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Governor Cuomo UPDATE April 11, 2020

Midday Music for Millennials -- IshSaturday

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Joe Biden: Faith Sees Best In The Dark

HBO's VICE News: Shelter In Place

Whether one is in the traitor camp or the patriot camp about Edward Snowden, this look at a post-pandemic future is worth thinking about. It's worth thinking about whether we can develop a Plan B, Plan C, etc.. It's worth thinking about how and who will think about those plans; then who and how our new plans for any new future will "get done."

We're a Big Nation. We read that some have already been saying, "burn it down;" others saying, "let it die," others saying, "go fast and break things;" and others saying, "mend it, don't end it."

If we are to think about how to change our present and future -- knowing this huge nation can't change on a dime -- we would do well to start thinking now, while we "shelter in place."

A summary...

The background of what's being done by governments during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Snowden warns that governments are using coronavirus to build 'the Architecture of Oppression' because

-- "contact tracing" through phones is largely useless;
-- precision of GPS location, used "at scale," cannot be "anonymized" in any meaningful way;
-- if there is no privacy law in the US, we have to make sure that 'pumping the brakes' in the US only applies to the pandemic waves, and not our society;
-- given our getting used to "emergency orders," no one's asking "what does this mean going forward."

Snowden lays out what the "knock-on" effects will be:

-- the "emergency" never ends;
-- civil rights are permanently abused under rolled over stop-gaps like the Patriot Act;
-- wars haven't stopped for 20 years;
-- authoritarianism has creeped into countries that historically have suffered most under it;
-- we who sacrifice our rights also sacrifice our capability to arrest this slide into a less free world.

Snowden reviews questions Americans can ask themselves:

-- Do we truly believe that when the first wave, this second wave, the 16th wave of the coronavirus is a long-forgotten memory, that these capabilities will not be kept?
-- Do we believe these datasets will not be kept?
-- Will those capabilities begin to be applied to small time criminality?
-- Will they begin to be applied to political analysis?
-- Will they begin to be applied for doing things like performing a census?
-- Will they be used for political polling?

No matter how it is being used, what’ is being built is the architecture of oppression. You might trust who is dealing with it, who runs it, but some country, some new president will eventually have control of it, and someone will abuse it.

If this system is not changed our futures will be decided on an automated basis...

What we should be thinking about is how this global pandemic could have been prevented, resisted, imagined.

We have an opportunity in a fearful time, to be thinking about how we can make revolutionary changes by changing the functioning of society, the structure of the system that controls and influences our lives. If we do not change the systems that monitor and track us, those systems will automate our futures.

If we do not decide what we want these systems to look like, the decision will be made for us.

Read this about what's happening in Brazil. It could happen here.


On April 4 there were reports that General Walter Braga Netto was now the “operational president” of Brazil, with President Jair Bolsonaro effectively stripped of his decision-making powers. Netto, an Army General, had been the chief of staff for Bolsonaro. He was put in power by the Armed Forces’ high command after Bolsonaro was isolated by his cabinet, governors and other political leaders over his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initial reports came from Argentine investigative journalist Horacio Verbitsky. A high-ranking official of the Brazilian Army told his Argentine counterpart that Bolsonaro is no longer involved in decision making. Verbitsky said, “There was a telephone communication from a high ranking Brazilian army official with one from Argentina, in which the Brazilian informed them that they had taken the decision to circumvent President Bolsonaro in all important decisions.” Bolsonaro is described as a “monarch without effective power.”

DefenseNet also reported that Netto is now the “Chief of Staff of the Planalto,” (the presidential palace) corroborating the Argentine journalist’s claims. They reported that on March 30, 2020, Netto opened the press conference in a new role in politics while continuing his position as Chief of Staff of the Army Command.

They let Bolsonaro keep his title but he no longer has any decision making power. Keeping him in office avoids an uprising by the extreme right and low ranking members of the military who support him. There has not been a public announcement that General Netto is the “acting president” as there is no such position in the Brazilian Constitution.


So far, only Reuters and Defense Net are giving attention to this sweeping change in Brazil, but this could reach mainstream media here. And you know what would happen with public opinion once it does. IF it does.

So, I suspect there will be suppression of this in U.S. media. Thank heaven for social media. Facebook is where I first read this.

And yet, the full presidential authorization that Admiral John Polowczyk, the head of the FEMA task force, creates a back channel of intel overview by the Pentagon, which could then be the basis of the same thing happening here in the US.


Governor Andrew Cuomo Update April 10 2020

MMM -- WTFriday

one love

Pretty Lights. “Only Yesterday"

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Midday Music for Millennials -- MovieMusicThursday

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John Prine. “Angel From Montgomery” (Into the Wild)

“Kiss, Heartbreak Hotel, I Wish, Let’s Do It Again” (Happy Feet)

James Newton Howard. “Solomon Vandy” (Blood Diamond)

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Bally Sagoo. “Aaja Nachla” (Monsoon Wedding)

Gov Andrew Cuomo's Update Apr 8 2020

Bernie's about to give his withdrawal speech.

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