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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 08:14 AM
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Nuclear emergency at plant in Gujarat, India

An emergency was declared within the nuclear plant at Kakrapar in Gujarat, India, after a major heavy water leak in a nuclear reactor. No worker has been exposed to radiation, according to the officials. The heavy water leak affected the reactor’s cooling system which can pose an extremely serious security risk if the emergency cooling systems do not kick in an event like this, the rising temperature can cause the core of the reactor can melt down completely.

Although nuclear energy accounts for only two per cent of India’s energy needs the current government hopes to push it to 25% by 2025. When such lapses in the security of the nuclear facility can occur despite maintaining rigorous standards, the Indian government should think twice before increasing the nuclear energy capacity of a country that does not prioritize highly the safety of the poor population or the environment that they live in.


What's going on in Republican-run state legislatures is just as terrifying as the GOP pres. race

"After Thursday night’s Republican debate, where candidates competed to see who was most eager to commit war crimes, it’s understandable to be very afraid of the dark place Republicans want to take this country. Unfortunately, the news is even worse than that. While the nation’s eyes are riveted to the national stage, Republicans continue the multi-decade project of turning our nation into a right-wing wasteland by focusing their efforts where they can have the most impact with the least attention: state legislatures."


trump and St. Louis- what makes St. Louis a different city

interesting article by a white progressive about St Louis, one of the most segregated cities in America,

about two cities actually-

The St. Louis region has been decimated over the last few decades by deindustrialization, bad trade deals, and a declining standard of living. Take my family as one example. In the early 1980’s my father, an uncle, and a grandfather all worked at Combustion Engineering in North St. Louis. The closure of that plant hit our family like a natural disaster.

When I looked at the middle-aged men in the crowd I thought of my father. He grew up near Ferguson in the industrial northern suburbs of St. Louis. The first handful of African-American students entered Riverview Gardens High School as he was graduating. The school now is virtually 100 percent African-American. After growing up with white privilege in a unionized blue-collar area of segregated St. Louis County, he entered an increasingly diverse workforce.

Racial tensions flared up at factories across St. Louis triggered by union elections and a thousand other incidents. During this same time, public schools were integrating and older white working-class communities such as Ferguson were undergoing massive demographic changes.

Then the factories and companies closed. First it was the small ones, companies you’ve never heard of. Then bigger ones like TWA, Ford and Chrysler. The companies that managed to stay open significantly cut back the number of employees—like McDonnell-Dougglas after being bought by Boeing. More recently, after decades of job losses and wage-stagnation, the housing crisis came and further exacerbated the economic downturn. It’s been followed by a heroin epidemic that has hit the St. Louis area particularly hard.

Life in America is supposed to improve from generation to generation. That’s the narrative we’re raised with. But instead of that bright American future, many St. Louisans have been left broke and short on answers in the most dangerous city in America.

Many St. Louisans have been left broke and short on answers in the most dangerous city in America.
In this former Jim Crow city—still one of the most segregated in America—African-Americans have often found themselves the scapegoat for every imaginable ill in the region. For decades, people of color have been disproportionately impacted by the deterioration of this town. And then, in the summer of 2014, an unarmed black teenager named Mike Brown was shot and killed by a police officer named Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and a movement was born.

While people around the world have been inspired by the resistance they saw in Ferguson and the commitment to justice displayed by protesters, many white St. Louisans felt differently. Rather than seeing a movement for justice in the streets, many locals instead saw the last vestiges of the white-dominated social order being ripped away. The local response was ugly. It tore apart friendships and even families.

Enter Donald Trump. Here is a candidate promising to return jobs to America, get tough on China, bomb the shit out of ISIS, round up undocumented immigrants and build the Great Wall of America. Plus he cusses like just like us! No wonder his message is music to the ears of the disgruntled white population of St. Louis. It speaks to their hearts and stokes their demons in a way that progressives wish Bernie Sanders would reach their better angels.

That’s the Trump welcome party. But there is another St. Louis—one whose African-American population erupted in protest after the police killings of Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell, and Vonderrit Myers. It’s a city with a rapidly growing Latino population. It’s a city that has become a hub for Muslim refugees, including the largest Bosnian community in America.

