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ellenrr's Journal
ellenrr's Journal
November 29, 2016

trump's bizarre ties to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

If you haven't heard of Alex Jones, his website Infowars is required reading for conspiracy theorists of all stripes, from the 911 truthers to the people who think the San Bernadino shootings and Sandy Hook killings never happened to the claim that Obama is a Muslim.

Jones' claims often are trumpeted by trump the next day, and picked up by the media, but the media rarely notes the connection.

The latest is trump's claim that barring "3 million votes by illegal immigrants for Hillary" he would have won in a "landslide".
All the main steam media point out that there is zero evidence for the claim.

but what they don't point out, is that trump's story follows a story in Alex Jones' Infowars, headlined: “Report: Three Million Votes In Presidential Election Cast By Illegal Aliens,”

from the article in Media Matters:

"Trump adopting a conspiracy from Jones and Infowars is not out of the ordinary. The relationship between the politician and the conspiracy theorist has flourished for months.
Trump appeared on Jones’ radio/internet show in December of 2015 and praised him for his “amazing” reputation. Trump’s informal adviser, Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone, has been a regular contributor to Jones’ radio program for months and the two have made joint appearances at pro-Trump events.

In an October speech attacking “global financial powers” while using anti-Semitic tropes and dog whistles, Trump was parroting an argument that Jones has used for years.

After Jones said Trump should begin complaining the election was “rigged,” Trump began making similar complaints on the campaign trail.

When Trump alleged that President Obama was “the founder of ISIS,” he was echoing Jones, whose website once wrote that “the Obama administration has been backing ISIS since the beginning.”

After Trump delivered his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Jones saw so much of his rhetoric included that he bragged on his radio show that Trump was “totally synced” with him and his conspiratorial world view. Following Trump’s victory, Jones claimed that Trump called him to “thank” Jones’ audience and promised to appear on his show in the near future.

This latest outburst shows that the two men remain in sync, and it’s time for the media to let the public know who is pulling the next president’s strings."


and from Mother Jones:
"Trump himself has used the site's (Alex Jones') work to bolster way-out claims, including his references to Clinton's alleged poor health and his false assertion that "thousands and thousands" of American Muslims were celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey. Trump appeared on Jones' internet-based talk show in December 2015 and told him, "Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down." Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and a conspiracy theorist who claims LBJ killed JFK, has often appeared on Infowars, and he held joint events with Jones at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July. At that convention, Jones had "special guest" credentials."


This is kinda like the So Korean Pres. and her swami girlfriend, except worse!
November 29, 2016

since the hack, and my new password-all but 4 of my posts are gone.

anyway I can reclaim them?


November 1, 2016

Fishmonger's gruesome death sparks protests in Morocco

(being compared to the death of the Tunisian vendor which set off that uprising)

Outraged Moroccan students in the northern city of Al-Hoceima boycotted schools on Monday and took to the streets in new protests over the gruesome death of a fishmonger, who was crushed to death inside a garbage truck in the city.

Mouhcine Fikri, 31, was crushed to death in the truck on Friday, as he reportedly tried to protest against a municipal worker seizing and destroying his wares.

An image of his inert body - head and arm sticking out from under the lorry's crushing mechanism - went viral on social media, sparking protests in more than 20 cities nationwide over the weekend, including in the capital Rabat.

Footage online showed thousands of people following the yellow ambulance that carried Fikri's body through Al-Hoceima in the ethnically Berber Rif region on Sunday.


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