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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 22,986

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Journal Archives

Rep. Pramila Jayapal Blasts Bill Barr's Denial of "Activation" by Trump

She repeatedly blasts the evidence in Barr's face!

Attorney General William Barr testifies before House Judiciary Committee Live

Honoring John Lewis

Beware paramilitaries, and their assaults on military veterans

Beware their corporate bosses. There is no UCMJ or Constitution they swear to, only their owners.

Mike Hastie, Vietnam medic, warns these paramilitary goons that the government abuses their loyalty, uses it to commit atrocities, and that it will destroy them.

Tweets appear to take this tack, leaning toward reminding Americans of the military's atrocities abroad. Whether the US Military feels outrage over protesting veterans' treatment, or any pressure to step up and protect Americans in the next six months, is not known.


Body Of Rep. John Lewis Arrives In D.C. For Ceremony At U.S. Capitol

John Lewis' Body Carried Over Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge

All votes matter. Here's the best way to make sure yours does.

From Dana Milbank at the Washington Post:

"Take a pause from President Trump’s latest outrage (sending federal police to foment violence in U.S. cities in hopes that it will help his flagging campaign) or inanity (“Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”) — and do the only thing guaranteed to end the nightmare.

"Go to Vote.org, or, if you are reading this in the dead-tree edition, type vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote into your browser, spend 30 seconds entering your name, address and date of birth, and you’ll find out instantly if your voter registration is current. If not, follow the instructions to register.

"Next, click this link or type vote.org/absentee-ballot into your browser, and sign yourself up to receive an absentee ballot for the November election. That takes about two minutes...

"If you live in one of the other 34 states, request your ballot at Vote.org. Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio say they will automatically send absentee-ballot applications to all registered voters. But in the rest — including battlegrounds Arizona, Florida, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire — it’s all up to you to take action and request your ballot. (Some states let you bring the completed absentee ballot to a polling place or collection spot instead of mailing.)
"Vote.org’s chief executive, Andrea Hailey, tells me that for those in the 13 states requiring a “wet” (non-digital) signature to get an absentee ballot (Ohio and Georgia among them), the nonpartisan, nonprofit group will send stamped envelopes. Those who prefer not to use Vote.org can of course go directly to their states’ election offices; other groups doing good work in this area include Rock the Vote, HeadCount, TurboVote and the Voter Participation Center.

"Several Republican-controlled states have imposed voter-suppression measures — purges of voting rolls, voter identification laws, closing polling places restricting voting hours and limiting early voting — and those assaults on voting rights will disenfranchise many. Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots, without which people would be forced to risk their health in long voting lines, could discourage many more.

But sufficiently massive turnout will overwhelm all voter suppression schemes — and the results will leave no doubt for Trump to exploit. The first registration and absentee-ballot deadlines are in about 60 days. Check your registration and get your absentee ballot — now.


The Racist NAZI in the White House

The Next 100 Days

Dear Democratic Party leaders,

What world are you all living in right now? COVID? Polling? Video speeches? Social media?

Right now, Americans are in a DHS occupied war zone in Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois -- Democratic states. They are dying by the thousands in the southern and western states.

I and fellow Americans out here in at least SIX states, are begging you all to see that right now.

If you say nothing as Americans are being brutalized, then you and other congressional leadership are even more out of touch than your violent political opponent in the White House.

He is fighting your voters through his Department of Homeland Security. He has been fighting against all Americans since COVID and the Washington, DC tear gassings.

Watching in outrage is not what leaders do. Politics is not spectatorship, as you well know.

In the next 100 days, POLITICAL PAGEANTRY, BIDEN'S POLLS, AND PARTY enthusiasm are NO LONGER the material issue.

The only thing 45 has got -- and he is using -- is to create such actual brutal harm, using media amplification against our fellow Americans, that Democrats, Independents and engaged non-voters either

-- forget to vote,

-- are too injured to vote,

-- are too pissed off to deal with poll delays and intimidations in their states to vote, and

-- are unable to mail in the vote,

such that anti-Trump voters are too distracted and suppressed to monitor Russiapublican operatives rigging vote counts in the battleground states.

