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Anyone know where we stand with Senate wins? And which states we could still win?

I only know of Hickenlooper and Kelly so far. Can't we get to at least 50??

I'm Having A Relaxing Day Thanks to Drunken Irishman

I and the Drunken Irishman will see y'all tomorrow.

We can meet up at the Big Turning Point off Nativist-Insular Road full of militia/conspiracyzombie roadblocks, then walk together toward the 13 Justice Way, which merges into the on-ramp of Rule of Law Equality Highway.

As we drive our vehicles in our multiple lanes onto the Clean Energy/Science/Tech Interstate, which eventually merges us onto the Global/Interspatial Superfreeway built for generational takeoff, you might ask, "Where are we headed?"

Then we'll suddenly laugh in unison and say, "To a better world!"

My happy happy joy joy theme song today:






Start 5:40


"You can only make a change if you check that damn box"

Trumper Threat Update -- In TX It's the Trump Train. In GA It's American Wolf.


From Robyn Pennacchia at Wonkette:

Democrats in Floyd County, Georgia, canceled a planned rally for Joe Biden on Sunday due to reports that a large Trump-supporting militia was also going to be in the area because of Trump's planned visit to the area. They decided it was probably best to stay home and not risk anyone getting murdered by someone in a Trump-supporting militia. This is probably for the best, because pretty much the whole reason militias exist is to hurt people. It's not like they get together and make lovely quilts...

Trump supporters also caused traffic problems this weekend in various other states, particularly New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Arizona, with one of them allegedly shooting at a counter-protester in Virginia.


Peter Diaz, self-appointed "peacekeeper" out of the Pacific Northwest, and founder of “American Wolf,” mobilizes roving groups of often-armed civilians who've surged into public view around the country, since August 2019, bringing the threat of lethal force to local politics, wherever they decide to intimidate Democratic rallies.

On the occasion of my birthday, I want to thank the whole Democratic Underground

for being my safe house and the greatest site on the Internet.

DU, every single day, has saved my sanity, heart and spirit through the last four horrible, terrible, no good, very bad, downright harmful years.

I want to thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm feeling so grateful here and just wanted you to know.

"We Go Where They Go." A valuable read from this week's New Yorker about Antifa and

their fascist enemies in the Northwest, Patriot Prayer, begun by Joey Gibson, and Proud Boys, begun by Gavin McInnes (from England, Canada, and founder of Vice Media). The article also introduces PopMob, founded by Effie Baum, allies of Antifa who promote "everyday antifascism" as a complement to front-line combatants.

This article is valuable because it can background inform us of armed drama that Trump might foment in the next two and a half months, whether he loses or wins.

Read the entire article by Luke Mogelson: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/11/02/trump-antifa-movement-portland?fbclid=IwAR0Sibkh_2CwQIs0RsAFoPlOEGQ9dWyJ2S9yCLDSmxyZdbHHZVAhUNpoZH4

...Shane Burley, a Portland native and the author of “Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It” (2017), told me that many Americans recoil from such modern incarnations of no-platforming because “it has been extended to people who aren’t consensus Nazis—people who not everybody agrees deserve to be hit.” But Burley argues that antifascists are hardly to blame for this: “It’s the Trump effect. Nazi rallies have merged with the Republican base, and now they’re in the same space together.” ...

Such merging is common... in the Pacific Northwest. During the lead-up to the 2016 election, Joey Gibson, a thirty-six-year-old house-flipper in Vancouver, Washington, founded the Christian pro-Trump movement Patriot Prayer. A former high-school football coach, Gibson has an athletic build often accentuated by T-shirts that display his many tattoos, including one of a Spartan helmet and the words “warriors for freedom.” In a recent phone interview, he told me that he started Patriot Prayer because he felt that his political values had become taboo. He wanted to venture into “the hardest cities to voice your opinion in as a conservative”: places like Berkeley, San Francisco, and—just across the Columbia River from Vancouver—Portland. Gibson carefully avoids endorsing violence or espousing racism; his mother is Japanese, and Patriot Prayer has attracted some people of color.

But it has also attracted white supremacists and members of known hate groups. According to Rose City Antifa, which has identified dozens of these individuals at Patriot Prayer events, and published evidence of their allegiances online—from screenshots of racist Facebook screeds to photographs of swastika patches—Gibson offers neo-Nazis cover and provides them with a fertile recruiting ground. Another member of Rose City Antifa, who goes by Ace, said, “The umbrella is broad enough to encompass a huge portion of the reactionary radical right, up to and including neo-Nazis, and that’s why these rallies become such incredible spaces for radicalization.” ...

Around the time that Gibson launched Patriot Prayer, Gavin McInnes, a co-founder of Vice Media, created the Proud Boys, in New York. McInnes has called the Proud Boys a “gang” of “Western chauvinists”; the F.B.I. classifies it as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.” A former Proud Boy organized the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville—and called the woman who was killed there “a fat, disgusting Communist.” The Proud Boys have been banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but their account on Parler—a social network catering to conservatives—has nearly seventy thousand followers. Unlike Gibson, McInnes has openly celebrated violence against the left. In 2016, when a handful of Patriot Prayer supporters formed a Vancouver chapter of the Proud Boys, they became the muscle at Gibson’s events...

Obama and Biden Rally In Detroit, MI -- Everything Is On The Line

I never tire of these stump speeches.

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