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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 09:14 AM
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What are you seeing emerge from winter dormancy?

I live in New Jersey.
On my walks the last couple of days I notice that the finer branches of trees and shrubs are turning brown, becoming alive, after the winter dormancy.

I am wondering if this is not very early. I have seen this in mid-February.
Also some shoots in my garden - snow flowers maybe.
We have not in NJ had an unusually warm winter. We had one day of 57 but that happens occasionally. Generally it's been usual temps, 30's to 40's.

so as an early harbinger of Spring, I am over-joyed with these events.
But if it is an indication of our weather system being topsy-turvey due to climate change, then I am not so happy about it.

What do you think?
What do you see where you are?

R Kelly - predator?

I recently saw the documentary on R Kelly, in which he is accused of sexually abusing young Black women.
Someone on the documentary said, "If these had been young Caucasian women, the whole world would be talking about it."
I think this is true.
There is not a lot of attention paid to R Kelly even tho these accusation have been made for decades. And one compares this to when the Harvey Weinstein and other cases emerged-- there was practically 24 hour/7 day coverage of it.

I find this very disturbing. (I am white). Tarana Burke who helped to create the metoo movement, says it is part of society devaluing Black life, esp. female.
And part of the idea that somehow Black females are never innocent.

I have been speaking to people about this, and find that most people I know have never heard of R. Kelly. But I believe he is (or was) very popular in the Black community.

Would appreciate your thoughts..

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