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Ari Melber Says What Barr's Latest Memo Admits -- It's Over

Crooks and Liars report and commentary:
The main thing to remember is that Biden has exceptional leads in the states still outstanding. Even if the GOP could gin up a few hundred cases of voter fraud, it would not change the outcome of the election. So everyone needs to breathe and not let the chaos agent President* continue to make us all panic.


"When William Barr is focused on covering himself more than fighting for Trump, you know it's really over."


It's not as tedious to learn as it might seem. It's always better to have this info and not need it than to need it and not have it. I'm seeing this stuff in Florida right now. Please take this seriously.

No doubt this enhanced police state tech treatment of white people ensures their pacification, while turned off tech before Black Americans covers up their murder.

White Americans might consider being 24/7 available (unpaid, as reparations) escorts for unarmed Black Americans.

Because Nazis, Trumpers and uniformed white supremacists are still around, doin' their dirt while they stand back and stand by.


Doing is instructive and helpful in changing minds in and of itself.
Talking doesn't help their thinking.
But doing does.

While they run their mouths, Democrats run government well.
It's what Democrats do.
And Americans know that Democrats have actually done a lot for this country before the talkers were even born. Those who conned, believed, talked themselves into a no-evidence "reality by consensus" cult, threatened, blackmailed, lied, argued before courts, their media noise -- all
do-nothing talk.

Americans appreciate and vote for doers.
We don't have to talk anymore. We've won all the arguments.

Biden knows this.
Biden does with dignity, and for the dignity of others, no matter who.
Dignity is the Democratic Party brand.
Democrats Do Dignity.


Know Thy Enemy Before 2024

I highly recommend that everyone read this pre-election, 11-page Nov 2 New Yorker article by Nicholas Lemann. "The After Party," examines Trump/Republican Party history, and which features and ideas might form the basis for its newly revised messaging and players by 2024. Discussed are Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley (Remnant scenario), Tucker Carlson, Pence, Pompeo, Nikki Haley (Restoration scenario), Marco Rubio (Reversalist scenario), who gets special attention, along with Jamie Dimon and Jerry Nadler.


Let me know if you still hit a paywall under my signed in account, and I'll copy/paste the whole thing.

The second half (after a Trump/Republican review) is the most informative part, so if you're short on time, begin here:

Donald Trump is far too bizarre to be precisely replicable as a model for the generic Republican of the future. That raises the question of where the Republican Party will go after he leaves office. The jockeying for the 2024 Republican nomination is already well under way. Did Trumpís ascension represent a significant change in the Partyís orientation, and, if so, will the change be temporary or lasting?

Among the Republicans I spoke to, some of whom will vote for Trump and some of whom wonít, there are three competing predictions about the future of the Party over the coming years. Letís call them the Remnant, Restoration, and Reversal scenarios.

Lemann is at least a starting point in our knowing who we'll be up against when Trump doesn't dominate.

Numbers Update and How Participatory Our Democracy Is

The AP Number update nationwide: https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=electoral+votes+by+state+so+far&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Biden = 50.8%

Trump = 47.5%

(Difference = 4,896,622 so far)

Total votes = 147,758,270 out of the ...

Total registered voters as of Nov 3 2020 = 213,799,467

Total voting age population (minus 74 mil minors and 10 mil immigrants = 246,000,000 (census)
Total population = 330,000,000 (census)

The real question is what percentage the Biden and Trump votes are a percentage OF -- the total vote, one can assume.

Later, when we want to talk about how representative the vote percentage is of America, we'd have to define that part of America a bit more clearly. In which case, all these numbers might or might not help explain how participatory our democracy is.


Dance it out, bitches! For the children!

Anybody else sleep like a baby last night?

The Great Bell Chant

True, we're not at the end of suffering.
But to hear this is a preview, a peace break, until we get there.

VP-Elect Kamala Harris & President-Elect Joe Biden Speak In Delaware

Speeches start: 27:55

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