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Moving to See and Save Earth and Ourselves

Grateful To Have Lived In the Time of RBG

We are grateful to live in this time.

We’re going to need to look out for folks who are most vulnerable.

We need to get to know and trust our geographic neighbors.

We must stop any and all backslide.

We must know that we are in the place, right now, to start. Every day.

We defend our love, protect our earth, and we won’t go it alone.

FYI, if you're on Twitter

This quickie stops being goofy and gets informative at the mid-point.

I'm not, but if you are, this PAC is very important.


They've also got a Facebook page, which is where I found them.


New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States

One map is interactive.


Governor Newsom Briefing to Californians September 16 2020

CNN on Michael Caputo

Might as well know one of Trump's long term operatives.


Reagan Administration and Bush campaign

During the Reagan Administration, Caputo helped support the president's agenda in Central America. He worked with Oliver North to foment propaganda as part of Reagan's public relations efforts in South America and in Central America. After his work for the Reagan Administration he served as assistant director of the House of Representatives Gallery of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association. He next worked for President George H.W. Bush as director of media services in Bush's campaign in the 1992 United States presidential election.

Russian advisor and media consultant

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Caputo established residence in Russia in 1994. He served as an adviser to Boris Yeltsin in 1995. In his capacity as advisor to Yeltsin, he was employed with the United States Agency for International Development. He served as president of The Florence Group from 1994 to 1999, and stated he "played a pivotal role in electing Boris Yeltsin to his second term as President of the Russian Federation."

Caputo was employed by a Moscow-headquartered subsidiary of Gazprom, Gazprom-Media. He was contracted by Gazprom in 2000 to work for Russian leader Vladimir Putin. His task was to increase Putin's public relations standing, specifically his support level in the U.S. He moved back from Russia to the U.S. in the year 2000.

After returning to the U.S., Caputo was called by his former mentor Roger Stone, who convinced him to move to Miami Beach, Florida, and then Caputo founded his media advising company Michael Caputo Public Relations. Caputo moved back to Europe in 2007 while advising a politician's campaign for parliament in the 2007 Ukrainian parliamentary election....

During a March 20, 2017 hearing, Representative Jacke Speier questioned FBI Director James Comey about Caputo, and cited employment with Gazprom and history in Ukraine. Caputo worked with the House Intelligence Committee to respond to queries.Posting to social media, Caputo denied ties to Russia while on the Trump campaign. Caputo told the House Intelligence Committee: "The only time the President and I talked about Russia was in 2013, when he simply asked me in passing what it was like to live there in the context of a dinner conversation."...

Personal Life

While working in Russia in the 1990s, Caputo met and married a Russian student studying astrophysics; their marriage ended in a divorce. ... While advising in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2007, Caputo met Maryna Ponomarenko, who became his second wife.

As of 2016, Caputo resided in East Aurora, New York, with his wife and their three children.[8]


Do not underrate the goal of Trump and Caputo. What they're doing is not political theater.

What they are doing are what Putin's GRU and FSB call active measures.

To mobilize white people through fear and "perception management" so that they fear and fight other Americans these guys call violent -- Democrats, antifa, liberals and Americans in general -- is Trump's goal for avoiding jail.

Trump is using Michael Caputo as his proxy, his disinformationist operative in "perception management."

Caputo's job is to be dogwhistle enforcer to trumphumper gunhumpers to go start shit.

Re today's news: the Trump regime plan is to call their militias and gunhumpers "left wing."

Before and after Election Day: Assuming they've succeeded in changing the public's perception of militias as "left wing," -- he thinks he will -- Trump will then use his militias' appearance as a pretext to send in actual National Guard and any other corporate militaries or CBP militaries or even THE military to start REAL shit.

This is Caputo's and Trump's plan -- to generally fuck up Americans' views of what they're planning so that they can actually fuck up the election.

They intend to change the latest polls that already show the public believing Biden is better at law & order than Trump.

Michael Caputo an Trump are Russia-funded Qanon dumbasses.

