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Bill Maher: Clinton Is A Woman, Trump is a Whiney Little Bitch

"...Since 80 countries of the world have elected a woman leader, but not the United States of US -- yet. We must admit that when it comes to being progressive, we are often late to the party...

... But by the time (my mother) had me in 1956, things had really changed, but how much...

...That was how women were viewed in the 1950's: irrational, pouty, vain, thin skinned, hysterical and just not that bright. Does that sound like anyone we know today? Who...

...Does anyone fit the stereotypical 50's description of a woman more than Donald Trump?...and yet he's the one with the penis! ... has there ever been anyone more thin skinned?...

Who gets more hysterical than Lady Donald Trump...

...And like the daffy typical housewife of the 50's, Lady Trump is the one that can't balance a check book: Trump Airlines, Trump casinos, Trump University, Trump steaks. He's got the Midas touch, if every time Midas touched something it exploded...

...So never forget, Lady Trump, that Hillary was born a woman, but you chose to live your life as a -- say it with me -- whiney little bitch.

Which is why if Hilary is the Democratic nominee, I'll be voting for the only one who has balls."

The Bernie Standard For The Democratic Convention

"...Donald Trump represents a whole lot that I passionately hate...If I am not the candidate, I will do everything that I can to make sure that Donald Trump does not become the president of the United States...."

Apropos of Hillary Clinton Winning the Delegate Count

Now that I see this, I think of how we can run it for Hillary.

Thanks for the exciting, visionary primary, Bernie.

Onward to Philadelphia and November.

Yes, vote together.

On The State Of The Democratic Convention and Party: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Tent

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party don’t find themselves facing a huge, unconscious sexist conspiracy. They don't face double standards. At this point in Americans' struggles, Hillary Clinton
-- the political figure whom systems of law and power have made her -- is confronted with the demands of a movement of citizens who have been driven to influence policy and law of this country in order to rid their lives and government of undemocratic corporate control. This movement of citizens is no unicorn brigade.

They are people who believe -- as Obama said by kidding on the square at his last White House Correspondents Dinner -- that we are at the “end of the Republic.” People of this movement find they have no choice but to resist, fight, break away from those who betray the interests of theirs futures.

Media-abetted campaign opponents exist who belittle and malign them.
Opponents with personal causes – more status and equality as women;
financial causes – debt reduction through pension and personal asset raids;
political causes – dominance of the global establishment;
military causes – dividing humans into patriots and terrorist associates;
capitalist causes -- unending free market procuring of the earth's resources, animal, vegetable, mineral and human.

If there were not so many capitalist profit-driven problems they live with -- unemployment, tight money, debt terrorism, civil asset forfeiture, media control, tax evasion, wealth hoarding, privatization of health and welfare, impoverished education systems, land base/oceanic/atmospheric destruction that is enmeshed with the unintended consequence of these causes -- this movement would not exist.

If the first woman president were to present a national, organized, long-term committed plan to mitigate these conditions that bode misery for future generations and the globe, this movement would not exist.

However imperfect this movement's members, they persistently act through their own media, through coalitions of out groups – First Nations, environmentalists, political newbs, legal advisers, the alienated, the poor, women young and old, musicians and celebrities, the permanently unemployed and underemployed, the veterans, the unions.

Bill Clinton -- head of the Clinton Foundation and husband of the most promising first woman president, Hillary Clinton – pronounces that Hillary Clinton’s opponent’s supporters will be “toast.”

But it is not the names they are called. It's only the name they answer to that gives their lives meaning. The various names they answer to -- that make them set visions for their lives and lives’ work -- are symbolized by Senator Bernie Sanders.

By the millions they are Americans. Many will go to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to get things done. Their children will watch and hear stories. Sanders supporters will be heard inside and outside the convention center.

Know now that attention will be paid, if not respect.

Some may plan to shut the convention down. But they’ll actually be trying to shut down the machinery of capitalist politics and demand inclusion and influence in it.

If the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton want to win with long term support, they will have to call off their dogs who diss and dismiss fellow Americans of this movement.

The movement and Hillary Clinton will have to have a sit down. As the nominee, Hillary Clinton will have to listen. Then she’ll have to seriously respond with serious proposals -- in writing -- of her term’s timeline to accomplish those proposals -- in writing.

This movement may have a majority who vote for her, but if she fails to listen and, as president, act on behalf of theirs and The People’s interests, they will leave her and corporate politics behind.

This movement really isn't even about Hillary Clinton. Yes, they've used the campaign to raise national issues. Yes, Bernie Sanders hears them. Yes, Clinton's sit down can forge a better national direction, mitigate future unrest, increase trust, patience, enfranchisement. Failing that, unrest and resistance to this nation's voracious capitalists will continue. We can get things done the easy way, hard way or best way.

