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Indonesian newlyweds fried and ate alleged rapist's genitals

The couple had married in September and the husband found out on the wedding night that his wife was no longer a virgin.

She then said she had been raped one week before the marriage.

Police said Mr Effendi, 30, asked his 20-year-old wife to arrange a meeting with the man she accused of raping her.

He stabbed the man to death and cut off his genitals before setting the car on fire.

He said that he fried the severed genitals and ate them to cure his heartache over the rape.

Police said the couple could be charged with premeditated murder, which carries a maximum death penalty.


interesting to see mass media coverage of a bomb attack on a non-European country...

raise your hand if you think:
cnn will have non-stop coverage.
facebook users will change their profile picture to a Tunisian flag
news media will have a "Tunisian attack" on the bottom of their screen along with their non-stop coverage.

yes, I know this is "only" 12 people and I know they are security guards, so perhaps not considered 'civilians'

but the main difference is that in America, some lives are worth more than others.
Arab life is worth less.
plain and simple

maybe I should start a mantra "arab lives matter"

"Apparent suicide attack on Tunisian presidential guard bus kills 12"

"A bomb exploded on a bus packed with Tunisian presidential guards in the capital Tunis on Tuesday, killing at least 12 people in an attack one source said was probably the work of a suicide bomber.

Ambulances rushed wounded from the scene and security forces closed off streets around Mohamed V Avenue, one of the main streets in Tunis, before the president declared a curfew in the city and imposed a state of emergency nationwide.

It was the third major attack in Tunisia this year, after an Islamist militant killed 38 foreigners at a beach hotel in the resort of Sousse in June, and gunmen killed 21 tourists at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in March. Islamic State claimed both those attacks.

Why we need MORE guns, not less

See, if the 7-year old here had had a gun, how much better would things have turned out..

A seven-year-old boy and his parents were shot dead inside their Ohio home by a man who police said lived across the street.
All the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds, the Associated Press reported.
Three officers fired their weapons at {shooter, Kirk} and he was hit multiple times, the Dispatch reported.
Kirk, who police said was “a neighbor who knew his murder victims,” was taken to Mount Carmel West, where he died.
The neighbor was once considered a friend of the family, John Anderson's brother, Jason Lozier, told the Associated Press.
Kirk had previously been over the Anderson home and shared meals, but had been in some kind of argument in the past couple of months with John Anderson, Lozier said.

"My brother never really took it seriously. It was nothing ever serious," told the AP.

A motive for the triple murder was not immediately clear.


Sigh... he couldn't just slash their tires?

is there some significance to what looks like a fly some people have crawling at the bottom of post?


Warriors demolish Lakers, become first team in NBA history to open season 16-0

woo-hoo sports fans!

"The Warriors pulverized the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, scoring a 111-77 victory that improved them to 16-0, displacing the 1948-49 Washington Capitols and the 1993-94 Houston Rockets to take sole possession of the record for the best start to a season in NBA history."


Sly and the Family Stone Co-Founder Cynthia Robinson Dead at 69

Cynthia Robinson, a founding member for Sly and the Family Stone who played trumpet, has died after a battle with cancer. The musician's Facebook page and Billboard confirmed the news Tuesday. She was 69.

The trumpeter was best known for her joyous melodies and inspired vocals and ad-libs on songs like "Dance to the Music" and "I Want to Take You Higher." She commanded listeners to "get up and dance to the music" at the beginning of the former song and sang "hey, hey, hey" background vocals on the latter.


so sad that this full of life voice is stilled...

edited to add:
"When not playing with the Family Stone, Robinson played in Graham's Graham Central Station and worked with George Clinton and Prince. She was inducted into the 1993 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside her Family Stone bandmates."

wow. did not know this. I wish I could learn these things while the person was still alive.

Prominent Israeli settler runs over 16-year-old girl, then shoots her dead

BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 22 Nov – A prominent Israeli settler ran over a 16-year-old Palestinian girl and then shot her dead [on Sunday], saying that he believed she intended to carry out a stabbing attack at Huwarra checkpoint in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus, Israeli media reported.

The Palestinian military liaison office identified the teenager as Ashraqat Taha Ahmad Qatanani from Nablus, and said they had notified her family of their daughter’s death. Israeli news site Ynet identified the man who ran over and shot Qatanani as Gershon Mesika, the former head of the “Samaria regional council,” which represents Israel’s illegal settlements in the northern West Bank.

After running the girl over with his car and landing in a ditch, Mesika reportedly got out of his car and opened fire on the girl, alongside Israeli forces who also opened fire, Israeli media reported. An Israeli army spokesperson did not immediately respond when asked for comment. No Israelis were reported injured in the alleged attack. - S


Walmart Is Working with the FBI and Lockheed Martin to Spy on Striking Workers

A bombshell report has been released, documenting how Walmart, with help from Lockheed Martin and the FBI, spied on its workers and those who were organizing protests against them.

Furthermore, more than 1,000 pages of emails, reports, testimony, and other documents were collected during discovery for a National Labor Relations Board hearing into allegations of unlawful termination and retaliation against workers who were striking and organizing. The documents span from 2013 to January of 2015, when the hearing took place and testimony was given.

Below is a breakdown of the major players and takeaways from the report and lawsuit.


Three in Custody After Five Shot at Minneapolis Protest

Source: Wall st Journal

Updated Nov. 24, 2015 7:34 p.m. ET
Minneapolis police had three men in custody Tuesday in connection with the shooting of five people who were protesting the killing of a black man by police this month.

The department said police arrested a 23-year-old white male. Two additional white men ages 21 years old and 26 years old turned themselves in and are being questioned. None of those shot late Monday night suffered life-threatening injuries, police said.

A 32-year-old Hispanic man who had been questioned by police regarding the shootings was released after it was determined he was not at the shooting scene Monday night.

Read more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/five-people-shot-at-minneapolis-protest-no-fatalities-1448356831

Chicago cop expected to be indicted for murder in killing of unarmed Black teen Laquan McDonald

via Democracy Now.org today

This would be the FIRST Chicago police officer indicted for first-degree murder for an on-duty killing.

Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times.

As the speakers on DemNow say:
yes, this is a good first step-
but the whole year since his murder on Oct 20, 2014, has been filled with false narratives, and attempts to suppress evidence by the authorities.

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