Biden assembles legal team ahead of divisive 2020 election

Source: Independent Record

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Joe Biden is assembling a team of top lawyers in anticipation of court challenges to the election process that could ultimately determine who wins the race for the White House.

Biden's presidential campaign says the legal war room will work to ensure that elections are properly administered and votes correctly counted. It will also seek to combat voter suppression at the polls, identify foreign interference and misinformation, and educate voters on the different methods available for casting ballots.

The effort, which the Biden campaign described as the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history, reflects the extent of the preparation underway for an already divisive presidential contest in November that could produce significant, perhaps even decisive, court cases over voter access and the legitimacy of mail ballots.

The campaign is also creating a special national litigation team involving hundreds of lawyers that will include as leaders Walter Dellinger, a solicitor general in the Clinton administration, and Donald Verrilli, a solicitor general under Obama. Democratic lawyer Marc Elias and a team of lawyers from his firm, Perkins Coie, will focus on protecting voter access and ensuring a fair and accurate vote count.

Read more: https://helenair.com/news/national/govt-and-politics/article_987ab9b1-eb14-5f94-99b2-f5effc8080c9.html

Announced today on Nicole Wallace's "Deadline Whitehouse," MSNBC.

Call the Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE.


Arsonists: local media get the facts straight. National media set up Trump's lies for him.

Here we go again:

Murdoch's dumbass writers and producers on FOX TV say LIBERALS set the fires out west.

The historically Nazi adjacent AP, says fires were set by "BOTH SIDES DO IT" extremists.


NOT ONE law enforcement person attributes ANY of those fires to antifa.

FBI says NO ANTIFA. Because antifa are ANTI-FASCISTS, not arsonists.

THESE fire setters and destroyers are the kind of people who might or might not vote for Trump. They look exactly the kinds who'd set shit on fire for dumb reasons, sick reasons, or reasons someone paying for active measures would tell them to make up. Regardless, they've been arrested for arson.

Google their names.

1. Police said Ignat Shchetinin, 37, Clackamas, CA, confessed to lighting the clothes on fire using a Bic-style lighter to “get the attention of a person who wouldn’t speak with him.” Deputies also allegedly found a baggie of methamphetamine on Shchetinin. He’s now being held on $250,000 bail.

2. Sammy Piatt, 53, near the Clackamas County Community Solutions building at 112 11th Street in Oregon City, after he allegedly set a pile of leaves on fire.

3. Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, OR, initially was arrested on Tuesday for a probation violation on an original charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine. He was charged Friday afternoon in connection with the Almeda Fire. He is currently booked at the Jackson County Jail and will likely be arraigned on Monday.

4. Jacob Altona, 28, was arrested in connection to arson in Washington state near State Route 512 and State Route 7, officials said.

5. In California, Anita Esquivel, 37, was arrested for deliberately setting fires in California, said the California Highway Patrol, according to KION-TV.

6. 36-year-old Adam Rudi, CA.

7. Elias Newton Pendergrass is accused of first-degree arson in the Sweet Creek Milepost 2 fire, which covers 382 acres near the community of Mapleton, OR. Pendergrass, a Mapleton resident, is being held in the Lane County Jail.

And that's just so far.

And media are set to criminalize the Left, the Democrats, on behalf of Trump, who has utterly FAILED to take care of our federal forests in those three states.


60 percent of California forest is federally owned, 2 percent is state owned -- Trump FAILED to rake it!

48.51 percent of Oregon forest is federally owned -- Trump FAILED to rake it!

52.74 percent of Washington forest is federally owned-- Trump FAILED to rake it!



No, the raking part isn't a joke. Remember, he has NO sense of humor.

As with everything else he says, he didn't even DO what he said would WORK! Record of Environmentalism? Don't make me laugh.

Trump treats climate crises ALREADY the way he's already treated COVID.

Four more years of this and we'll be quoting T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland" and "The Hollow Men."

Absentee and Mail Voting Policies in Effect for the 2020 Election as of 9/10/2020

FYI by state


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