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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 09:14 AM
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How to remove signature in yahoo- pls help!

I have tried. Directions do not work. I have tried it in classic yahoo and in "new" yahoo.
When I go to "settings", then click on "account info" I do not have a signature option. I cannot find a signature option anywhere.
I started all this- wanting to add a signature, and I ended up with a signature I had a long time ago.
it's not a bad signature "Give me a gun.., give me a bank" you know it.

I just don't want it.


Gender Egalitarianism Made Us Human: The 'Feminist Turn' In Human Origins

(excerpt) Most influential in the turn around from a male-only perspective on human evolution has been the grandmother hypothesis. This stemmed from observation of women’s work among the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania, particularly of older women’s regular daily contributions, in contrast to the relatively uncertain production of big-game hunters. This interdisciplinary model drew on detailed Pleistocene archaeological contexts and life history theory to present two major challenges to ‘man the hunter’ orthodoxy. First, it questioned that the earliest investment in hominin offspring by someone other than the mother came from males, proposing intergenerational alliances of related females initially. Secondly, it challenged patrilocal residence or male philopatry as a default for hominins – that is the assumption that males lived with their relatives, previously accepted as homologous with great apes. There has been a significant research effort dedicated subsequently to discovering grandmother effects in terms of child survival and maternal fitness across a wide range of societies.

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