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Timothy Snyder: The Road To Unfreedom -- Democracy, Neofascism, & the Importance of Language

Start 5:40

The one main thing COVID-19 teaches us: adapt to nature, not to politicians.

Evolutionary Law #1 for survival: adaptation trumps (ugh, I hate that word) domination.

Our surviving this presidency means that we do not adapt to domination politics, but that we adapt to nature.

Our surviving climate change from now on means the same thing.

Now, are we willing to learn, practice, the basics?

New ABC Poll -- The COVID-19 Recession Is All On Trump

From Kevin Drum in Mother Jones

...one thing I never took into consideration—because it seemed ridiculous—was the notion that we would just give up on COVID-19 and therefore cause precisely the kind of uncertainty you get with a normal recession. I mean, that’s just crazy, right? No one would do that.

But in the era of Trump, that’s exactly what we did. So not only do we have a deep recession, but nobody knows when it will end. And even if it looks like it’s about to end, nobody can be sure that it’s really ending. If anything, Trump has created an economic doom loop with even more uncertainty than any recession we’ve ever had. And I guess the public is finally catching on to that


Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update July 8 2020

Day 130

The two-state problem: COVID sick states, COVID controlled states

-- 36 states = increase in COVID infection rate, which is NOT due to increased testing, but because of increased hospitalizations; e.g.s, TX, FL;
-- NY has offered assistance to other states
-- The two-state problem is that sick states can re-infect well states -- 19 sick state travelers to NY must quarantine
-- To sick states: base your reopening on the numbers; stay disciplined, diligent and vigilant; NY's methods are what work
-- large indoor enclosures can open only with MERV-11to MERV-13 air filters and ventilation protocols in place
-- school districts will open subject to consultation with state officials, and district plans due July 31; afterward, NY will confirm whether they may open by the first week in August
-- re public schools, the federal govt has no authority; school reopenings are solely state decisions, as with state reopening of their economies -- COVID science, data, public responsibility must guide school and economy reopenings
-- infection rate increases don't predict spikes, and are faulty data for deciding reopening
-- varied mask policies cause varied death numbers

Never has there been a time when government decisions are life and death decisions.
-- 12,000 people/day are entering NY from uncontrolled COVID areas; quarantining methods are being implemented, which use 250 state labs to keep their testing up-to-date

Cuomo re Trump's threat:
You can't threaten when there's nothing that you have done that is positive in the first place.
Everything he's done to NY is negative, gratuitous, illegal and unconstitutional.
The death rate is going up in other states that will not learn from the methods and solutions used in NY months ago.

Supreme Court says Manhattan prosecutor may see Trump's personal financial records

Source: Washington Post

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a New York prosecutor is entitled to see President Trump's private and business financial records, ending an intense legal battle waged by the president to keep them secret.

The court said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. had the authority to subpoena the records from Trump's private accounting firm. Trump had claimed an immunity from criminal investigations while in office.

The court will rule later Thursday on subpoenas issues by congressional committees for a broader range of Trump's financial records.

Washington Post Update Breaking: Supreme Court blocks House Democrats from accessing Trump's financial records, for now

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/supreme-court-trump-tax-returns-financial-records/2020/07/09/8f274352-c1e2-11ea-9fdd-b7ac6b051dc8_story.html

Seeing Trump's financial records is a BIG win. They're much more detailed than his tax records.

Guess Democrats won't see Trump's records. For now.

Palm Beach neighbor chips away at the base

But if 45's "silent majority" don't even want to hear this ... ? (Shown recently on The View)

On Monuments And Who Has Really Run A "Culture War," With Thanks To NNadir For the Link

This talk should be required viewing for every white American.

Jeffrey Robinson's theme: "... Who controls the past controls the future. If you control the narrative about what is true about our past, that narrative sets the mark for how we go forward in the future. If you control the truth about the past, then you have the path to the future. Who controls the present controls the past...People are listening...when we do not deal with the ugly part of the truth about our history, we have no chance of going forward in any productive way...Never underestimate the pull of the status quo"...

COVID Exhaustion

The Full Ballot Or The Bullet -- Political Seeds of Today

Fanfare For the Common Man -- Aaron Copland

There are other, faster versions. But today, it should be sad, stately.

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