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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 08:14 AM
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I Studied Oregon’s Militia Movement. Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know


"Patriot’ groups are a spinoff cult of white supremacists.

While the news of the Bundy gang forcefully taking over a federal building in Oregon may come as a surprise to some, the occupation is part of a larger pattern for those who have studied far-right political movements. Here are five points that provide a greater context for why this is happening, who the occupiers are, and who actually supports their radical viewpoints.


The Age of Stupid: Intrepid Teaching in a World on Speed

At its most elemental, human learning can be in the service of these two modes, and one, the money code, has in our time captured the lion’s share of human motivational resources, intelligence and energy. But our learning capacities also can be impelled by compassion and desire to alleviate the suffering of all creatures. The just learning society does not just happen. It must be intentionally designed.

Many theorists of our postmodern time of discontent have pointed out that we live more and more in virtual, simulated worlds that bombard us with endless entertainment and propaganda for commodities. As a result, we are often deeply disconnected from the sources of our lives, and can easily imagine that we are the center of the world, accessible at the tap of a key. We can also press the button releasing bombs without being able to even consider what awaits the poor folks below.


Why Sanders Will Not be the Democratic Nominee, No Matter What Happens in the Primaries

It’s possible Sanders could win a majority of the primaries. But he still won’t be the Democratic nominee. The Democratic Party will never allow it.

See, the Democratic National Convention, where the Democratic nominee will be decided, is under no obligation to assign delegates to the winners of primary states. In fact, the rules don’t even specify that the primary results be taken into account when deciding on the nominee.

You may remember this from the last time Clinton ran for president in 2008. The Clintons made noise about a floor fight to wrest the nomination away from upstart Barack Obama, who had a plurality of delegates.

The Clinton team pointed out to the media through back channels that although Obama had won more primaries, it didn’t really matter in the end. Hillary Clinton could still be nominated without winning.

Clinton decided against that floor fight. Obama went on to become president.

This year, Clinton’s lead in superdelegates is already insurmountable. Sanders doesn’t have a chance.


The Bundy Militia Raid on Burns: What the Media Left Out

Ammond Bundy’s false narrative should be exposed. He is the son of a rancher that grazes on your public lands: at a reduced cost. He has avoided paying his fees. I am older: I call those types….dead beats or true welfare queens. They are not patriots: they are acting like thugs and bringing in outside influences who don’t give a damn about Oregon.

The Bundy crew is being manipulated by powerful interests who want to privatize public lands. This is not new. In the 1970s: it was called the Sagebrush Rebellion. In the 1990s: the Wise Use Movement. These are efforts by mining, timber, grazing, oil and gas interests to privatize your public lands.

4 Our public lands are crucial for wildlife, purifying water and air, providing recreation and tourist dollars for local economies. Know this: more and more extraction is occurring ON OUR PUBLIC lands. Time to stop this.

5 The false narrative here is that big, bad government types are trying to stir up trouble. In reality: from Ted Cruz to powerful extractive industries: they are desperately seeking ways to give these lands, our lands: back to the states. Then: let the extraction begin with sales of our prized lands to the highest bidder.


Oregon Was Founded As A Racist Utopia

When Oregon was granted statehood in 1859, it was the only state in the Union admitted with a constitution that forbade black people from living, working, or owning property there. It was illegal for black people even to move to the state until 1926. Oregon's founding is part of the forgotten history of racism in the American west.


another group I didn't know existed on DU

who the f*ck would put an atheist group under "religion and spirituality"?!

I have just read a great book by Sam Harris, entitled Waking Up: Spirituality without religion. He strips religious dogma from meditation practices, and as a meditator, I find it very useful.

The Jewish Diaspora Must Stand with Israeli Leftists

Currently, Israeli leftists are under assault from all corners of Israeli society. These attacks are coming both from government leaders and from individuals in Israeli society. It appears that the assault against leftists in Israel is at the very worst since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

The difference, however, between the time of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and now is that when Rabin was murdered the people who incited such violence were not in the governing coalition. Right now the group of people who incited such violence through their hateful rhetoric are in power. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a key critic of the Oslo accords whose hateful rhetoric led to the poisonous environment in Israel leading up to Rabin’s death, is now the prime minister. Even worse, the far right wing MK Ayelet Shaked, infamous for her call to genocide against Palestinians during the 2014 Gaza war, is now the justice minister of Israel.

Now Shaked, who is arguably a fascist, seeks to pass legislation which would persecute left-wing NGOs. It would do this by requiring NGO’s with 50% or more funding from foreign governments to disclose their donations, say they are funded by foreign entities in their documents, wear special badges while at the Knesset,etc. This is unacceptable, for its exemption of donations from private entities means that it largely exempts right wing organizations and thus is attacking the left. Making people where special identification simply because they are different is eerily reminiscent of when Jewish individuals were forced to wear Yellow Stars of David in Nazi Germany simply because they were Jews. While it isn’t as egregious–for this is just in the Knesset–it is still an unacceptable breach of democratic values.


California: Son Shoots and Kills Father Who Killed 3 People on New Year’s Eve

ROWLAND HEIGHTS, Calif. — Los Angeles County authorities say a man shot and killed his wife and two others in his home on New Year’s Eve before his son wrestled the gun away and fatally shot him.

The Sheriff’s Department said Friday that the other two victims killed were the son’s girlfriend who also lives at the house in Rowland Heights and a man who was visiting.

Father of victim killed by shooter said gunman had over 100 guns in house

Sheriff’s officials say the father had been drinking heavily and was somehow set off by an argument with his son’s girlfriend over the washing machine.


Racists trying to out-do each other. Warning: disgusting content

Racist White People March in Brownface at New Years Parade and Mock Black Lives Matter

In one of the blackest cities in the country, white people are trying to convince us all that Philadelphia’s minstrelsy-thick Mummers Parade is not racist by dressing in every color painted face they can get away with and verbally bullying #BlackLivesMatter protesters with insults and mudslinging rife with “the N word.” The racist backlash comes in response to the planned Philly Coalition for REAL Justice rally scheduled at the same time as the parade underway as of Friday morning. So far, three rally participants have been arrested, including two of its organizers.

Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade isn’t just vilely racist, it’s also misogynistic, too. “Wenches” have long been a comical element of the parade, almost always played by men.


The GOP’s nipple ban: The war on women gets personal — and even more hateful — in New Hampshire

The Republican war on women is mostly focused on trying to control what women do with the parts below the belt, but in New Hampshire, that urge to put conservative men in charge of lady bodies has drifted upwards, focusing on the nipple. Republican men in the state legislature, clearly having nothing better to do with their time than worry about what strangers do with their boobies, recently proposed a bill banning women from having exposed nipples in public.

As reported by Mark Stern at Slate, this bit of government overreach annoyed Democratic state legislator Amanda Bouldin, who took to Facebook on Tuesday to express said annoyance.

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