These two cities came together face to face on Market Street while Trump spoke inside. Pushing, shoving, shouts, and name-calling ensued. The two populations are incompatible. The future Trump fans see as championed by their fearless leader doesn’t include those who don’t look like them, love like them, pray like them or even live like them.


Turkish government 'blocks Twitter and Facebook' as part of alleged media ban following Ankara blast

-- Totally outrageous:

"A court order was allegedly given to restrict social media access after images of the bombing were shared online."

At first, I thot the govt had actually shut down these platforms, but as I understand the article, - the govt issued a ban, so it cannot stop these outlets from sharing info, but it can prosecute them for doing so.

good article about trump

"The G.O.P. establishment may be in a state of meltdown, but this process of exploiting the darkest American undercurrents began with Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy and, more lately, has included the birther movement and the Obama Derangement Syndrome. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who compete hard for the most extreme positions in conservatism, decry the viciousness and the vacuousness of Trump, but they started out by deferring to him––and now they ape his vulgarity in a last-ditch effort to keep pace. Insults. Bigotry. Nationally televised assurances of adequate genital dimensions. This is the political moment in which we live. The Republican Party, having spent years courting the basest impulses in American political culture, now sees the writing on the wall. It reads “Donald Trump,” in very big letters."


happy International working women's day to you

I die, as I have lived, a free spirit, an Anarchist, owing no allegiance to rulers, heavenly or earthly.

- Voltairine de Cleyre, 1866 - 1912

"Anarchists know that a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society, hence they do not believe in vote begging, nor political campaigns, but rather in the development of self-thinking individuals."
- Lucy Parsons, 1853 - 1942
Orator, labor organizer, anarchist

Brooklyn Witches Are Doing Their Part to Defeat Donald Trump By Casting Hexes on Him

As the saying goes, there’s always strength in numbers, so Yeni’s friends contributed an array of spells for ol’ Trump. The magical menu included a hex to silence him, another to protect people of color from his evil and one that would make him mourn the loss of his infamous comb-over. That’s right—a hair loss curse.

Though Yeni says not everyone who worked on the video believes in the supernatural, they all wholeheartedly believe that Trump and the rest of the GOP are garbage. “Even if the hexes don’t work, the video shows Mexicans that they’ve got plenty of good people on their side,” Yeni explained.


Protester disrupts VW at motor show to remind of scandal

A protester, who was identified by The Telegraph as comedian Simon Brodkin, crashed VW’s press conference at the Geneva Motor Show to remind everyone that the automaker installed illegal software in its turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to meet U.S. standards during regulatory testing.

Brodkin, dressed in VW-branded coveralls, interrupted VW passenger car board member Juergen Stackmann as he presented the company’s electric Up! city car. Brodkin walked onto stage holding a box emblazoned with the words “cheat box” on it. “Excuse me, I have the new cheat box,” he says. Turning to the audience, Brodkin theatrically walks over to VW’s Up! vehicle on stage and says “No one’s going to find out about this one.”

“It doesn’t need a repair, it’s a perfect car,” Stackmann says in response. As the security guards roll onto the stage (rather casually) the comedian refers to the VW CEO and says, “Mr. Müller says it’s okay as long as no one finds out.” As he’s being escorted off stage, he once more turns to the crowd and says, “Just keep it quiet this time and it will be okay.” He then turns to Stackmann, and says, “Did you not get the memo?”


it looks as of now like it will be Hilary vs trump

it still blows my mind that this fascist is garnering so much support.

altho I am no fan of hilary, I hope that if this is the line-up- that people will vote dem in such numbers as to crush trump --
altho I am not very optimistic.
but that is my hope.

somebody tell me pls - about the Secret Service ejecting people from trump rallies

I heard on Democracy Now just now TWO incidents where the Secret Service at the request of d.dumptrump., ejected people. Including a group of young Black people who were standing silently.
Aren't the Secret Service employees of the Federal Govt?
how do they become goons for trump?
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