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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 09:14 AM
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Craig Unger uncovers ties between trump, Michael Cohen and Russian mafia.

it's a fascinating book.
how trump laundered $ for the Russian mob thru his vast real estate network.
just one example.

also can hear an interview with him here:

Could this racism be a result of a disintegrating mind?

Or am I making excuses....
This friend I've known for some 15 years, only in recent years we have become closer.
She is 85 (I am 70) and a strong leftist, so I have always considered her.
So she considers herself.

Twice lately she has made a comment which I consider racist.
When I mentioned a restaurant, where I would ask about a job for refugees, she said "But they have a lot of Jews there". (She is not Jewish, I am.)
When someone was asking about a particular apartment complex, she said "There are a lot of Jews living there."
When I confronted her she said, she meant a lot of Orthodox Jews. And her rationale was "don't you like to live among people like you?"
I was very disturbed, but let it go.
After the 2nd remark, i know I have to talk to her. I feel very offended and would even if I weren't Jewish.
The reason I wonder about her mental adeptness is bec. she herself has told me on many occasions that she feels she isn't as smart, as 'mentally fit' as she once was.
or maybe she always was racist and it never emerged.

Do you ever wonder if: you really like to be alone.. OR you do not have the "right" person or

persons to be with?

I know what I miss is being with that "right" person.
But since I do not have that person, I would rather be alone than be with people who I do not relate to.
Or more that I do not relate to what they talk about, or what they are interested in.

so many people seem to find trivialities fascinating.
I am just not interested in Jane Fonda's (long time ago) bulemia.

Why to NOT recommend Lyft

A lot of liberals are big on Lyft offering rides to vote.
Do what you think is right, but bear in mind:
Lyft and Uber and other stars of the "Gig economy" are anti-union, no benefits, no retirement, no autonomy for workers.
They want all the workforce to be like mcdonald's and walmart.
Is that really what you support?

see also:

What do you think about the new technology?

I was just posting on another thread about the usefulness of GPS, which certainly there have been times I wish I had it.
But I also enjoy reading a map, and I like asking people for directions.

If I don't have a map, nor a GPS, I MUST interact with a human being.
Seems to me a lot of the new technology is so we do not have to interact with a human being.

Like self check-out at supermarket.
Yes, sometimes I am in a hurry, and I am glad to get out quicker.
But most of the time I prefer to have some conversation - however brief - with a human being.
A lot of time, being in the "human cashier" line, I also enjoy the conversations of the people in line, and of the people ahead of me with the cashier.
Yes, I admit, sometimes I get impatient, and wish they would hurry up.
But more often I enjoy observing the interaction, esp. those times when the cashier is particularly kind and patient with a customer.

One thing I really hate about 'smart' phones is:
If I wonder aloud, 'wonder if it will rain later?', some person will pull out their phone and tell me.
I find that annoying.

What are others' thoughts?

suggest cheap cell phone service for a low income senior

I have had the Obama phone, free phone service for a couple of years. Free is good, but when they drive you crazy, it is not free. Now due to them, not me, I have to re-apply and I am going to be without service. Just as the weather turns wonderful and I will be taking road trips.

questions- I am looking into Consumer cellular, which seems relatively inexpensive.
Anyone with experience with this?
Any other suggestions?
Why isn't there a non-profit which can provide cellular service? It is so essential.

If I get consumer cellular can I use a phone I have?

Can I use them just for a month or two while I try to get back on to free phone?
Or do I get penalized?

(Of course by getting consumer cellular, free phone will probably refuse me service.)


Six arrested at ICE protest?

I found this from 9:45 pm, last night, but can't find this report anywhere else, and am not familiar with "gizmodo" source.
Does anyone have a known source for this story?

"Coinciding with a national “we won’t be complicit” day of action aimed against US Immigrations Customs and Enforcement (ICE) approximately 100 protesters gathered in Midtown to pressure tech companies, which in recently months have drawn criticism for providing infrastructural support to the agency.

Beginning around 5:30 outside Microsoft’s offices across from the Port Authority, demonstrators from Science For the People, and Movimiento Cosecha NYC, as well as the Rude Mechanical Orchestra marching band weaved their way through Midtown, chanting over brass and drums. The planned stops were the headquarters for Salesforce, and an Amazon Books location on 35th Street. (Bonus: Salesforce’s 6th Ave. corporate tower is located beside a Whole Foods, which Amazon owns.)"

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