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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 09:14 AM
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Can you recall the name of this movie?

The name is not an English word-- something like Katsmata, but not that.
It has - if I recall - no words, but scenes, ex of great traffic jams, of things speeding along, of civilizations' follies, something like a world gone mad. It seems very appropriate to me now, and I cannot recall the name.
It would have been made at least 20 years ago - maybe more.

"How Long have we been in the Anthropocene?"

Discussing human effects on the earth; impact of agriculture at different times in different regions.

"Not everyone is sure that today’s industrialized, globalized societies will be around long enough to define a new geological epoch. Perhaps we are just a flash in the pan—an event—rather than a long, enduring epoch.

Others debate the utility of picking a single thin line in Earth’s geological record to mark the start of human impacts in the geological record. Maybe the Anthropocene began at different times in different parts of the world. For example, the first instances of agriculture emerged at different places at different times and resulted in huge impacts on the environment, through land clearing, habitat losses, extinctions, erosion, and carbon emissions, forever changing the global climate."

"We asked over 1,300 archaeologists from around the world to contribute their knowledge on how ancient people used the land in 146 regions spanning all continents except Antarctica from 10,000 years ago right up to 1850. More than 250 responded, representing the largest expert archaeology crowdsourcing project ever undertaken, though some prior projects have worked with amateur contributions."


What are you seeing emerge from winter dormancy?

I live in New Jersey.
On my walks the last couple of days I notice that the finer branches of trees and shrubs are turning brown, becoming alive, after the winter dormancy.

I am wondering if this is not very early. I have seen this in mid-February.
Also some shoots in my garden - snow flowers maybe.
We have not in NJ had an unusually warm winter. We had one day of 57 but that happens occasionally. Generally it's been usual temps, 30's to 40's.

so as an early harbinger of Spring, I am over-joyed with these events.
But if it is an indication of our weather system being topsy-turvey due to climate change, then I am not so happy about it.

What do you think?
What do you see where you are?

R Kelly - predator?

I recently saw the documentary on R Kelly, in which he is accused of sexually abusing young Black women.
Someone on the documentary said, "If these had been young Caucasian women, the whole world would be talking about it."
I think this is true.
There is not a lot of attention paid to R Kelly even tho these accusation have been made for decades. And one compares this to when the Harvey Weinstein and other cases emerged-- there was practically 24 hour/7 day coverage of it.

I find this very disturbing. (I am white). Tarana Burke who helped to create the metoo movement, says it is part of society devaluing Black life, esp. female.
And part of the idea that somehow Black females are never innocent.

I have been speaking to people about this, and find that most people I know have never heard of R. Kelly. But I believe he is (or was) very popular in the Black community.

Would appreciate your thoughts..


How to remove signature in yahoo- pls help!

I have tried. Directions do not work. I have tried it in classic yahoo and in "new" yahoo.
When I go to "settings", then click on "account info" I do not have a signature option. I cannot find a signature option anywhere.
I started all this- wanting to add a signature, and I ended up with a signature I had a long time ago.
it's not a bad signature "Give me a gun.., give me a bank" you know it.

I just don't want it.


Gender Egalitarianism Made Us Human: The 'Feminist Turn' In Human Origins

(excerpt) Most influential in the turn around from a male-only perspective on human evolution has been the grandmother hypothesis. This stemmed from observation of women’s work among the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania, particularly of older women’s regular daily contributions, in contrast to the relatively uncertain production of big-game hunters. This interdisciplinary model drew on detailed Pleistocene archaeological contexts and life history theory to present two major challenges to ‘man the hunter’ orthodoxy. First, it questioned that the earliest investment in hominin offspring by someone other than the mother came from males, proposing intergenerational alliances of related females initially. Secondly, it challenged patrilocal residence or male philopatry as a default for hominins – that is the assumption that males lived with their relatives, previously accepted as homologous with great apes. There has been a significant research effort dedicated subsequently to discovering grandmother effects in terms of child survival and maternal fitness across a wide range of societies.


What about the Kaepernick Nike ad?

When I heard there was big controversy, I thot the controversy was from people who detest Nike for enslaving their workers, etc...
And I asked myself - would I criticize Kaepernick, is he "selling out"?
And I argued back, he needs the $, he's been blackballed, and plus, Big Plus - he is bring his resistance to oppression to a HUGE audience.
So I went back and forth, and I thot that's what the much-talked-about controversy on social media was about.

!! come to find out-- no.
In fact, right-wingers are burning their $200. Nikes to protest Kaepernick.
That's the controversy - that Nike is selling their product using Kaepernick, no controversy about Nike's plantation model tho.....

a revelation about being retired.

I have been retired almost 10 years.
I never realized until now how much I had missed:
taking on a task, being nervous about accomplishing it, and mastering the task, and being good at it, and feeling proud, and having other people acknowledge me.

(I guess that happens in retirement, too, but for me, most of the tasks I take on are fairly tedious - like buy a new bra, lol - and usually affect only me. )

I recently volunteered with my local immigrant advocacy agency to teach a class in English as a Second Language (which is one of the tings I did as a worker). Then - I volunteered to coordinate tutors and match tutors to students.
Which turned out to be more complicated and more time-consuming than I had anticipated.
There were times I regretted taking it on, and felt stressed.

But last night I sent my updated report on the tutors to the directors, and even before I received their big thanks -- they are wonderful about acknowledging people --
I felt the glow of a job accomplished and done well.
I felt/feel proud of myself - in a way I haven't since I was a worker. I know my work is important, the students are recent immigrants, and if a student falls through the cracks they might not learn English.

For me, it's new knowledge about myself.
Anyone else experience this?
Something you've done in retirement that you feel proud of?

Craig Unger uncovers ties between trump, Michael Cohen and Russian mafia.

it's a fascinating book.
how trump laundered $ for the Russian mob thru his vast real estate network.
just one example.

also can hear an interview with him here:

Could this racism be a result of a disintegrating mind?

Or am I making excuses....
This friend I've known for some 15 years, only in recent years we have become closer.
She is 85 (I am 70) and a strong leftist, so I have always considered her.
So she considers herself.

Twice lately she has made a comment which I consider racist.
When I mentioned a restaurant, where I would ask about a job for refugees, she said "But they have a lot of Jews there". (She is not Jewish, I am.)
When someone was asking about a particular apartment complex, she said "There are a lot of Jews living there."
When I confronted her she said, she meant a lot of Orthodox Jews. And her rationale was "don't you like to live among people like you?"
I was very disturbed, but let it go.
After the 2nd remark, i know I have to talk to her. I feel very offended and would even if I weren't Jewish.
The reason I wonder about her mental adeptness is bec. she herself has told me on many occasions that she feels she isn't as smart, as 'mentally fit' as she once was.
or maybe she always was racist and it never emerged.
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