Here is Chris Hedges, who rejects the politics of both Clinton and Sanders:

"We will recapture our democracy in the streets of cities such as Philadelphia, not in convention halls such as the aptly named Wells Fargo Center, where the Democratic Party elites intend to celebrate the results of the rigged primary elections and the continuity of corporate power.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, other activists and I will march with Honkala. It is not as if we have a choice. No one invited us into the center or to the lavish corporate-sponsored receptions. No one anointed us to be Clinton superdelegates—a privilege that went to corporate lobbyists, rich people and party hacks. No one in the Democratic establishment gives a damn what we think.

The convention is not our party. It is their party. It costs a lot of money to attend. Donate $ 100,000 and you become an “empire” donor, with perks such as “VIP credentials for all convention proceedings,” along with tickets to lavish corporate and Party receptions, photo ops with politicians at the convention podium, four rooms at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel and a suite at a Yankees game, where a “special guest” will be present. Short of $100,000? You can become a “gold” donor for $50,000, a “silver” donor for $25,000 or a “bronze” donor for $10,000."

To the win-at-all-costs Democrats: this big tent party will shrink to pup tent size if the party's representatives don't get things done on behalf of this very American movement.

Capitalism will eat everything, tent and all.



" Brothers and sisters, this is the nation we can create
together when we stand together...
...When millions of people stand up and fight,

Sunday Break From Politics: It's Good To Be Alive Today

from Michael Franti. His music is about uplift.

Crunch Time

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past.
You must fight just to keep them alive.


"...Back in February when democracy was still serious and Trump was still a joke...

What side you're on in that debate is all about your generation.

Older Americans are more religious, and America's real religion is capitalism, and like any religion it needs a devil, and that devil has always been socialism...

Republicans always think if you allow a little socialism it'll spread out of control. But actually, it's the opposite. It's capitalism that we've let spread out of control.

It's eaten our democracy...middle class...health care system...prison system...news media...our food system...because capitalism is ... an unthinking force that devours everything in its path...

And now the latest thing...is our national parks...

...when you're handing over national parks to corporations...it's time to realize we're better off if there are few things that free market profiteers can't get their cloven hooves on...

...older people think socialism's capitalism's enemy, and younger people think it's capitalism's replacement. But they're both wrong.

What socialism is, is capitalism's lap band, something to prevent it from eating everything."


Those of us who saw Muhammad Ali publicly stand up against the Vietnam War before anyone else, recognize why he will always be The Greatest.

We should also remember that beyond the ring where Muhammad Ali was The Greatest, back when whites believed they could turn away from their deep-seated racism, Muhammad Ali was the first to check their white privilege of stubborn denial and stupidity -- another reason he will always be The Greatest.

My favorite excerpt from one of his interviews (and the DU archives) ...

"...There are many white people who mean right and in their hearts wanna do right. If 10,000 snakes were coming down that aisle now, and I had a door that I could shut, and in that 10,000, 1,000 meant right, 1,000 rattlesnakes didn't want to bite me, I knew they were good... Should I let all these rattlesnakes come down, hoping that that thousand get together and form a shield? Or should I just close the door and stay safe?..."


Muhammad Ali was so far ahead of his time about racial truth, and white people so dismissive, that Black Lives Matter still has to organize and tell it.

The Greatest knew about 'the work' and 'the struggle,' -- how we're not progressing, progressives, until it hurts.

How False Equivalence Is Distorting the 2016 Election Coverage -- The Nation

I don't care for the right swing of The Nation over the years, but they are an intelligent bunch.

This article is, to me, the final word on understanding media's practices and practical limitations.

What I got from reading it is this:

Most voters can sense these media issues even if they don't articulate them.

With journalists "coverage" of "both sides," i.e., "opinions" from both sides, a reader is left with no grounding in fact, at which point s/he can easily 'fall for' the stance that objectivity is defined by knowing both sides' "subjectivities," and so well or little that they parrot false equivalency thinking. And they give in to that temptation, like as not.

But true reader objectivity has a) big frames of concept/vision to guide human attention, and b) salient facts to ground the relative truthfulness of 'binaried' information. It's probably too much to ask that journalism help a disadvantaged public with both of these issues, since their distraction too often comes down to getting out content and inches every day. For profit.

So this article leaves one to realize that what's left to the voter/reader is to put in place for him/herself, larger frames of reference (history, science, psychology, numerical literacy, the arts) that demand both macro understanding and micro standards of fact usability to guide their reading and thinking of the media's "coverage."

So democratic elections in this capitalist country are more dreamable than doable.

UNLESS the public makes more effort to learn how to read/think/sort/prioritize our country's events, political goals and national vision.


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