entire eastern half of the state. I won't vote for Walden, but he has a pretty safe seat. GOTV People!

Who needs a good chuckle from TBogg today?

And even better, this is at the expense of those creepy people with 19 kids and counting..... I'm sorry. Just, EEEW!


Meghan McCain Nails It!

When asked about the Alaska Bimbo's new pay-to-play cable "news" channel:


She said, "I've had all the Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime."

Jack Trammell Needs Our Help

The Democratic Party has decided not to spend much money or effort in VA-07 even with Eric Cantor gone. It's a solidly (gerrymandered) Red district(56%), but with a strong GOTV effort, maybe this Brat guy can be defeated. He lied about going to Princeton (he attended Princeton Seminary) and he couldn't answer Chuck Todd's questions this morning about Minimum Wage and Syria. But if Jack Trammell is to have a chance, we need to send him $5 and help out wherever we can.

I'm so glad to see that asshole Cantor out of Congress!

"Most Homophobes are secretly gay.

However, most arachnophobes are not secretly spiders."

Tweet I spotted on Daily Kos this morning.

Love it!

A Real Obamacare Success!

My friend Carolyn is a self employed baker in her 50s with ZERO health insurance. She has been complaining about having to enroll in the ACA, saying she couldn't afford it. She has looked at the plans on the Cover Oregon website (a problem in itself!) and had no success. Finally, yesterday she realized that she can get good coverage for very little money. She was so excited. The point here is that Obamacare is making people investigate health insurance who didn't think they could afford it - and then they are finding out that they can! A big win for all of us, especially Carolyn.

Chris Christie GW Bridge - redacted emails?

Anybody else wondering whose name was redacted on the email chain regarding the GW Bridge closures in September?

Was it Chris Christie who said "Is it wrong that I'm smiling?" If the Bully in Chief's Deputy and others' emails were left intact, what would be the purpose of redacting any name unless it pointed a finger directly to the top of the food chain?

Just wondering.
Posted by leftieNanner | Wed Jan 8, 2014, 03:57 PM (3 replies)

Minimum Wage Laws Now!

Current minimum wages are not acceptable. We need to raise them significantly. In the past, minimum wage increases have gotten people to the polls and have passed overwhelmingly. We can only take back the House in 2014 with massive Dem voter turnout. How can we get minimum wage issues on the ballot in 50 states? Any ideas?
Posted by leftieNanner | Thu Mar 7, 2013, 01:28 PM (0 replies)

If John Kerry is confirmed to SOS,

Barney Frank is in the running to be named interim Senator to take his place! Wouldn't that just fry the Repugs Butts!!! I've decided that the End Of The World Mayan calendar thing is actually just the end of the reign of the haters and the liars. It's a new dawn for progressives!
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