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Midday Music for Millennials

Groove Is in the Heart

Given electability issues re male candidates, which female candidate would be the best party nominee

Midday Music for Millennials

I've Waited Long Enough. Corruption Equals Corporate Capture. Elizabeth Warren HAS A Plan For That.

I don't like that one of the two candidates with clean donor bases is underfunded, so I donated $500 to the Elizabeth Warren campaign. I hope I'm not too late. I hope others haven't waited like I did.

When her AI asked why I donated, I texted:

1. You're the rightest of all our right candidates: Corruption = corporate capture.

America needs you more than it knows. You can SELL how a nation of laws is better for Americans than a nation of men. You're a constitutional lawyer.

2. You've impacted more people with the nuts and bolts CFPB (consumer financial protection bureau) than any other of our great candidates' records of public service, honorable as they are. You're a bankruptcy expert.

3. A Harvard professor is nothing on Wall St. But business insiders and Wall St. sweat over your nomination, and they will take YOUR calls.

4. You're dependably Democrat because you have a clean donor base, like my old #1 favorite, Gov. Jay Inslee.

5. 52% of this country, women, need Warren -- YOU -- in the West Wing. Women need a leader who sees women's leadership.

6. I've read a couple of your "plans for that," so I know that when you say "I've got a plan for that," I can trust that you're two clicks beyond laying out "ideas," and you can explain how to budget for them.

7. You have out-evolved Joe, Mike, and other Democratic candidates who might believe they've never had to evolve.

8. Most in the corporate world don't trust you. Yet you can convince the wealthy and their tools, that when they set aside austerity and poverty economics to stabilize climate, and the death deals of lawlessness, that the world for children will stabilize the future for all of us.

9. I want to help you dress to look more presidential. You've been convincing enough in your comfortable look with crowds. It's time that you look more the way most Americans want to see their leader, and not like a local campaigner. Time to style tweak that great hair, the outer jackets, upgrade the great color choices with quality.

10. You need Spanish speakers and black leaders to join you for more demographic voter outreach. Use Julian Castro more; he wants to help; welcome Millennial bands at rallies.

Above all, keep hammering away at corruption.


Midday Music for Millennials

Congress and Its Class War Structural Press On The Poor

It's about the deep wrong of corporate captured government's "guidelines" on poverty assistance.

AOC's response is heartfelt but inadequate. She calls this woman's testimony a "story."

It's not. It's reality. For over 40 million.

Non-Voters -- Cartoon Version

If Hillary wasn't good enough, and 20 Democratic candidates aren't good enough, there is NO "good enough." There is only the "perfect being the enemy of the good" and "lesser of two evils BS."

Zuckerberg: Regulate Big Tech

Reuters reports that Zuckerberg said Facebook is already employing 35,000 people to review online content and implement security measures.

Those teams and Facebook's automated technology currently suspend more than 1 million fake accounts each day, he said, adding that 'the vast majority are detected within minutes of signing up.


The question to me is, why ask now to be regulated by right leaning autocratic governments?
Big Tech regulation is fine, except when it's by
a) corporate fascists
b) corporate-captured government.

Some fun context stats.

Iran Has Been Targeting VPN Servers to Plant Backdoors -- The Larger Context of Our Election Problem

I post this for information purposes, and to show the background problem for broader areas of our nation; that our election vulnerabilities exist among a broader context of others. If any DU'er can shed more light on any terms used in the second diagram, the new learnings would be appreciated.

Cyberwar has always been out there, but this report shows how big it now is from just one state.

What I'm wondering is
-- who sets up all the equipment and hacker expertise in Iran, and
-- who ultimately benefits.
They could just as likely as not be the same people or states.


According to a report from Israeli cyber-security firm ClearSky, Iranian hackers have targeted companies "from the IT, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Government, and Security sectors." The report comes to dispel the notion that Iranian hackers are not sophisticated, and less talented than their Russian, Chinese, or North Korean counterparts. ClearSky says that "Iranian APT groups have developed good technical offensive capabilities and are able to exploit 1-day vulnerabilities in relatively short periods of time." [ATP stands for "advanced persistent threat" and is often used to describe nation-state backed cyberattackers.]

In some instances, ClearSky says it observed Iranian groups exploiting VPN flaws within hours after the bugs have been publicly disclosed...

According to the ClearSky report, the purpose of these attacks is to breach enterprise networks, move laterally throughout their internal systems, and plant backdoors to exploit at a later date.


"Fox Kitten – Widespread Iranian Espionage-Offensive Campaign"
Posted on February 16, 2020 by ClearSky Research Team

During the last quarter of 2019, ClearSky research team has uncovered a widespread Iranian offensive campaign which we call “Fox Kitten Campaign”; this campaign is being conducted in the last three years ...the attackers succeeded in gaining access and persistent foothold in the networks of numerous companies and organizations from the IT, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Government, and Security sectors around the world.

We estimate the campaign revealed in this report to be among Iran’s most continuous and comprehensive campaigns revealed until now. Aside from malware, the campaign enfolds an entire infrastructure dedicated to ensuring the long-lasting capability to control and fully access the targets chosen by the Iranians. The revealed campaign was used as a reconnaissance infrastructure; however, it can also be used as a platform for spreading and activating destructive malware such as ZeroCleare and Dustman, tied to APT34.

Our main insights:
-- The Iranian APT groups have succeeded to penetrate and steal information from dozens of companies around the world in the past three years.
-- The most successful and significant attack vector used by the Iranian APT groups in the last three years has been the exploitation of known vulnerabilities in systems with unpatched VPN and RDP services, in order to infiltrate and take control over critical corporate information storages.
-- This attack vector is not used exclusively by the Iranian APT groups; it became the main attack vector for cybercrime groups, ransomware attacks, and other state-sponsored offensive groups.
-- Since 2017, we identify Iranian APT groups focusing on IT companies that provide a wide range of services to thousands of companies. Breaching those IT companies is especially valuable because through them one can reach the networks of additional companies.
-- After breaching the organizations, the attackers usually maintain a foothold and operational redundancy by installing and creating several more access points to the core corporate network. As a result, identifying and closing one access point does not necessarily deny the capability to carry on operations inside the network.
-- We assess with a medium-high probability that Iranian APT groups (APT34 and APT33) share attack infrastructures. Furthermore, it can be one group that was artificially marked in recent years as two or three separate APT groups.

-- The time needed to identify an attacker on a compromised network is long and varies between months to not at all. The existing monitoring capability for organizations to identify and block an attacker that entered through remote communication tools is difficult to impossible.

Judge in Roger Stone case orders Tuesday phone hearing

Source: The Hill

The judge overseeing longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone’s trial ordered both the defense and prosecution to appear at a phone hearing Tuesday after all four Justice Department prosecutors withdrew from the case.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered the hearing Sunday following the prosecutors’ withdrawal, which came after Attorney General Bill Barr overrode their recommendation of a seven- to nine-year sentence, Politico reported.

The withdrawal sparked accusations of political interference, particularly in light of President Trump’s tweets condemning Stone’s prosecution. Barr has denied Trump asked him to intervene but said in an interview last week that Trump tweeting about Justice Department matters was making his job more difficult.

Stone is set for sentencing Thursday on seven felony counts including lying to investigators and witness tampering. Whether the sentencing will proceed as planned remains unclear after Stone’s lawyers moved for a new trial. Johnson rejected an earlier such motion in 2019.

Read more: https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/483319-judge-in-roger-stone-case-orders-tuesday-phone-hearing

Ideas? Will we even really know what this on the record call was about by Thursday?

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