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Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington
Current location: Tacoma
Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 08:24 PM
Number of posts: 14,330

Journal Archives

Tony Bennett concert

Anybody watching? He is still so cool! 95 years old. Still a jazz master. I'm not a Lady Gaga fan, but he is wonderful!

Arbery's Killers Question

Does anyone know if the three of them were sent to jail after the trial?

Or were they allowed to go home prior to sentencing and pending appeal?

Had my very own Covidiot encounter today

Went down to Subway to grab sandwiches to take into the park for lunch. It's been rainy and cold for the past few weeks - today it's glorious!

Anyway, as I was leaving (properly masked of course) a woman came to the door with two huge dogs. She called out to the woman behind the counter -

"I called your corporate office and they said it was OK for me to bring my dogs in."

These were definitely not service dogs.

The Subway worker told her no. No dogs on the premises.

She stood there in the doorway (unmasked) as I was trying to leave and she gestured for me to pass by her. I stepped back and told her I wanted to maintain 6 feet distance between us. She snarled at me, but backed away. I explained that I have to be careful because I'm medically fragile (only a small fib there).

As I walked down the stairs to the car, she yelled at me that Covid is a hoax and it's all fake.

But tying up her dogs to the railing, she insisted that she still wanted to get a sandwich.


I feel sorry for the dogs.
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