This is the DISTRACTION SCENARIO that's already here. It is one worst case (of several) real scenario that we out in the rest of the country are preparing for.

Can you not see that??



The next 100 days are the time that we out here are warning everyone we know, of worst case probabilities in what's left of this Republic.

What do you think Trump’s sending 75,000 troops throughout the U.S. means.

That local govts and citizens can "stand up" to DHS? take their bodies to a gun fight? and when the bodies beat the guns down, then move onward to the GE vote?

You think DHS guards are protecting the vote, don't you.
You really think voters will dodge DHS guards to get to polling stations.
You think poll workers will even man any polling stations.
You think a defunded USPS will deliver votes anyway, don’t you.

Believe this will all go away however you like. But you're not living in the very probable reality of the next 100 days.

Enjoy your dreams of victory. But they won't be played out in reality for any of us if Homeland Security isn't shut. down.

The next 100 days are the times that we need to stay clear. FOCUSED.

To focus in the last days before voting, or after the dust has settled, will be too late.

To that end, we, out in these six states have been sharing the ACLU's app site for each state. But we cannot take any law to a gun fight.


"Homeland" security is terrorizing mayors, terrorizing and brutalizing Americans.

Homeland Security is a national security threat -- a national security threat -- to the 2020 General Election of the United States.

Fund, fund, fund the U.S. Postal Service.

Defund, defund, defund, and shut down DHS immediately.

Please, Democratic Party leaders. Do not just watch in outrage.

Do not just speak to this.


An ever faithful American and Democrat,
Sarasota, Florida

In The GE's Next 100 Days, Watch the Paramilitary Misdirection Away from Battleground States

from Crooks & Liars' https://crooksandliars.com/2020/07/if-deploying-stormtroopers-meant-get-trump?utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_content=33777

"If Deploying Stormtroopers Is Meant To Get Trump Reelected, It Doesn't Seem To Be Working"

... In the race for the White House, 45 percent of voters support former Vice President Joe Biden, while 44 percent back President Trump. That compares to early June when the race was equally tight and voters backed Trump 44 percent to Biden's 43 percent. In today's survey, Democrats back Biden 94 - 3 percent, independents back Biden 51 - 32 percent and Republicans back Trump 89 - 6 percent.

Biden has gone from -1 to +1 in Texas -- a state that's increasingly purple, but is also full of self-aggrandizingly macho Republican voters. The poll was conducted July 16-20, after Trump's Portland operation had begun, yet the deployment didn't help Trump consolidate his base:
-- 6% of Republicans said they were voting for Biden in a Quinnipiac poll of the state released June 3, and the number is still 6%,
-- whereas Biden lost 5% of Democrats in the earlier poll and loses only 3% now.
-- Biden got 45% of independents in the earlier poll and gets 51% now.
-- Trump got 61% of white men in the earlier poll and doesn't get any more in this poll.

Maybe this will change -- in Trump's favor or against him -- when the stormtroopers go national, which seems inevitable. And maybe the deployment to states where Trump has little chance of victory is an act of misdirection, and the real intent of this is to deploy armed intimidators to Detroit, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and other big cities in swing states just before the election, to tamp down the Democratic vote.

The real issue is the General Election. Is it really going to go for Biden?

As C & L points out here, the polls holding or improving are not the material issue anymore, are they.

The only thing he's got, is to create such brutal drama on our fellow Americans that Democrats and Independents, and engaged non-voters either
-- forget to vote,
-- are too injured to vote,
-- are too pissed off to deal with poll delays and intimidations in their states to vote,

so that all anti-Trump voters are too distracted to closely monitor Russiapublican operatives rigging vote counts in the battleground states.

This is the scenario that's coming, or at least one worst case (of several) we should prepare for.

The days ahead are the time to warn everyone we know of worst case probabilities.

The days ahead are the time to stay clear. Focused. Not after the dust has cleared.

To that end, here is the ACLU's app site for each state.
Scroll to your state's link and get your state's ACLU app.
They should be more than helpful, because if the Republic ends, the ACLU's very raison d'être will cease.


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